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Got Slot Cars?

6133 Blue Ridge Blvd
Raytown MO 64133

Hours Tues, Thurs, Friday
Sat Noon-9pm
Sun Noon-5pm

A place to have lots
of fun.

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Upcoming Events

Raytown South High Sports Link

Cheer on the Royals

lts official! The Raytown Royal Wavers will start the excitement on Tuesday 10/21 before the World Series game. If you are interested injust standing on the corner from 5pm-7pm and waving to those using Raytown Road or Blue Ridge Cutoff to get to the game-meet at the Raytown Chamber office (5909 Raytown Trafficway) at 4:45pm on Tuesday 10/21. Can’t be there Tues-we will do it again same time/place on Wed 10/22, Don’t worry if you can’t stay the whole time-we just want as many as possible Wear your Royals attire, bring a sign and get excited! What a great way to show everyone that RAYTOWN LOVES THE ROYALS! Go Royals! You can do it!!

Any questions???

Contact: Charlotte Melson (816-803-8717) or Vicki Turnbow (816-353-8500


Raytown Charter Commission time and location change

Charter Commission meeting today, Monday, at the Fire station, at 6:15PM as opposed to the normal 6:30.

Chamber Luncheon to feature Attorney General Chris Koster


Raytown Chamber of Commerce


Wed. October 22

- Networking begins at 11:00am, Lunch at 11:30am

WHERE: First Baptist Church Atrium,

10500 E. 350 Highway
Enter “The Roc”-north doors

Featured Speaker


Attorney General

Chris Koster

Gregory Blvd. to close at MO 350 Highway next Monday

The Missouri Department of Transportation has announced that its continuing work on Missouri Route 350 will require the closure of the intersection with Gregory Blvd. on Monday night October 27, 2014. The closure will only impact the intersection with MO 350 Hwy. What that means is that from about 8:00 p.m. on Monday night (10/27/2014) through about 6:00 a.m. the next morning, all traffic approaching the highway on Gregory Blvd. will be directed to make a right turn onto MO 350. Traffic will not be allowed to cross MO 350 on Gregory Blvd. at all that night. It is only expected to last that one night

Police Blotter for the week ending 10/24/2014

Blotter for 10/20/2014

Elm Blocked at 66th Terr.

A semi truck and trailer have Elm blocked at 66th Terr. this Friday afternoon.truck on Elm




Thursday, October 16th, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Las Chili’s, 6210 Raytown Trafficway, Raytown
Come early at 6:00 PM to dine and make new friends!
Our speakers will be

Tom Cole
City of Raytown
Economic Director Administrator

Thank you for helping to keep MO Blue


President Richard Tush at (816) 356-0003

Vice President Fred Hartwell (816) 353-4431

Next meeting is November 20th
Our speakers will to be

Sharp Dressed Man at the Music and Arts Festival

Police Blotter for the week ending 10/17/2014

Blotter for 10/13/2014

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Blotter for 10/16/2014

Music from the Arts & Music Festival 2014

This is a collection of clips from the CJ Walker, AFU Feat & KC Kelsey. and Linda Shell and the Blues Thang set. Guitar and Sax breaks, and a nice call and answer (sort of) between Linda Shell and Dave Cummings on Sax.  There will be more videos to come, it just takes time to edit them video in a manner that respects the artists.  Hopefully after the samples of the other two sets are posted, I may get permission to post complete songs from the musicians.

The Sunday Funnies (reruns)


Raytown Board of Aldermen delay approval of 2015 Parks and Rec. Budget

The Raytown Board of Aldermen  approved the City’s 2015 budget on Tuesday evening, with one exception. That exception was the Parks and Rec. portion of the budget.  The reason for the delay is to discuss alternatives to the Parks Boards decision to close Super Splash.  On paper that decision is to suspend operations for the 2015 season, but more than one elected official has expressed the opinion that if it is closed for the 2015 season, it is unlikely that it will ever reopen.


Police Blotter for the week ending 10/10/2014

Blotter for 10/6/2014

Blotter for 10/7/2014

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Blotter for 10/9/2014

Raytown High Yearbook wins award

raytown_schoolsThe National Scholastic Press Association awarded the 2013 Raytown High School Yearbook Ramizzou an “All-American” rating.  Each year the yearbook is submitted for judging to the National School Press Association for a critique, and the All-American is the highest rating available through that process.

The judge gave Ramizzou marks of distinction for concept/essentials, coverage, design, writing/editing, and photography.

“I’m really proud of what our staff accomplished last year, and this year’s staff is hard at work on making another great book,” Sponsor Scott Collins said.

Raytown Mourns the Passing of Brian Blankenship

 The Raytown School District is sad to announce the passing of Mr. Brian Blankenship, Associate Superintendent of Operations.  Mr. Blankenship was an individual who valued family and co-workers and made each of us feel we were important not only to him but to the district and our public.  We have an overwhelming sense of loss today, and we ask for your kind thoughts for his family.  Mr. Blankenship is survived by his wife, his two daughters, his mother, a host of extended family members, and a school district full of admirers.  Arrangements are pending.

Armed Men Commit Home Invasion in South Raytown

raytown-police-looking-for-graphic-designer-to-design-new-logo-patchMinutes after 11:00 pm, on Monday night, 10-07-2014, four black males, armed with guns, forced their way into a residence in the 8400 block of Woodson Court and demanded money and drugs. Minutes later, the males left the residence with a small amount of money and a television. There was no suspect vehicle description. An adult female resident, who was home alone at the time, was uninjured, but shaken. The suspects were described as:

1. Black male, 20’s, dark skin complexion, short, 5’5” tall, 150 pounds, wearing an orange and/or red hoodie.
2. Black male, 20’s-30’s, light skin complexion, tall, 6”00”, 180 pounds
3. Black male
4. Black male

It was believed that the residents were not the intended target of the Robbery, as the family had recently moved into the home. Raytown Detectives responded to the scene and the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS (8477).

The 2014 Raytown Arts and Music Festival

The music ranged from good to great, the art was nice to stunning, and the pulled pork was very, very tasty.  The crowd size was good considering this is the first time for this event, but not fantastic given that Brewer & Shipley are a fairly famous musical act.  As expected, at least half the crowd did not show untill it was close to time for Brewer and Shipley to perform. This was their loss, because the R & B acts that opened for them were about as good as it gets.

CJ Walker, AFU Feat & KC Kelsey. and Linda Shell and the Blues Thang were listed as separate acts, but in reality the separation was more a matter of about when they showed up to join on stage.  These people were smoking hot, some of the best rhythm and blues I have witnessed outside a stadium or large concert venue. I have paid good money to see big names who have not delivered as well as what we were served for free in Kenagy Park.

The second actual act was “Sharp Dressed Men” and they are best described as a ZZ Top cover band. They did a good job of covering ZZ Top and a little beyond. Their guitar work was solid. The sound was cranked up a little beyond what my already damaged hearing (from standing next to the speaker towers in the 60’s) could endure, so I did retreat away from right in front of the stage.

Brewer & Shipley closed the event and gave a polished performance.  The sound suffered a little from being outdoors and feedback problems that were cleared up fairly early.  The criticism may be a bit unfair, in that I recently saw them perform at Community Christian Church. It is always easier to set up sound indoors, especially when the auditorium has been designed for perfect acoustics by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The food trucks offered a nice variety of choices.  The pulled pork was very good and reasonably priced.

Here is a short look at the event with focus on the crowd. Short video clips of the musical acts and Marching Falcons are being edited and will be posted this week.

Raytown School District scores

As previously reported, the State ratings of the Raytown School District dropped from an 85.0 in 2013 to a 71.8 in 2014.  The good news is that the reality of this is not as it appears. These scores are based on the School District meeting State set goals, and are not directly related to raw test scores and those goals are not the same across school districts.  The other good news, or at least not as bad, is that the decline was very slight when looking at a rating more directly related to student knowledge as measured by a nationally standardized test. That rating is the Raytown District’s average ACT scores. These only fell 0.1 from a 19.9 to a 19.8.   The bad news is that the Raytown average score of 19.8 is below Missouri average, and below the required level to be admitted to many Missouri Colleges. Requirements for University of Central Missouri are provided as an example below the table.

The percentage of Raytown students taking the ACT also continues to be an area for concern. While that number has increased slightly over the past eight years, Raytown students consistently take the test in fewer numbers than the state average would predict (13% lower in 2014).


  ACT Results
Percent of Graduates Taking the ACT
Composite ACT Score
Percent of Graduates Taking the ACT
Composite ACT Score


Entrance Requirements for University of Central Missouri (UCM)

To be admitted to UCM, you need to have completed the 24-unit Missouri college-preparatory curriculum. In addition, you need either:

  • a score of 21 or higher on the ACT and 2.0 GPA or 990 CR+M on the SAT and 2.0 GPA or
  • a score of 20 on the ACT and 2.9 GPA or
  • a score of 19 on the ACT and 3.0 GPA or
  • a Combined Percentile Index equal to or exceeding 100

UCM is classified as a moderately selective four-year institution. Some State and Private Colleges and Universities will require a higher ACT score.

The Sunday Funnies (reruns)


Student Notices Suspicious Man Near Bus Stop

raytown-police-looking-for-graphic-designer-to-design-new-logo-patchRaytown Police were alerted to a Raytown High School student that noticed a suspicious man near East 63rd Street and Hedges Street, on Thursday afternoon, 10-02-2014 around 2:30 p.m. The student, a 15 year old female, was walking home from the school bus stop when a red pickup truck drove by very slowly. The student felt as if the man driving the truck was watching her, and observed him waving as he passed by. The man was driving a newer model, red, two door pickup truck and was described an older white male, between 40-50 years old, balding, and wearing a grey t- shirt. The man never stopped the truck and left the area at a slow speed. There is no further description of the man or truck, at this time. The investigation of the incident is underway.

Raytown Police encourage parents to talk to their children about strangers and recognizing, and how to handle, potentially dangerous situations. Parents may choose to use the resources of the National Crime Prevention Council’s website, http://www.ncpc.org/topics/violent-crime-and-personal-safety/strangers, to start that conversation.

Summer is really gone now

The rain and clouds today bring home that Summer is really over. Here are a few photos submitted to RaytownOnline.com of an August Block Party on 53rd Terr. to at least remember the clear skies and warm weather of recent past.

group_shot_53rd ?????????????????????????????????? fire_deptfirehoselil_grl_w_FD

Missouri State Highway Patrol Recruitment

The Missouri State Highway Patrol will soon be hiring candidates for the Patrol’s 101st Recruit Class. The 101st Recruit Class of the Missouri State Highway Patrol is set to begin training on July 1, 2015. The minimum requirements for eligibility are: possess 30 college credit hours, or two years federal (Title 10) active duty military service with an honorable discharge, or two years of POST certified full-time law enforcement service at the time training begins.

The starting salary for trooper is $3,137 per month. Interested persons should apply before the application deadline, October 6, 2014, by visiting www.motrooper.com.

If you have questions regarding the recruitment process, or if you need additional information about a career as a trooper, please feel free to contact Lieutenant Roger D. Whittler in the Human Resources Division, at (573) 751-9901.

Police Blotter for the week ending 10/3/2014

Blotter for 9/29/2014

Blotter for 9/30/2014

Blotter for 10/1/2014

Blotter for 10/2/2014

Blotter for 10/3/2014

School Superintendent’s Report

Dr. Allan Markley was the featured speaker at this months Raytown Chamber of Commerce luncheon.  RaytownOnline.com was there and recorded his presentation.  The presentation focused on the recent Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s (DESE) report on Raytown’s and every other accredited school in Missouri’s scores on the latest version of testing usually refered to as MSIP5. Dr. Markley also addressed recently proposed State laws that may have dramatic effects on education.

One proposed law could result in school districts being required to fire teachers whose students do not test at grade level. An obvious flaw is the failure to take into account how many students were close to grade level when they entered a teachers classroom for the first time.

Click HERE to download the slides that were part of the presentation.

Click HERE to download the full presentation to the Raytown School Board

The Sunday Funnies

This is hard.