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Clark’s Appliances donated to REAP

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Kendra donated to Shepherd’s Center

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Police Blotter for the week ending 4/15/2011

Blotter for 4/11/2011

Blotter for 4/12/2011

Blotter for 4/13/2011

Blotter for 4/14/2011

Blotter for 4/15/2011

Waiting for the Iris to bloom

Pictured below is last year’s Raytown Iris in full bloom in mid-June.

Below is this year’s Raytown Iris, looking ready to bloom any day now.

Board of Aldermen agenda for 4/12/2011

Click here for the agenda

Click here for the 2009 to 2010 Audit

Squirrels Beware

Picture 1 and 2 were taken yesterday in my front yard. RaytownOnline’s bird identification expert has decided that this is a Cooper’s Hawk.

The picture below was from last Spring and it is a Red Tailed Hawk.

Mother- Daughter Tea and Fashion Show

Sat., April 30th from 2-4pm the historic Rice-Tremonti Home at 8801 E. 66th St. in Raytown will host their first Mother- Daughter Tea and Fashion Show.  Treat your favorite lady friends and relatives to an afternoon of tea dainties and fashion provided by Fashion Bug of Raytown.  The perfect early Mother’s Day gift!

Adults $10.  Children ages 5 to 12 $7.50. 

Purchase tickets by April 15th!  Send a check along with a stamped, self addressed envelope and a note with the number of ladies in your party to the

Rice-Tremonti Home
PO Box 9393
Raytown, MO 64133

Tickets will be mailed to you.  Call 816-734-5137
for more information.  www.rice-tremonti.org

24th Annual Raytown Community Festival of the Arts

Raytown Scholarship Day pictures and video

Bud Gilmore wins the pie auction and then donates the pie to the hungry crowd. Bud is pictured here next to the empty box that the pie once sat in. RaytownOnline is unhappy to not be able to show a picture of the pie in question, as we might have had a chance to eat some of it if we were a little bit faster and got the picture.

Iris Miller (like everyone else in Raytown) looks up to Mayor David Bower.

The Simple Strings

Raytown Central Middle Spotlight Singers



Spring Tea at Bickford House

The Shepherd’s Center of Raytown invites you to our third annual Spring Tea at Bickford House on Saturday, April 16th, 2:00 – 3:30 pm.

Experience a wonderful afternoon of times gone by to enjoy conversation, tea, light sandwiches and entertainment. Invite your friends or bring a little lady for a special afternoon that includes prizes and drawings.This is a “fun” raiser for the Shepherd’s Center of Raytown.

Saturday, April 16th
2:00 – 3:30 pm
Bickford House
9110 East 63rd Street
Raytown, MO

Tickets are available at the SCR office or at the door.
$5 for guests 12 and over
$2.50 for guests under 12

Police Blotter for the week ending 4/8/2011

Blotter for 4/4/2011

Blotter for 4/5/2011

Blotter for 4/6/2011

Blotter for 4/7/2011

At 12:15 am Officers responded to the 8500 block of Spring Valley on a reported dead body. When Officers arrived they located a white male in his late 20’s who was deceased. There were no signs of foul play involved with the death however the death is still under investigation. A 19 month old boy at the home was missing for a short time but was located at a different residence with an unknown relation to the deceased. The child was returned to his mother.

Blotter for 4/8/2011

Election Results

DAVID BOWER* 2574 88.64%
ANWAR KHAN 319 10.98%
Ward 1      
JOE CREAMER* 342 54.98%
GREG WALTERS 280 45.02%
Ward 2      
JIM AZIERE* 549 70.38%
ROBBIE TUBBS 153 19.62%
JOHN JACOB 77 9.87%
Ward 3      
DUANE BASHAM 128 27.89%
Ward 4      
PAT ERTZ* 434 76.41%
Ward 5      


Raytown School Board (C2) results

  KCMO Raytown Total %
T. E. LANDERS 2237 2162 4399 27.60
R. MOORE 1952 1957 3909 24.52
J. BARNES 2284 1510 3794 23.80
L. MARTIN 997 969 1966 12.33
E. TEEMAN 888 983 1871 11.74

The Candidates

April Election Candidates

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April 5, 2011 Municipal Election

Mayor – 4 year term expiring April 2015

David Bower -11701 E. 87th Street, Raytown, MO 64138

Bill Van Buskirk – 7812 Woodson Road, Raytown, MO 64138

Anwar Khan – 5516 Hunter Terrace, Raytown, MO 64133

City Collector – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Kathie Schutte – 11622 E. 85th Street, Raytown, MO 64138

Alderman Ward I – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Joe Creamer – 8808 E. 66th Street, Raytown, MO 64133

Greg Walters – 8958 E. 60th Street, Raytown, MO 64133

Alderman Ward II – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Robbie L. Tubbs – 7405 Willow Avenue, Raytown, MO 64133

John Jacob – 10201 E. 64th Street, Raytown, MO 64133

Jim Aziere – 6521 Englewood, Raytown, MO 64133

Alderman Ward III – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Duane Basham – 6105 Woodson, Raytown, MO 64133

Charlotte Melson – 11413 E. 57th Terrace, Raytown, MO 64133

Alderman Ward IV – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Pat Ertz – 9802 E. 79th Terrace, Raytown, MO 64138

Michelle Williams – 9905 East 82nd Terrace, Raytown, MO 64138

Alderman Ward V – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Michael Lightfoot – 8306 Stark Avenue, Raytown, MO 64138

Raytown School Board candidates

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The candidates for Raytown School Board are:

Terry Landers
Lee Martin
Jerome Barnes
Eric Teeman
Rick Moore

There was a flurry of last day filings, with Rick Moore missing the title of last minute candidate by 60 seconds. Mr. Moore filed at 4:48 PM on the last day of filing. These candidates will be competing for 3 positions on the Raytown School Board in the April 5 election.

Deception in the Ward I and Ward II Aldermen Race

If you believe candidates Walters and Tubbs message about their opponents raising property taxes meant:

You did not get your city property tax bill lowered by about $10 because the aldermen voted to compensate for a drop in assessed property values by raising the rate.

Then you were not deceived.

On the other hand if you believed that the amount you paid in city property taxes increased from what you paid the year before.

Then you have been deceived.  


Start of EDITORIAL comment

Politicians who use deception to win elections are not worthy of being trusted with political power. Only you know if you were misled, and only you can decide if you want to elect someone willing to deceive you.

Did the politician at your door make you feel the amount of city property tax increased? Did they make you think it was a large amount?

End of Editorial comment


The Hancock amendment requires that cities lower the tax rate if property values go up and allows (not requires) that they may then be raised if property values go back down. It also allows for cities to increase the amount of revenue by the amount of inflation or 5%, whichever is less.

The rate goes up and down based in if property values rise or fall.  The rate was dropped in 2004, 2005 and 2006 when property values increased.

Here are the last 10 years of the city property tax rates.

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
$0.3432 $0.3432 $0.3268 $0.3268 $0.3154
2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
$0.3153 $0.3185 $0.3189 $0.3668 $0.3638

Historically the rate in 1973 was $0.75, in 1980 when the Hancock amendment was passed, the rate was $0.49.


Voting Locations


Raytown Voting Locations

1,2,2A Raytown Library 6131 Raytown Rd

3,5 Our Lady of Lourdes Church 7045 Blue Ridge Blvd 

3A,4 St Matthew’s Episcopal Church 9349 E 65th St 

6,7 Raytown High School 6019 Blue Ridge Blvd 

8 River Christian Fellowship Community Campus 6400 Woodson Rd 

9,9A,10,11 First Baptist Church of Raytown 10500 E State Route 350 

12,13 First United Methodist Church-Raytown 5413 Blue Ridge Cut Off 

14,15,16 Raytown City Hall 10000 E 59th St 

17,18,19 Spring Valley Baptist Church 8801 E 79th St 

20,21,22,22A First Baptist Church of Raytown 10500 E State Route 350 

23,26,27 Raytown South High 8211 Sterling Ave 

24,25 Faith Presbyterian Church 8301 James A Reed Rd 

28 Faith Presbyterian Church 8301 James A Reed Rd 

Click HERE to go to the Jackson County Election Board and find your polling place.


 Kansas City Election Locations

Ward 15, precinct 11
6841 SNI-A-BAR ROAD Fellowship Hall -West

Ward 16, precincts 15 and 16
6841 SNI-A-BAR ROAD Fellowship Hall -East

Ward 17,  precincts 8, 9 &10
7020 JAMES A. REED ROAD Christian Life Center – Back of Parking Lot

Ward 17, precinct 11
7900 BLUE RIDGE BLVD. Welcomer Class Room

Ward 19, precincts 3 & 16
8787 OLD SANTA FE ROAD Large Meeting Hall
Ward 23, precincts 7,9,10,18
4900 PITTMAN ROAD Cafeteria Lobby

Ward 23, precincts 11,12,14
8640 SNI-A-BAR ROAD Upstairs Fellowship Hall

Ward 24, precinct 2
6140 NORFLEET ROAD Northeast Hallway

Ward 24, precinct 1 & 3
5055 BLUE RIDGE BLVD. Main Hallway – Southeast Entrance

Ward 24, precinct 4
13800 E 51ST ST Lower Level No. Ent

Ward 24, precinct 9,10,30
7119 NOLAND ROAD Fellowship Hall- Rear Entrance

Ward 24, precinct 12,13,14
8307 WESTRIDGE ROAD Dining Room

Ward 26, precincts 3 & 12
8787 OLD SANTA FE ROAD Large Meeting Hall


Click HERE to go to the Kansas City Election Board and find your polling place.  



Ward II candidate Jacobs Bio

I was born on June 20, 1985 in Kansas City, MO. I was born into a loving family that had two brothers and a sister. Two years later my younger sister joined the group.

I spent the first thirteen years in the metro, then we moved to Kansas for a couple years, followed by a trip to Colorado for a year and a half. Then, all the way back to Lee’s Summit where I lived until I moved here to Raytown (except a stay with the US Navy).

My first job was when I was 14. I worked at a small restaurant in Kansas while I was going through high school. Followed by a second job, at the same time, with a dog groomer. I got my GED when I was 16, started college, and got involved in student government.

By the time I was 19 I joined the Navy. While in the Navy I advanced quickly and was promoted to Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class (E5) in less than 3 years. I served with many units whose duties ranged from providing seaward security to Anti-terrorism and force protection missions including harbor and homeland defense, coastal surveillance, and special missions. We also worked with intelligence and communications divisions. My unit was deployed worldwide to detect, deter, and defend an area, unit, or high value asset.

I have worked with the American Red Cross (BCLS instructor, Wildfire fighteing, damage assement), Jackson County Court Appointed Support Advocates (helping distressed youth), Boy Scouts, and many others.

I am a member of the Kansas City Baptist Temple, and active in our youth ministry, focusing on 6th grade through Jr. High.

I have been to 48 of the States, Holland, Germany, Iceland, Iraq, Kuwait, Quatar, Peru, Mexico, and Coasta Rica.

My Chief goal is decreasing juvenile delinquency. I plan to do this by adding Community service to the court fine structure, and creating a juvenile court. Both of which have been proven to work, neither of which has been brought forward by the current Board. As the crime rate decreases more businesses will plant themselves here. We also need to be more involved as a community and get back to knowing our neighbors. We need to teach our children by our example instead of just our words, when we tell the Police Department we are going to give them the 2% they’ve been promised, we need to give it to them, especially after 3 years and a sales tax is passed.

I also believe lowering sales tax on unprepared (raw) food will help many families in need afford food to eat, instead of having to choose between which of their children get to eat, or whether they eat unhealthy food instead of fresh food.

Scholarship Day VII Barbecue & Silent Auction at Raytown High School

A FUN EVENT FOR THE FAMILY! Barbecue lunch with drink, dessert of cobbler and frozen custard, entertainment by students and adults, Super Silent Auction, and Grand Drawing. Benefit for Scholarship Funds for Raytown Seniors. Sponsored by Raytown Retired Teachers and School Personnel Assn.
11:00 am – 3:00 pm Saturday, April 2, 2011.

Location: Raytown High School, 6019 Blue Ridge Blv

Fire at 9800 block of E. 68th St.

Raytown and Kansas City fire trucks responded to a fire in the 9800 block of E. 68th St. in Raytown at about 3:30 PM.  According the the Raytown Fire Department, the fire was caused by improper useage of torch down roofing materials. No one was injured and the rough damage estimate is $50,000.

click on an image to see a larger version

Kansas City Star endorses 3 Raytown School Dist. Candidates

Three candidates got a positive review by the Kansas City Star for Raytown School Board.

Incumbents Rick Moore, the current president, and Terry E. Landers, a retired educator and administrator, should be re-elected. Jerome Barnes, a recently retired labor relations specialist with a long record of community involvement, is an impressive newcomer.

Other candidates in the race are Lee Martin and Eric Teeman.

Click Hereto read the complete article