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A Charter for Raytown news

On June 4, 2013 the City of Raytown received a petition initiative with the question “Shall a commission be chosen to frame a charter?.    Also, on June 4, 2013 and on June 5, 2013 individual petitions were received ordering names be placed on the official ballot for the elected position of Charter Commission Board Member.

The petitions were taken to the Jackson County Election Board for processing.     After the Charter question petition was checked by the Jackson County Election Board, the petition had 268 registered qualified voters who signed the petition.  Additionally, the individual petitions each had the minimum of 36 registered qualified voters which had signed their petitions.

On Friday, June 14, Tammy Brown, Director, Jackson County Election Board confirmed that is was the opinion of their Board Attorney, Brad Constance that the election for the Charter Commission would need to be held at the April 1, 2014 Municipal Election or the November 4, 2014 General Election  

Since receiving this confirmation, petitions have been created for the general public and are available at the City Clerk’s office.  The Charter Commission itself will consist of 13 Charter Commissioners.  The number of names on the ballot is unlimited; however, only the 13 members receiving the majority of the votes will actually be the Charter Commission.

It will be necessary for the Board to establish some rules for this election. The City of Raytown uses the lottery systems for candidate filing, which decides placement on the ballot.

According to the Article VI, Section 19, all necessary expenses of the Commission shall be paid by the City. It will be necessary to establish a budget for the elected Charter Commission.  The Constitution states that the City will pay all “necessary fees” associated with the Charter Commission; however, the Board will need to define “necessary” in order to control expenditures.

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