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Cloudy early with partial sunshine expected late. High 36F. Winds light and variable.
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Mainly sunny. High around 45F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph.

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Aldermen change curfew for those under 17

The Board of Aldermen made the curfew for those under 17 one hour earlier, added more teeth to it and penalties for the parents of youth that violate the curfew.

Fox4KC.com covered this.  They also have a link to the new ordinance, but it is a link to the entire aldermen packet for 7/20/2010.  Raytown Online will put a version up as a page on the navigation bar, so that you do not have to wade through about 70 pages to view the 3 that are important.   Please excuse the loss of  the original formatting.

It is unfortunate that all young people in Raytown have to suffer for the actions of a few that have been making the news recently.

1 comment to Aldermen change curfew for those under 17

  • Alderman Par-Due

    The biggest reason for the curfew change is enforcing it a better way. We’re now summoning the parents to court if their kids are up to no good in the late evening. Before, we were relying on the parents to keep their kids in, but were finding some parents didn’t care what their kids were up to. Now, they’ll have to face court fines and might think twice about letting their underage minor outside late at night and into the mornings.