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Board of Aldermen meeting on 5/21/2013

This is the first part of the May 21st Board of Aldermen meeting. It covers from the beginning up until the rezoning of the Green Space is addressed.  From 20 into the video to about 35 minutes into the video are remarks by  the public that are about Wal-Mart. The official part addressing the zoning issue covers almost 7 more hours. Future parts will be posted in 1 hour blocks. 




This segment is the start of the Wal-Mart rezoning portion of the meeting. All of this segment is Wal-Mart, Board of Aldermen, and Raytown City employees talking. 



These segments are part of the public comment on the proposed zoning changes.





This segment contains comments from Wal-Mart’s attorney and Board of Aldermen discussion. 



This is the final segment and contains more comments and the final vote on the zoning changes. 



It has taken a week to put together all the parts of this meeting. Usually only the highlights get posted, as that is all that actually will get watched, but there were multiple requests for the entire meeting to be posted.  Unfortunately  the whole meeting could not be recorded on video. The meeting was recorded until the 32G SD card was full. The actual vote was recorded on a cell phone.  Audio was recorded for the entire meeting and sections where there is no video recorded are presented in audio only.  The last two segments have had the audio cleaned of noise and to make the comments understandable. This is a time consuming process, but the last two hours tended to have audio that speakers forgot to either speak into their microphones, or even forgot to turn the mic on. If there is any segment that cannot be heard clearly and is important to a reader. Email the clip number and the starting and ending time of the segment and it may be possible to further enhance that audio segment.  This project has taken at least 8+hours to record, 30+ hours to piece together, 20 hours to render and another 40+ hours to upload. 

A 64G SD card has been ordered and should increase to the length of video recording possible to 10 to 12 hours. I sincerely hope I never have to record a meeting that is longer than that.

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