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Charges files in the death of 3 year old Landon Michael Carlson

William Wayne Neighbors, 64, of Raytown Mo., has been charged with a felony, Leaving the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident.

According to court documents filed today, Neighbors’s vehicle, towed from his residence after Carlson was struck, carried fibers on the front right bumper that matched the victim’s sweatshirt. Tire marks at the scene indicated hard braking and indicated the driver attempted an avoidance maneuver.


From the Probable Cause Statement

On 03/16/2011, as a result of numerous tips the listed defendant, William W. Neighbors, W/M, 10/03/1946, was identified as a possible suspect in the hit and run vehicular that occurred on 03/15/2011, at 43rd Street and Pittman Rd. While en route to investigate the tips, Detectives from the Traffic Investigation Section were notified that the defendant had responded to the Raytown Police Department where he identified himself as the driver of the vehicle that had struck the child at 43rd Street and Pittman Rd. A Detective from the Kansas City, Missouri Police Departmeut’s Traffic Investigation Section responded to the Raytown Police Department and took custody of the defendant, placing him under arrest The defendant was transported to Kansas City, Missouri Police Headquarters. On 03/16111, at 1723 hours the defendant was escorted to an interrogation room where he was read the Miranda Waiver Form. The defendant hesitated, stated “I didn’t see no kid.” “I feel sad and sorry for this boy, I panicked.” then refused to sign the waiver and requested an attorney. The interview was terminated and the defendant was returned to detention.

The suspect vehicle was located at the defendant’s residence and towed to the Kansas City, Missouri, City Tow Lot for processing. The vehicle was observed to have damage to the right front headlight housing and black scuff marks on the right front bumper. Fibers impressed onto one side of a clear plastic surface from the front right chrome trim on the bumper were found to be indistinguishable from red polyester fibers in the victim’s sweatshirt.

A line-of-sight measurement was conducted from north of the crash site and determined drivers southbound on Pittman Rd. from just south of the overpass of I-70 would have been provided an unobstructed view for a distance of 732 feet which included the area where the witnesses and the victim were standing prior to the collision. A single tire mark was found starting in the southbound lane of Pittman Rd., approximately 6″ from the west fog line. The mark appeared straight and continued for 25.77 feet and angled slightly toward the west edge of pavement The mark ended on the west fog line, near the area of impact where the victim was struck.  The location and characteristics of the mark indicate that it was the result of a hard braking application and appears to be indicative of an avoidance maneuver.

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Raytown man surrenders to police

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A 64 year old Raytown man has surrendered to the Raytown Police for a hit and run accident in Kansas City. The hit and run was at 43rd & Pitman Road and it cost 3 year old Landon Michael Carlson his life.

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