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Charter Candidate Questionaire

I have sent out a questionnaire for the Charter Commission candidates.  I will now start publishing their responses to the questions as the responses come in. I will also included photos and bios if they have also sent that information.

The questions as sent.

Dear Charter Commission Candidate,

RaytownOnline.com request that you complete this questionnaire and return email  it in the next six days to allow it to be included in a candidate profile article scheduled to be published a week before the election. You may also include a photo, brief bio and position paragraph. Please use the area defined under the questions for your answers.
1. What is your reason for running for Charter Commission?
2. What is your political experience? (positions you have held or ran for, from delegate to president)
3. Do you favor charter that simply implements:
a. Our present status quo.
b. Status quo with recall, referendum, and initiative added.
c. More extensive changes to our form of government.
3a. If your answer to question 3 was (c), what changes do you feel would be of benefit to our city?
4. What budgetary restraints and guideline should the Charter Commission implement to control the Commissions expenditures?
5. What benefits do you see a charter would bring to Raytown?
Thank You,
Michael N. Downing
(owner and editor of RaytownOnline.com)


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