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City Administrator’s Report for 2/14/2014

City Administrator’s Report
FROM: Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator

 Public Works

The White Oak West Sanitary Sewer Line A construction continued this week after a week of little progress due to low temperatures. The contractor is working at three separate areas this week. One crew is continuing to grind rock and install pipe near 83rd & Elm. Another crew is boring under 83rd street and installing the thick steel carrier pipe where the creek crosses under 83rd Street. The third crew is installing pipe near the creek located by Raytown Road. The contractor anticipates the rate of construction will increase as the amount of rock removal will decrease along 83rd Street.

Google is in full construction mode in Raytown with 16 contractors working on fiber installation. As of February 13th there were 671 different permits issued to Google contractors for work within the Right of Way and that is for a little more than half of the work envisioned by Google. We believe the final number of Right of Way permits issued will be nearly 1200 permits. Google is installing the fiber network on existing KCP&L poles and underground. To ensure the poles are capable of handling the increased loads many of the poles will have to be replaced or upgraded, and PAR electric is working throughout Raytown replacing the necessary poles.

The last few winter storms have been a strong reminder that snow removal is not easy or cheap. The following measurements give an indication of the effort expended thus far in our first 10 events this winter season:

  •  Road salt utilized: 1477 tons
  •  Beet Juice salt brine mixture utilized: 6,000 gallons
  •  Miles drive by snow plows: 15,593 miles

Development & Public Affairs

Andy Boyd, City Building Official has received his renewed ICC/AACE Zoning Inspector certification.

Brenda Gustafson, Public Information Officer, has received renewal of her Accreditation in the Public Relations Society of America.

Over the next 20 years the older adult population in the Kansas City region will increase by 90%. During the past year, Kansas City’s first-ring suburbs started to prepare for this demographic shift. The Making your Community Work for All Ages — A Toolkit for Cities was developed to help elected officials, city planners and leaders make their community a great place to grow up and grow old. This year the cities of Mission and Prairie Village, Kansas and Gladstone and Raytown, Missouri have agreed to a pilot test of Community for All Ages Assessment Checklist through a task force. The first meeting of the task force met February 11, 2014 at the Mid-America Regional Council Office. Our task force members are Steve Mock, Charlotte Melson, John Benson, Andy Noll, Mary Jane Van Buskirk, Ken Blom, Rae Letterman, Clarice Titus and Brenda Gustafson.

Board, Committee and Commission Meetings, and Events

February 17 – President’s Day – City Hall Offices Closed
February 18 – Board of Aldermen – 7:00 p.m.
February 19 – Municipal Court – 8:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.

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