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City Administrator’s Report for 8/10/2012

City Administrator’s Report
FROM: Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator

 Community Development

The Gregory Square shell building at E. 350 Highway and Gregory, has had temporary occupancy granted for thirty days to complete remaining items such as landscaping. The tenant’s finish construction for Chipoltes’ Mexican Grill is in progress, with a proposed opening date somewhere around mid-September.

Parks & Recreation

The “Trees for Raytown” program was developed in 1987 to help reforest and beautify the Raytown Community. The trees being offered are of good quality and at a competitive price. In an effort to keep the cost(s) low, no survival guarantee is available. However, with proper care and maintenance the trees should transplant and grow easily. Delivery and/or planting will be within 2-3 weeks after closing date. If you would like to have your tree planted there is an additional charge for each tree planted and you must live within the Raytown city limits. We cannot plant within 4? of an existing structure or stump. Planting services are available to individual residences not homeowner associations or commercial properties. We have several varieties to choose from. Ornamental Trees; Flowering Crabapple (pink, red or white), Fruitless Crabapple, Flowering Dogwood-white or pink (spring only), Washington Hawthorne, and Red Bud and Shade Trees; Bald Cypress, Black Gum, Red Maple, Pin Oak and Swamp White Oak. Contact the Park Office, 358-4100, for further details and prices.

Public Works

The Raytown Water Company has experienced numerous 8” water main breaks this week at the intersection of 56th Street & Ash. The intersection was closed yesterday and plans are to make repairs and reopen early next week. A detour is in place directing traffic north to 55th Street along Ash and Hardy.

Phase Two, Asphalt Overlay Project, of the annual pavement management plan was bid on Tuesday. Six companies responded to the bid request, with the low bidder being Superior Bowen, which came in below the funding allocated in the present plan. The contract will be presented to the Board of Aldermen for consideration at the August 14th meeting.

The FEMA floodplain information is now available on the cities GIS system. The electronic information now allows city staff to quickly identify if any part of a property is within the floodplain. The improvement in access to information will also be helpful to developers and anyone researching a home for purchase.

Crews started a new practice when installing pavement markings this week by grinding a recessed area to place intersection markings. The recess will help protect the markings from the edge of snow plows and the grinding process also makes a great surface for the markings to adhere to. Staff believes the change will increase the durability of pavement markings. The initial installation process started at 83rd Street and Raytown Road and once asphalt intersections are complete, crews will then move to the concrete intersections where pavement marking durability has been an issue.

Vehicle Maintenance staff has started the process of installing auxiliary inputs that the vehicle GPS system can track. The auxiliary inputs will be utilized to track the position and activity of snow plow position and the spreader activity of each truck. In the future staff will have more information to track the effectiveness of our efforts when removing snow and ice from roadways.

Board, Committee and Commission Meetings, and Events

August 14 – Fire Board Meeting; Station 1, 9:00am
August 14 – Board of Aldermen Meeting; Council Chambers, 7:00pm
August 16 – Council on Aging Meeting; Council Conference Room; 4:15pm – CANCELLED
August 16 – Human Relations Commission Meeting; Council Chambers, 6:00pm

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