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City Saves Thousands On Pool Filter Replacement

In October, the Raytown Board of Alderman approved an agreement with Sterling Construction to replace two 20 year-old, high-rate sand filters at SuperSplashUSAWaterPark located at 5330 Raytown Road. The old filters were installed in 1992 and had rusted through resulting in water leaks and reduced filter efficiency and operation.

The approved contract was for $75,650. However, the Sterling contract included a cost-saving bid alternative. City staff could demolish the existing sand filters resulting in a $5000 savings to the city. The city chose to take advantage of the alternative and contracted the removal of filter media material to A-1 Sewer. Park staff completed the final tank demolition work for less than $500 in materials by using the Public Works Department’s plasma cutter and rental of two jackhammers for concrete removal. The 2000 pounds of scrap metal from the filters was sold for $200 and returned to the city. The work was completed December 2 and took about seven days paving the way for installation of the two new split flange filters in January by Sterling.

Pool filters are a key component to safe swimming pool operations. The filters clean the water, improve water clarity, reduce turbidity and ensure sanitary water conditions. Once the pool water is filtered it is returned to the pool resulting in reduction in chloramines and other harmful biohazards such as cryptosporidium. 

The pool filters are large steel containers made of 1/4” thick steel that stand over 6 feet tall by 5 feet wide. The filters are filled with stratified filter media ranging from large gravel at the bottom to fine sand at the top for efficient water filtration. Each filter contains a large manifold at the top and bottom to distribute influent water evenly throughout the filter media. The bottom of each tank is filled with 18” of 4000 lb. concrete.

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