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Crazy Blog Talk (editorial)

How do conspiracy theories get started? Well we had an example in the Raytown blog “news” scene recently.

It started with the blog’s new political reporter (who uses a pen name) reporting that Alderman VanBuskirk said there were four vacancies on the Park Board.

The owner/editor of the blog takes that as reality, adds the fact that the Mayor makes appointments to the park board, tosses in some statements about redistricting, drops an ominous “something is afoot”, adds a statement that  Mayor Bower wants to reduce the size of the Board of Aldermen and concludes with a cryptic “Now, do the vacancies on the Raytown Park Board begin to make sense“?

This whole ball of yarn unravels when you notice that the four vacancies are all STAFF positions, not Park Board positions. The Mayor has nothing to do with whether staff positions are filled in Raytown  Parks and Recreation.

RaytownOnline waited a couple of weeks to see if this strange conspiracy editorial would get corrected. Ok time is up. Here is a one minute video of what was actually said by Alderman VanBuskirk.

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