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Dome Theater film fest at Raytown Public Library

The Dome Theater is a one-of-a-kind experience using the latest in fish-eye lens projection technology to create a totally immersive experience that rivals IMAX. Tickets for each show $1.00. Tickets go on sell June 1st and must be purchased at the branch.

Registration is limited; call the branch (816-353-2052) for details.

12:00 PM

Saturn, The Ring World II

The Cassini Mission to Saturn has been a resounding success, giving us a greater knowledge of the gas giant and its spectacular moon Titan. Learn how sophisticated instruments have gathered vital data to help scientists understand this vast, mysterious region. Ring World is narrated by Star Trek’s John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox on the Enterprise) and was produced by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. (Ages 3 and up)

12:30 PM

The Dinosaur Prophecy

Join paleontologists at the scene of the crime, excavating bones and wondering what killed the mighty dinosaurs. Be amazed as your favorite giants come to life, roam across the dome, and meet their catastrophic deaths. Find out how NASA scientists monitor the Earth for potential disasters. The Dinosaur Prophecy is a co-production of the Rice Space Institute and the Houston Museum of Natural Science, funded by NASA’s Office of Earth Science under the “Immersive Earth” project. (Ages 5 and up)

1:00 PM

Earth’s Wild Ride

What would it be like to live on a lunar colony and to dream of visiting Earth? Experience the heart-pounding exhilaration of a water canyon ride near an erupting volcano, venture through an Ice Age scene with a herd of woolly mammoths and travel to the time of the dinosaurs as an asteroid hits! Produced by the Houston Museum of Natural Science/Rice University as part of the NASA-funded Immersive Earth Project. (Ages 6 and up)

1:30 PM

Fantasy Worlds

Explore the limits of life! Is extra-solar life more strange than life on Earth? On Earth, scientists have discovered life forms flourishing in the most extreme and dangerous environments from deserts, boiling springs and acidic ponds to Antarctic ice. Fantasy Worlds features artists’ and animators’ creations of possible life-bearing worlds that our telescopes and spacecraft may someday find around other stars. Fantasy Worlds is a joint production of the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the University of Houston. Partial funding was provided by an education and public outreach supplement to a NASA-Exobiology Program of the Department of Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Houston. (Ages 8 and up)

2:00 PM
Dome Theater: Secrets of the Dead Sea Secrets of the Dead Sea is a full-dome documentary, filmed at the Dead Sea and from space with historical clips and computer animation. In this show, the Dead Sea comes alive through stories preserved in its cliffs and caves and in the stars overhead. Ancient scrolls chronicle the passage of time by motions of the Sun and Moon, while rock and sand preserve a living record of a place as timeless as the star patterns above. Produced by the Houston Museum of Natural Science/Rice University as part of the NASA-funded Immersive Earth Project. (All ages)

2:30 PM

Passport to the Universe

This is a thrilling journey out into the Solar System, through the Milky Way Galaxy and to the edge of the observable universe. Fly beneath the rings of Saturn, into the heart of the Orion Nebula and back to Earth through a black hole, experiencing these and other stunning cosmic destinations as never before! Narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks and produced by the American Museum of Natural History in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). (Ages 8 and up)

3:00 PM

Secret of the Cardboard Rocket
Climb aboard a magical cardboard rocket with two young children and enter an extraordinary ride through space in this lighthearted show. Experience a breathtaking, up-close look at each of our solar system’s planets, and receive special guidance from Astronomy Book, a character personified by a wise, kind old man. You’ll see each fascinating orb as you never have before, including Mercury which has the shortest year, and the famous red planet Mars, where a volcano exists that’s larger than the state of Utah! You’ll zoom through the crackling ice-and-rock rings of the gas giant Saturn, right after you investigate another gas giant Jupiter, whose size equals 1,000 earths. You’ll navigate around our other planets and find yourself hurtling toward the outer reaches of our system to our final destinations, the remote, frozen planet of Pluto. Suddenly you realize your air supply is running low when you find out what the true secret of the rock is — something that makes this apparently impossible trip to the edges of the universe and back become possible and within your reach at any time you so desire. (Ages 3 and up)


3:30 PM

The Search for Life: Are We Alone?
Does life exist anywhere else in the universe? Ancient mythologies and contemporary science fiction have presented imaginative possibilities, but how does modern science approach this question? The Search for Life: Are We Alone? begins to answer this intriguing question in a breathtaking new Space Show narrated by Academy Award-nominated actor Harrison Ford. Produced by the American Museum of Natural History in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).(Ages 9 and up)

4:00 PM

Saturn, The Ring World II

(Ages 3 and up)

5:15 PM

The Dinosaur Prophecy

(Ages 5 and up)


5:45 PM

Earth’s Wild Ride

(Ages 6 and up)

6:15 PM
Dome Theater:Secrets of the Dead Sea

6:45 PM

Fantasy Worlds

(Ages 8 and up)

7:15 PM 

 Night of the Titanic

A 25-minute multi-media planetarium program that combines “fully immersive” computer animation with the latest scientific research, is allowing viewers inside our dome theater to experience what it was like to stand on the deck of the doomed ocean liner Titanic the night she sank. “Night of the Titanic” shows the unique conditions in Earth and space that, coupled with human errors, contributed to the sinking of the ship on April 15, 1912. (Ages 10 and up)

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