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Over the last four months, Google Fiber has been laying cable conduit to support the “fiber ring” that must be put into place before the network can be brought to your home. The cable is complete and now the fiber ring will be installed over the next year. Residents can expect to see trucks throughout the city for several months. The Google Fiber installation teams will hang tags on residents’ doors to let them know they will be in the area.

The fiber will be placed in the ring around the city. The ring allows the thousands of individual glass fibers to enter the “hut” where the devices receive and transmit signals between your computer and the internet. The “hut” supports telecom cabinets. The cabinets divide fiber into small bundles which travel out of the cabinet towards clusters of homes. From the cabinets the fiber cable can be brought to individual homes. The work that goes into setting up this ring and the fibers requires an immense amount of planning. We know that residents are anxious to get Google Fiber in their homes and the teams are working as fast as they can while ensuring accuracy.

If for some reason, you have a problem with the installers, you are to call Google Fiber at the number listed on the door hanger. These special numbers have been put in place to aid the residents. Calling the city will slow down your pathway to resolution of a problem.

Google Fiber has not announced their marketing plans for Raytown. The company will advise the city when they are ready to take subscribers. In the meantime, you can sign up your address at www.fiber.google.com. And you can keep up on their progress by signing up at their blog, http://googlefiberblog.blogspot.com/.

On May 21, 2013, the Aldermen of Raytown, Missouri adopted an agreement with Google Fiber for the installation of high speed internet. Raytown was the second city in Missouri to get the service behind Kansas City. Since our agreement many other cities in Missouri and Kansas have come on board as well as a few cities in other states.

Google Fiber provides an Internet connection speed of one gigabit per second for both download and upload. This is 1,024 megabits per second, or 128 megabytes per second (there are 8 bits in a byte), or roughly 100 times faster access than what most Americans have.[6]  They will be offering regular internet, high-speed internet and TV cable packages.

Google Fiber offers daily tours of their facility at 1814 Westport Road, Kansas City, Missouri.

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