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Kansas City International Raceway is closing


Kansas City Mo. is buying KCIR to turn into a park. Those who love drag racing will miss it. Those who hate the noise will not. There is speculation about the purchase being to enhance development and land values in the area. It will be interesting to keep track of this area and see if all or part of it actually ends up becoming a park.

Click HERE to read more on this on FOX4.

Thanks goes out to FOX4 for including code that allows their video to be embedded in RaytownOnline.com



It seems there is a lot more to this story.

Click HERE for a letter on KCIRonline.com from one of the former owners Ron Park

Click HERE for the Save KCIR FaceBook page.

Click HERE for the petition to save KCIR page.

Click HERE for a page that makes some very strong accusations about the process.

Click HERE for a video of the Kansas City Council meeting with some strong overlaid commentary (from someone with spelling issues). There are also  pictures of  letters sent to the KCIR owners. Normally this video would be embedded, but due to the strong nature of claims made in it and the uncertainty of copyright issues, RaytownOnline is only providing a link to it.  The documents are worth reading, but be advised you probably will need to change to full screen and maybe 720 dpi mode to read them.

Click HERE for a strongly worded  editorial in the South Kansas City Observer on this topic.


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