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KC Star picks up on Legislature building China port on the backs of Missouri’s elderly and disabled

Local media has finally started paying attention to what is happening in Jeff City and they are not mincing words. Check out this story in the Kansas City Star by clicking HERE.

Why cover this story, because Raytown has a couple thousand senior households that benefit from this tax break.  Our seniors being able to go to the local grocer is preferable to their being forced to strain REAP’s* already overloaded resources.

Taking away tax breaks for poor seniors and the 100% disabled to help pay for a China Trade Port in St. Louis costs jobs here for short term gains in St. Louis. The idea of tax dollars subsidizing making it cheaper to import goods from China is like putting salt in a wound. The supporters of this airport expansion would have use believe that it will result in more exports from Missouri. Reality is that for every dollar coming in, we are going to see two going out.

If times are so hard that we have to start tossing granny under the bus, why not start with killing the tax exemptions  that yacht buyers enjoy?  Why should a yacht be exempt, but a 15 foot bass boat buyer has to pay taxes in full?

Last year the legislature quietly killed off the Homestead Protection program. It use to protect modest to low income seniors from having their property taxes jump more than 5% a year. The legislature may cut another program to assist seniors this year, but it will not happen quietly. Do your part, phone or email your legislature of senator and let them know how you feel about this and while you are at it, make sure your friends, neighbors and family know about it.

KC expert on air cargo comments on the St. Louis China Hub 

Air Cargo News article on the China Hub

FOX2 in St. Louis Video on this issue



Leonard Hughes IV District 042  Phone: 573-751-1501 E-Mail: leonard.hughes@house.mo.gov

 Gail McCann Beatty District 043 Phone: 573-751-2124 E-Mail: Gail.Beatty@house.mo.gov

Gary L. Cross District 048 Phone: 573-751-1459 E-Mail: Gary.Cross@house.mo.gov

Tom McDonald District 049 Phone: 573-751-9851 E-Mail: Tom.McDonald@house.mo.gov


Victor Callahan District 011 Phone: (573) 751-3074  email address not available for senators

*Raytown Emergancy Assistance Program

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