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KCMO Fire Chief’s response to a RaytownOnline.com inquiry

Raytown Fire District is now using Kansas City Fire Department dispatching service.  There is a proposal by the Raytown Fire District to take over Raytown’s EMS (ambulance) service.  Readers have expressed concerns that if Raytown’s EMS service is combined, it also be automatic-assistance and result in a lower quality of service for Raytown residents. RaytownOnline.com ask three questions about the level of service KCMO Fire Department is now providing. What follows is the response to those questions.

I am in receipt of your email requesting information regarding ALS ambulances. In response to your questions;

1.  What percentage of ambulance responses are ALS and what are BLS?

 Because ALS/BLS responses are determined by the care provided and not by the original determinant designated by Emergency Medical – Dispatch, (EM-D), which is the system triage protocol, to answer to this question it is necessary to review patient care reports and tally the type of care provided which will require resources and staff time. However, the following information may suffice. Yesterday was a typical day. We ran 225 EMS calls for service. 68 of those calls were determined to be “Life-Threatening” calls, 157 were determined to be “Non-Life-Threatening”. KCFD responded to 100% of those 225 calls with an ALS ambulance.

2.What percentage of ambulances are staff with at least 1 EMT-P personnel?

 100% of KCFD ambulances are staffed with at least 1 EMT-P 

3. What are the personnel training levels numbers for EMT-B, EMT-P, EMT-I (85 & 95)

 100% of KCFD line personnel are trained to the EMT-B level. The number is approximately 1100 EMT-Bs
The number of KCFD personnel trained to the EMT-Ps level is approximately 170.
The number of a-EMT (EMT-I) is approximately 15. (This is a pilot in the very early stages.)

Paul Berardi
Fire Chief
635 Woodland Avenue, Suite 2100
Kansas City, MO  64106


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