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KCMO School District makes tuition offer

On January 1st, 2012, the Kansas City Missouri School District (KCMSD) will lose its accreditation. As a result, students residing within KCMSD may transfer to neighboring districts. The Missouri Supreme Court, in July, 2011, ruled that an unaccredited district must pay tuition to the receiving district. Kansas City Missouri School District offered to pay neighboring districts $3,733 per student for the 2012 fiscal year, and proposes to make payments by the month. In their new transfer policy, KCMSD also stated they would not pay tuition for students who have not attended a KCMSD school for at least the two previous semesters.

The State Legislature has drafted a plan that would allow surrounding districts to run KCMSD schools on a contract basis.

For more on this click HERE to read a  The Republic, Columbus Indiana article  (yes Indiana!) and click HERE to read The Republics article on the proposed legislation.

For more on this click HERE to read a KCTV article.

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State Ranking District Name MO Assessment Program Scores Per Pupil Expenditure
525 KANSAS CITY 33  708.56 $17,042.83
449  RAYTOWN C-2 737.87  $8,636.64

The numbers above are from http://showmeliving.org/education/ and are reported to be from the State of Missouri’s 2010 DESE report.

It is difficult to believe that the district’s tuition proposal of $3,733 is a good faith offer, since it is less than one-fourth of the current per pupil expenditure, as reported by DESE. From the data in the table above, there would appear to be only 3 reasonable starting offers. The amount they are spending now per student, the amount Raytown is spending now per student, or the average of the two.

Requiring a student to have been enrolled for two semesters is an avoidance of the district’s responsibility to provide a decent education to all students in the district. It seems likely that this policy is designed primarily to prevent students currently attending private schools at their parents’ expense from taking advantage of the opportunity to transfer to a neighboring district, at KCMSD’s expense.



RaytownOnline.com owner/reporter attended a NAACP meeting that R. Stephen Green, Ed.D., the acting superintendent of the Kansas City Mo. School District was the featured speaker. At the end of the speech, there was a question and answer session and the RaytownOnline.com  reporter was able to ask about the tuition offer.  

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