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Letter to the Editor on EMS transfer to the Fire District

Attached is the Raytown Fire Protection District’s proposal to the City
of Raytown for Emergency Medical Services Consolidation.  I had to pay
for this copy, but want to make it free and downloadable to all Raytown
citizens.  Although I don’t have much time to comment and at this time,
I will provide you with some of my thoughts and questions at a later
date.  Please keep in mind that this proposal is information being
presented from the RFPD to the City of Raytown.  I’m not saying that any
of the information is one sided or biased, but please be mindful of any
proposals origin.  At a quick glance…. there are several questions
that I look forward to discussing with my Aldermen and the entire Board.

Remember that all of the parties involved are public servants and will
hopefully be open to answering all of the questions that we citizens may
have as we weed through the process.  Asking questions and determining
facts are sometimes better placed outside of Alderman meetings.  I will
hopefully be able to come up with a complete contact list of key persons
that can be later posted.  I do know that anyone could contact the City
Administration office at Raytown City Hall (816-737-6000) or Doug Jonesi
(EMS Director) at the Raytown Emergency Medical Services
station (816-737-6171).  I’m not sure whom the contact person may be for
the RFPD, but I’m hoping to find out soon.

I want to urge the citizens of Raytown not to take this matter lightly. 
This is a serious matter and the Raytown citizens need to be aware of
the implications of either outcome.  Including what it means to the tax
payers money and the potential changes in services being provided.

You can find news paper articles that go back almost 30 years that show
the RFPD have made the same type proposals.  I am looking forward to the
open discussion, detail reviews (both parties), open dialog and
hopefully getting this proposal before the citizens to comment and the
Board of Alderman for a vote that will put this issue to rest…. once
and for all.

Jeremy L. Bledsoe, Sr.

* Editor’s note:  Mr. Bledsoe did email a copy of the document that he obtained before the document was released on the Fire Districts blog.  The document linked in the previous post is the Fire District’s blog version. It was chosen as it is not a scanned copy of the document and therefor clearer.

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