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Mayor David Bower’s dissertation to the Raytown Chamber

The Raytown Chamber ask both candidates to submit a 1,000 word dissertation to the business community on the reasons they felt they were the best candidate to be the Mayor of Raytown for the next four years.

Ms. Vicki Turnbow


Raytown Area Chamber of Commerce

I am very proud of the progress we have made this past four years and I thank you for the opportunity to elaborate upon what I believe are my qualifications to be re-elected as Mayor of the City of Raytown.

Today this City is represented regionally in a manner never before experienced. We are active participants on the various regional committees and boards and I am proud to represent our city on the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) Board, Regional Transit Committee, the Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC) Board, and the Missouri Municipal League (MML) Economic Development Committee. And the possibility to expand our presence, even further, is being realized.

In 2010, this city benefited from the offered Federal stimulus programs and other state and regional awards that, due to the diligence of our administrative team, brought us over $1.267 million dollars in grant money for projects such as: the Center Gateway (at Raytown Road & Gregory), the Woodson Overlay Project, and the addition of sidewalks along Blue Ridge Cutoff

In addition, there were over $4.5 million dollars of roadway and street maintenance projects, storm and sanitary sewer projects. All totaled, our city benefited from over $5.8 million additional dollars of infrastructure projects in just one year. And, already forecasted for the next two years is another $1.355 million in grant money for infrastructure projects.

Each of these projects helped us to build on our community’s reputation for being environmentally sustainable and a healthy place to live, which is very important in attracting new families and businesses to Raytown.

The city is fiscally responsible and through the efforts of many we have made difficult decisions and managed the city’s budget in response to the forecasted declining revenues. The past two years we have responded to the economic downtown by reducing our budget by almost 8% without dramatically affecting the programs available to our citizens. And, we still take pride in providing the basic services Raytown has grown accustomed to receive while we have stayed ‘lean and mean’.

As your Mayor this past four years, I am proud to bring the experienced leadership, and demonstrated professionalism, which will be required as soon the governing body and administrative staff will begin working on the 2012 budget. I know this will be another difficult discussion as we continue to address growing demands for services with reduced revenues but I am confident in the abilities of this Administration and the governing body, to do what is best for the community and continue to provide the best value possible. This is not a time to change the direction of this City.

Regarding our economic development recovery, the retention of businesses, and the attraction of new entities to improve our tax base, we have been focused on several different fronts, the 350-highway corridor and the downtown area. In addition to the evidence of the return to economic vitality visible throughout Raytown we have been able to bring this vitality without negatively impacting the citizen’s tax dollars while we enhance our sales tax revenue instantly and enable our commerce to grow. We are, and will continue to, encourage further development along the 350 corridor and seek out more opportunities, through creative thinking and vision, for shopping and dining throughout Raytown as the economy begins to rebound.

We are, and will continue to, encourage and participate in assisting the redevelopment within our Central Business District by utilizing and administering Chapter 353 Tax Abatement Programs and other opportunities available to us. In 2010 this 353 Program, which again places no burden in this economy upon the taxpayers, has already been utilized for five (5) businesses and is proving to be a benefit to our downtown.

I am honored to participate as the Missouri Co-Chair on the Transit Committee, and an active participant on the Total Transportation Planning Committee, for MARC. These committees determine the priority for the expenditures of tax dollars and grants across the region and Raytown has certainly benefited. We remain vigilant of our partnership with Jackson County and the city of Lee’s Summit, making up the Rock Island Corridor Coalition, for the development of a possible commuter rail system that could eventually link the heart of our downtown to the entire southeast metropolitan area.

We have re-structured our Administration to better respond to the needs of this community. Through our Community Development Department, and in conjunction with our highly respected and toprated Police Department, we have in-place the mechanisms and programs; including Crime Watch, First Tier Suburbs Low-interest loan programs, and community clean-up days. The city in 2011 is prepared to focus our efforts, even more so, upon creating a good environment and helping to stabilize and enhance our neighborhoods, thus instilling a pride that is simply immeasurable and will result in battling the increased crime rate seen throughout the region. Because, you see, when we start to see neighbors helping neighbors and working together to raise the generation charged with the future of this city we all benefit.

The foundation of this city and community was built upon the labor and dedication of countless business owners, like yourselves, over the years. It remains vital for the city and Chamber to be active partners as we together move this City forward. We are charged with not just keeping the city in order, but enhancing it and protecting our forefather’s legacy, and now our own investment, and to prepare it for the generations to follow. I have enjoyed the relationship I have with the members of the Chamber and I am eager to participate together in the coming years.

I have said this many times in the past four years, and I still mean it from the bottom of my heart, I am proud to be your Mayor and to represent you locally, across the metropolitan area, across the State, and even across the United States. And, I ask for your support in this crucial election before us on April 5th.

David W. Bower

1 comment to Mayor David Bower’s dissertation to the Raytown Chamber

  • randalltech

    I think this city has been steered in the right direction with the investments and work that is being done to promote growth on the 350 corridor. This city has seen visible improvements along the 350 corridor and connecting streets during your tenure; for your participation towards that goal I thank you.

    I’m disappointed your dissertation did not effectively address Raytown’s (comparatively) poor crime rate. This community certainly does not have the high rates of other local communities such as Independence and Grandview; that being said, it is still rated quite poorly. A safe community with low incidence of crimes per unit of is what I see as key to attracting growth in this community. We’re currently spending 7 mil for FY2011 on the police dept. compared to other comparatively safer cities (and sometimes larger cities). What more can be done to improve our safety?

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