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Notice from Raytown Public Works

Public Works is in the process of identifying the residential roads that have not been plowed and are addressing those areas now.  I would guess we have completed 95% of the residential areas.

 The crews will be working through the night to ensure all areas are complete then the night crew will clear the downtown area of snow.

 Two common concerns from the public.  The first is we have not cleared the residential street yet; those will be addressed shortly. 

 The second is we have piled all the snow in front of their driveway.  We are not intentionally plowing snow in any driveway, it is simply where the angled plow puts the snow as we drive by.  We give more leeway and double check complaints that originate from cul-de-sacs.  It has happened where a plow operator can’t determine where a drive is in a cul-de-sac and will mistakenly put the snow in the driveway.  We will go back out and remove snow from drives only in the instance where we mistakenly pile all the snow from a cul-de-sac in a drive.  

 Public Works is anticipating ending operations at 6 am Saturday, but will continue until all residential streets are cleared.

 Have a safe weekend and be aware we expect another snow storm starting Monday and extending into Tuesday.

Andy Noll, P.E.
Director of Public Works

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