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Raytown Dental Group “My Dentist” gives away a dental makeover

Terry Richards’ children had not seen him give a toothy smile since they were children. Today, they have their own children who will finally get to see their grandpa smile.

“I haven’t seen a toothy smile since I was a little kid,” Rachel Connor, Richards’ daughter said. “He even tried not to laugh anymore so that no one could see in his mouth.”

Richards, of Liberty, MO., like many parents, put his children’s health and wellbeing first and he neglected his own health. As a result, he has suffered from severe tooth decay. He only had a few remaining teeth in the beginning of 2013, but refused to have them extracted because he would not be able to eat anything solid.

Recently, Richards was awarded a new smile from My Dentist, a new local dental group in Raytown. Richards received extractions with upper and lower dentures, and may receive lower implants.

Now Terry Richards is able to smile with ease, eat normal foods, have less tooth pain, be more productive throughout the day and have more self-confidence. October is National Dental Hygiene Month. Now with his new smile, Richards is trying to educate others about the importance of dental care.

“My goal is to help others avoid what I had to go through – the pain and embarrassment is just not worth it.” Richards said. “Taking care of your teeth is so simple too. It’s just a few easy steps: brush, floss and rinse.”

Healthy teeth can mean the difference between excelling at work or in the classroom and performing poorly due to tooth pain. Dental disease is the number one most common childhood disease and it can be easily prevented.

With Halloween just around the corner and corrosive candies lurking, these simple steps can help everyone enjoy a healthy mouth. The American Dental Hygienists Association recommends brushing for two minutes, two times a day, floss every day, rinse with mouthwash and avoid sticky, crunchy and gummy treats that could hurt orthodontic appliances.

(copy and photos supplied by My Dentist)

Terry Richards before 2 Terry Richards After Terry Richards and family 

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