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Raytown Finance Committee meeting July 20th

Raytown Finance Committee met on July 20th.  There was a analysis presented by Carl Brown Consulting, LLC  of  Jefferson City Missouri on Raytown’s sewer utility user charge.  The bottom line seems to be that to keep sewer system paying for itself and bringing in enough extra to pay for repairs and upgrades, sewer rates need to go up 20% this year and 6% a year after that. 

Not everyone’s rate may go up that much, the proposed rates on chart 13 of the analysis have the rate for low volume water users actually going down a little. 

 There was also a recommendation to install flow monitoring equipment where the system connects to Kansas City and Little Blue Sewer District.  At present the city is billed based on water meter readings.  Summer lawn and garden watering are not flowing into those systems and therefor should not result in costs.  There is a huge amount of detail in the Finance Committee web packet and hopefully there will be more when the actual minutes get posted.

The second item of interest is a proposal by  to redevelop the current Mitch Crawford Holiday Motors site at 350 Highway & Gregory Boulevard by DJ Christie, Inc..  They are asking the City providing a $850,000 cost  to be repaid through the use of a Community Improvement District (CID).  The proposed tenants are an Aldi’s  grocery store and an restaurant (it was to be an IHOP but that may have fallen through).  The City contracted with Springsted Inc. for a financial review of the proposal by DJ Christie, Inc. IHOP reportedly has found another site close to the location of this development in Raytown.  Hopefully pancakes will be on Raytown’s menu soon. All members of the Finance Committee voted to approve the concept.



The Finance Committee web packet can be found HERE.


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