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Raytown Student results from District and State Music Festivals


Raytown School District orchestra and band students recently participated in district and state music festivals.

In the State Large Ensemble Festival, Raytown High’s Symphonic Band received a I Rating (Exemplary) and the Concert Band received a II Rating (Outstanding).  This was the 3rd consecutive year for the Symphonic Band to receive the top rating.

The Raytown High School Symphony Orchestra received a I Rating at Missouri State Music Festival on Thursday, March 27th.

The Following orchestra students received a I Rating and are eligible to perform at State Solo and Ensemble: Hannah Scheerer, violin solo; Skylar Thompson, violin solo; Sydney Petty, viola solo; Hannah Steele, piano solo; Brianda Taylor, string bass solo; Melody Olvera, cello solo; Emma Givens and Erin Konomos, violin duet; and Rikki Davis and Melody Jonas, cello duet.

 The following orchestra students received a II Rating: Hanine AlHaydar, viola solo; Matthew Snell, viola solo; Tristan Caudle, viola solo; Ashton Yoder, cello solo; Grace Little, Anisah Marshall, Hope Romero, and Alexis Yoder, violin quartet; and Erin Konomos, Emma Givens, Briena Frost, and Lindsey Butler, string quartet.

RaytownHigh School band students recently competed in the Kanas City Metro District Solo and Ensemble Festival. 

The following students received a I Rating; these student are eligible to perform at State Solo and Ensemble: Jon Marple, oboe solo; Laura Geeding, trumpet solo; Cassy Mais, flute solo; Hunter Delamare, marimba solo; Simone Jones, clarinet solo; Crosbie Jarrett, trumpet solo; Crosbie Jarrett, snare solo; Raheem Fielder-Bey, baritone solo; Hannah Treat, horn solo; Spencer Beaman, marimba solo; Katie Rock, flute solo; Nathan Verhulst, trumpet solo; Joseph Straws, snare solo; Kendrick Reed, marimba solo; Earl Bradshaw, snare solo; and Joseph Straws, Brandon Williams, and Crosbie Jarrett, snare trio.

The following students received a II Rating: Matthew Maynard, trumpet solo; Madeline McCready, flute solo; Brandon Williams, snare solo; Emma Drace, horn solo; Alex Bearden, marimba solo; Adriana Albor, trumpet solo; Crista Pinkston, alto sax solo; Shannon Lewis, marimba solo; Dante Woods, marimba solo; Hunter Delamare, piano solo; Evalynn Lomax, snare solo; Crosbie Jarrett, Laura Geeding, and Adriana Albor, trumpet trio; Nathan Verhulst, Raheem Fielder-Bey, and Isabella Liggett, trumpet trio; Cassy Mais, Madeline McCready, and Katie Rock, flute trio; and Crista Pinkston, Hannah Wadleigh, Amanda Stoll, and  Katie Rock, saxophone trio.

RaytownSouthHigh School band students also participated in the Kanas City Metro District Solos and Ensemble Festival. 

The following students received a I Rating and will continue to the State Festival: Allison Freed, flute solo; Deja Higgins, clarinet solo; Juliana Hudspeth, bassoon solo; Brian Lollman, alto saxophone solo; Kalayna Lollar, tenor saxophone solo; Zach Shupe, trumpet solo; Hannah McIntyre, trumpet solo; Allie Hornbostel, French horn solo; Ben White, trombone solo; Alysa Orchard, euphonium solo; Michael Hudspeth, tuba solo; Brian Lollman, Michael Keightley, Kalayna Lollar, and Schuyler Hodges, saxophone quartet; and Zach Shupe, Alysa Orchard, and Ian Mahl, trumpet trio.

 The following students received a II Rating: Lynette McGee, flute solo; Priscilla Jones, flute solo; Jaime Tonasket, flute solo; TaMiya Strickland, clarinet solo; Michael Keightley, alto saxophone solo; Alden Florez, alto Saxophone solo; Paige Teeman, French horn; Allison Freed, Lynette McGee, and Jaime Tonasket, flute trio; and Kole Waters, Brandon Jones, and Patrick Torello, percussion trio.

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