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Clark’s Appliances donated to REAP

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Kendra donated to Shepherd’s Center

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RaytownOnline.com is testing format changes

RaytownOnline.com has changed from a 3 column format to a 2 column format. This will allow larger size photos and videos to be displayed on the page without the reader needing to click on the photo or on the full screen mode for the video to see a larger display. The new format will be at least 640 by 480 and sometimes a little larger than that. Clicking on a photo will still expand it to the native 1024 by 768 size and most videos can be viewed in High Definition at 1280 by 720 if the viewer goes to full screen and selects that resolution one the YouTube control bar. 

This will reduce the amount of ads for charity space available, but at present time RaytownOnline.com is not close to filling up the available space. 

Nothing is set in stone and the look of RaytownOnline.com will probably change in the future. The present format is efficient at presenting information, but the style is at least 5 or 10 years out of date. The hard choice is that stylish standards now seem to be bandwidth intensive and slow to load for readers without high speed access.  A faster page load time is preferable to a slick looking page. 

I am open to feedback on this.

Michael N. Downing
Owner, editor, photographer, programmer, and janitor for RaytownOnline.com

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