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Recent Surge in Car Larcenies

Raytown police have noted a recent surge in the number of car larcenies (items stolen from inside a vehicle) over the last several weeks. Most are occurring overnight in residential areas. The area between Gregory north to 63rd St & Blue Ridge Cutoff east to Raytown Rd as well as 56th St north to the city limits east of Raytown Rd (see attached map) have been hit the hardest.

Since June 1st, 2012 we’ve had at least 75 cars broken into, though not every car had something stolen. Over 70% of those had been left unlocked with valuable property inside. Only a small percentage involved actual damage to get in the car. In most cases, the thieves take whatever items are inside, but electronics and purses/wallets are the most frequently stolen items. We’ve made several recent arrests of teenage males, but the thefts continue, indicating that there are probably multiple independent groups committing the same types of crime. Several citizens have reported seeing groups of teenage males “roaming” their streets at night and prowling cars. Officers have been directed to patrol hot spots during peak times if they are not on another call, but residents are always there even when we can’t be. Help yourself and your neighbors by keeping an eye out. If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, please call and report it. You can call 911 in an emergency or the non-emergency line at 816-737-6020.

We strongly encourage citizens to always park their cars in a garage if available and if driveway or street parking is unavoidable to always lock your car doors and take any items inside. As stated above, the thieves will take anything that is inside, including things that have no value to them but that may be of great importance to you like work materials/ID badges, clothes and paperwork. It’s possible for a thief to gain access to the house by using the garage door opener left in the car. Don’t make yourself an easy target by leaving your car unlocked!

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