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Store Robbery Update from the Jackson County Prosecutor

dollar generalburkhardt-brandon


This is from the “Statement of Probable Cause” concerning the recent incident at Dollar General on 350 Highway.


On 03-15-13, at approximately 2110 hours, Brandon D. Burkhardt (a white male born on 05- 11-93) assaulted an employee at the Dollar General located at 9047 E. 350 Highway, Raytown, Jackson County, Missouri 64133 with a knife.  The employee was identified as xxx (a white male born on 08-29-90).  Mr. Burkhardt waited until Mr. xxxx opened the front door, for the last customer to exit, before he forced his way into the store.  An altercation took place between the two men that resulted in Mr. xxxx receiving injuries from the knife that Mr. Burkhardt displayed in his left hand as he entered the store.  Mr. xxxx was able to run from Mr. Burkhardt and, with the aid of a coworker named xxxx (a white female born on 03-21-87), lock the front door from the outside; the result kept Mr. Burkhardt separate from both Mr. xxxx and Ms. xxxx and locked him inside for a short period of time.  Ms. xxxx called 911 and members of the Raytown Police Department, Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Services arrived to secure the scene and medically treat Mr. xxxx; he was ultimately transported to Research Medical Center.  Mr. xxxxx’ s injury was listed as a puncture wound, approximately one inch in length and one inch in depth, to the area of his upper right buttock.

Mr. xxxxx was kept overnight at the hospital.

Ms. xxxxx eye witness account

According to Ms. xxxxx, at approximately 9:05P.M, Mr. xxxxx was helping the last customer out of the store when Mr. Burkhardt came in through the front door and yelled, “I’m going to (deleted curseword) kill you!”  Ms. xxxxx advised that Mr. Burkhardt and Mr. xxxx started fighting, with both of them holding the other in a headlock.  Ms. xxxxx advised that Mr. Burkhardt had a knife in his hand; she described the knife as having a black blade approximately three to four inches in length.  Ms. xxxxx said that Mr. Burkhardt stabbed Mr. xxxxx and they separated.  She advised that Mr. Burkhardt chased Mr. xxxxx around the store until she yelled for him to go outside.  According to Ms. xxxxx, she and Mr. xxxxx ran outside the front doors and locked Mr. Burkhardt inside the building.


The Suspect is caught.

At approximately 2328 hours,  Raytown Patrol Officer Uriel Ojeda, located Mr. Burkhardt near the Raytown Water Company water tower located in the 9000 block of Gregory Boulevard, located south of the Dollar General. 

gregory water tower

 skyview 1The suspect later confessed and told the police that he had dumped the knife in the backyard of a house on Gregory Blvd.


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