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The Board of Aldermen vote on Wal-Mart

At almost 3 am, after 8 hours, a vote was held and the Wal-Mart zoning changes were approved. The Greene brothers, Emerson and Aziere voted against approval. The allowed hours of operation were shortened from midnight to 10 pm. 

Wal-Mart will be building a grocery store on the area known as the Green Space, unless other factors interfere. At present there are a couple items that may derail the process. 

1. The last minute change from the agreed upon 6 am to midnight operational hours being changed to 6 am to 10 pm by the Board of Aldermen may be a deal breaker for Wal_Mart. 

2. There may be a challenge to the vote requirements. Alderman Jason Greene contended that it takes a 2/3 majority to override the BZA vote. The city’s attorney read the law as requiring only a simple majority.  There are no attorneys on the staff of RaytownOnline.com so we are not going to speculate on who is correct in this matter or how it could be appealed. 

This video was taken with a smart phone.  In the course of 8 hours 2 camcorder batteries ran out, and 32G of memory was used. The smart phone had to be taken to the van to be recharged twice.  about 5 hours of high quality video was captured, along with about an hour of smart phone video.  All of the meeting was captured (up until the Wal-Mart issue was resolved) on a backup audio recorder.  Putting all the parts together, cleaning them up, rendering and then uploading them to the video server involves days of work for something this big. It would take weeks if the video and audio were to be cleaned up to the normal degree RaytownOnline.com usually does. Be advised there may be pops, clicks, hiss, rumble and shakes that are not up to the normal standards. 

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