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The KCMO Police Sergeant and the $7,500 Theft

May 13th a off duty Kansas City Mo Police Sergeant checked out a patrol car and drove it to this area of Raytown, the dead end of 64th Terr off of Elm Street.  He may have been off duty, but he was in full uniform.

A resident of Raytown stated that while the sergeant waited outside, another man who arrived at the same time went inside and took $7,500 from him. The $7,500 was to pay for a car, but there was no car and no car title. He also stated that he followed both the person who took the money and the sergeant back to a Kansas City MO Police Station and that when he confronted them, the sergeant made a threat to his life.

The Raytown resident then filed a complaint with the Raytown Police Department.  At this time neither the Kansas City Mo. nor the RaytownPolice Department will comment on the case, both stating that the investigation is ongoing.

Opinion: Whatever the fact of the theft are, the residents of Raytown deserve an explanation about what a KCMO PD sergeant is doing coming into Raytown in uniform and in a patrol car on an off duty day.  That explanation needs to come from the KCMO PD, since it is there man and their patrol car and the sergeant in question is still on active duty.  

For more on this story check out the KCStar, WDAF and KCTV5 stories.


The KCPD Sergeant has been suspended and the FBI is looking into the case.

For more on this update, click HERE to read the KCTV5 article.

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