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Update on the Relax Inn Homicide

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced Thursday the filing of the felonies of Murder in the Second Degree and Armed Criminal Action against George W. Powell, 48, in connection with the July 10, 2011 murder of Michelle R. Seale at the Relax Inn, 6300 Blue Parkway, Kansas City.

Court records state that Michelle Seale was found not breathing, covered in blood and suffering from multiple stab wounds in the room she had shared with Powell.  Powell had rented the room for the night.

$500,000/10% bond has been requested.

From the Probable Cause Statement

On 7-10-2011, 1154 hours, officers of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department were dispatched to the Relax Inn, 6300 Blue Parkway, Room #123, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri in regard to a non-breather covered in blood. On arrival the officers located the deceased body of Michelle R. Seale, WF, 11-19-73 alone inside the hotel room. Seale’s death subsequent to her sustaining multiple stab wounds was ruled a homicide by the Jackson County Medical Exarniner;s Office. The scene was cleaned prior to the suspect leaving it.

Staff at the Relax Inn provided documentation wherein a subject producing identification issued to George W. Powell, birth date 10-20-1963, Missouri driver license #W203036008 rented room #123 on 7-9-2011 at 4:50 PM. A Missouri Department of Revenue entry confirms the aforementioned driver’s license is issued to George W. Powell with a birth date of 10-20-1963. A hotel employee identified George W. Powell, WM, 10-20-63 as the subject who checked into the hotel room using the aforementioned Missouri driver license.

A witness identified George W. Powell, WM, 10-20-63 as a subject he observed sitting on the sidewalk alone in front of room #123 during the late evening hour of7-9-2011. The witness stated he inquired as to why Powell was sitting outside his room at which time Powell told him it was cold inside his room.

A witness stated Seale left room # 121, a hotel room shared by Seale and him, after receiving a phone call on their hotel room telephone. The witness stated Seale told him she was going a couple doors down to talk to a male hotel tenant about having sexual relations with him. The witness stated he observed Seale exit his hotel room and walk west (the direction of Powell’s room) not to be seen again.

A witness, the lessee of room #122, reported hearing something bump against a common wall between his hotel room and room #123 between midnight and 1:00 AM on 7-10-2011, however he didn’t investigate the source of the noise. The witness reported tnrning his television volume up to cover the noise he believed was someone having sex.

The Relax Inn was equipped with operational video camera surveillance footage on 7-9-2011 and 7-10-2011 that constantly covered the front door of room #123 and nearby adjoining hotel rooms. Captured video surveillance footage shows Seale exiting her assigned hotel room, room # 121, at approximately 11 :22 PM when she walked to Powell’s room, room #123, and entered it with the door being closed behind her. Surveillance footage captured Powell exiting and re-entering room # 123 alone multiple times during the night for brief amounts of time prior to him entering room #123 for the last time. Surveillance footage captured Powell exiting the hotel room alone for the last time at 8:33 AM on 7-10-2011 at which time he walked away from Relax Inn. Surveillance footage captured a Relax Inn staff member locating the victim inside apartment #123 alone at 11 :39 AM and the subsequent arrival of police and emergency personnel on scene.

George W. Powell, WM, 10-20-60 admitted he rented a hotel room in his own name at the Relax Inn on the afternoon of 7-9-2011. Powell stated he had contact with several subjects outside his hotel room prior to entering it alone for the night just before dark. Powell stated he left the hotel room on foot the following morning, 7-10-2011 after staying awake in his hotel room the entire night. Powell denied having any visitors in his room all night. Powell denied knowing, recognizing or ever having any physical contact with Seale. Powell denied having knowledge of there being a dead body in his hotel room when he left it on 7-10-2011. Printed Name

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