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Vote NO on Jackson County Question 1

On Tuesday, November 5th, please go to the polls and vote NO on the proposed sales tax increase of 1/2 cent.  This tax increase is wrong on many levels.  

1. County sales tax is not the level to fund medical research.

2. Lack of over-site by elected of appointed representatives of the taxpayers. The taxpayers get one appointment, the hospitals and pharmaceuticals get 4 on the only board controlling the money that is not advisory. 

3. Lack of expert over-site on a scientific level. This type of endeavor needs over-site for the taxpayers that has a knowledge base able to evaluate the requests and proposal that is more suited for a government agency like the National Institute of Health,  not a local politician.

4. The taxpayer is expected to fund 100% of the overhead, yet big business will keep 80% of the profits if anything is discovered that is marketable. The proposed return on investment to the taxpayer is only 20% of the profits. 

5. Food and medicine are not exempt from this sales tax.

The Kansas City Star, League of Women Voters, NAACP, Kansas City Business Journal, the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph and Freedom Inc. have all come out in opposition to this tax.  Every Jackson County Mayor that has been ask to support this tax has refused. 

RaytownOnline.com seldom takes an editorial position,  but this proposed tax is so wrong on so many levels that it required taking a stand in opposition.  The good result of this proposal is that it has united liberals and conservatives in opposition to it.  

Michael N. Downing

Editor RaytownOnline.com

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