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Is the Raytown Times missing this week

Has anyone seen a copy of the Raytown Times for the 26th?  It was not at 1st Baptist on the 26th and had not shown up at Hy-Vee by the 30th?  Are they taking a vacation?


A clerk at Hy-Vee stated that there was an issue of the Raytown Times last week, and speculated that the coverage of graduation at the Raytown Schools was the reason it disappeared quickly.

Police Blotters for the week ending 5/28/2010

Blotter for 5/24/2010

Blotter for 5/25/2010

Blotter for 5/26/2010

Blotter for 5/27/2010

Blotter for 5/28/2010

ReDiscover Paws for a Cause

People With Dogs Helping People With Depression. Happy Dogs. Happy People.

JUNE 12, 2010

 Bring Your Dog!

or Just Come for the Fun





Yes I know it is not in Raytown, but many Raytown dog owners may like to attend.

Yael T. Abouhalkah brags about Raytown High

Kansas City Star editorial page author’s commentary in Thursday May 27th 2010 edition is worth reading.

You can find it in the editorial section of the Star or read it in Abouhalkah’s blog post online at the following link.


Raytown & Raytown South atheletes qualify for the State Track Meet

At the Sectional Track Meet in Blue Springs, a number of Raytown South and Raytown track athletes qualified for the State Track Meet to be held Memorial Day Weekend in Jefferson City at Lincoln University.

From the Raytown South boys team, A.J. Anderson in the 100 meter, Alex Sanders in the 100 meter, Marquise Cushon in the Triple jump, Steven Addison in the 110 hurdles, and Kendall Myers in 400 meter all qualified as individuals. Additionally, the 400 meter relay and 1600 (4X400) meter relay teams qualified.

The 400 meter relay team is comprised of Kyle Frayling, Marcus Moye, Phillip Kind and Anderson.

The 1600 meter relay team is comprised of Kendal Meyers, James Dawson, Anthony Ward, and Dennis Turner.

From the Raytown High boys team, Antonio Smith in the 400 meter, Joe Farrand in the 1600 meter and 3200 meter, Robby Walker in the pole vault, and Steven Deshazer in the discus all qualified as individuals. Farrand, Smith and Deshazer were all sectional champions.

 Additionally, the 3200 (4X800) meter relay team qualified. Relay team members are Farrand, Luke Abouhalkah, David Clark and Wes Jensen.

From the Raytown South girls team, Amaris Warren in the 200 meter, Maisha Mitchell in the 400 meter, and Jade Nalls in the long jump and triple jump all qualified as individuals.  Nalls set a sectional record with her winning jump.  Additionally, the 400, 800 and 1600 meter relay teams all qualified.

The 400 meter relay team is comprised of Maisha Mitchell, Alia Ward, Warren, and Mickala Mitchell.

The 800 meter relay team is comprised of Warren, Ma. Mitchell, Mi. Mitchell, and Kelsey Harris.

The 1600 meter relay team is comprised of Warren, Harris, Mi.Mitchell,  and Ma.  Mitchell.

Downtown Raytown Development Proposal

The owner of  Ida’s Custom Veils (link) lives in Raytown and has a proposal to create a wedding mall in downtown Raytown on the empty site of the old 1st Baptist Church.  The proposal is exciting, detailed and potentially very good for Raytown.  It is important enough to devote the time to put the presentation of  all 40 minutes of it online.

You can also get a more detailed look at the proposal by checking out the packet prepared for the Aldermen. This is the same packet that has the overlay information in it, it a 4.5 meg pdf file. Just click here


Part 1 is the presentation of the proposal.

Part 2 is the last part of the presentation and comments by the Alderman

Part 3 is Ida telling her story and it is very  interesting  

part 4 is more Alderman comments and questions for the developer

Discussion of Rock Island Rail Line Corridor

Senior Planner John Benson does a presentation on the developments on the Rock Island corridor for use by the KatyTrail.


Board of Aldermen meeting very informative

Last Tuesdays Board of Aldermen meeting was not typical. Meaning it was not boring! Hardware problems have delayed posting videos of the meeting, but that has been resolved and they will be coming soon. Look for information on the Katy Trail coming to Raytown, and an exciting plan to develop downtown Raytown and a detailed report on the Street Overlay Program.

There are a lot of details to these 3 items that are easier to see on the City of Raytown website.  It took me a while to find them though, so here is the link http://www.raytown.mo.us/vertical/Sites/%7B418C71C3-E397-4C87-B464-C498EC8900F9%7D/uploads/%7B05FD8986-F65C-4797-B48C-AF6F46A4CCF6%7D.PDF.  

Due to copyright respect I am not cutting and pasting from this document it will take a little time to find the items in this 4 meg plus packet. The only way to really understand what the plan is for street repair and overlays is to look at the information in this packet. The other two topics lend themselves to understanding by the video presentation and they will be posted here.

Former Alderman John Wiley addresses the board about downtown redevelopment


News Release

For Release: 05/18/10



 Raytown, MO- Nearly one in four Missourians fail to regularly wear safety belts when driving or riding in a motor vehicle.

Raytown Police announced today they were joining with other law enforcement agencies in the state, May 24th through June 6th, 2010 for a “CLICK IT OR TICKET” mobilization to crack down on Missouri’s safety belt law violators and to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries.

 Failure to regularly wear a safety belt can be deadly. In 2007, a driver in a Missouri traffic crash had a 1 in 32 chance of being killed if they were not wearing a safety belt. In cases where the driver wore a safety belt, their chance of being killed was 1 in 1,294. (Statistics are from Mo Hwy Safety Division).Traffic Safety experts have said that regular safety belt use is the single most effective way to protect people in vehicles from injury and fatalities in motor vehicle crashes

                                      PLEASE BUCKLE UP AND SURVIVE!!!!

 For information on Missouri Seatbelt Usage, visit www.saveMOlives.com 

Board of Aldermen agenda for 5/18/2010

Click here for the agenda

Police Blotters for the week ending 5/21/2010

Blotter for 5/17/2010

Blotter for 5/18/2010

Blotter for 5/19/2010

Blotter for 5/20/2010

Blotter for 5/21/2010

Raytown Parks sports classes and leagues information

Youth Golf Lessons

This class is for 8-16 year olds and will be held at Teetering Rocks from 1:00-3:30 PM on Wednesdays, starting June 9th. The fee is $90 per student, for 8 weeks. Contact the Park office to sign up for the classes.

Adult Coed Kickball

Adult Coed Kickball Tuesdays, June 8th, at Kenagy Park (79th & Raytown Rd.). The league will be six weeks long, $130 per coed team. All regular kickball rules apply with some safety rules added to ensure a fun and safe atmosphere. Call for more details 358-4100.

Tennis Lessons

Youth lessons are on Wednesday or Saturday mornings starting at 8 AM at Kenagy park. The classes are 5 weeks long and cost $40 per person.

Adult lessons are Monday and Wednesday evenings starting at 6:30 PM, for 3 weeks and cost $45 per person. Sign up at the Raytown Park office 358-4100.

Raytown Times is born

Raytown now has a hard-copy paper. On March 24th, the first issue of Raytown Times appeared. Former owner of the Raytown Post, Randy Battagler is to give the newspaper business another try.   Where to find a copy is a question that our readers can help with.  Readers report that it is available at Dirty Don’s and Bowen Apartments.  If you see it at any other location, please add that location by a comment

Click on Comments to see where our readers have found copies


Raytown Parks and Recreation Dept. is having a free fishing derby on June 5th Kenagy Park 9-11 AM. Fun for all ages!!!

Troy McKinney takes #1 in Longview Buddy Bass Tournament

Troy McKinney of Raytown and his buddy Jeff Donovan (from Raymore) came in 1st with 8.78 lbs at  the Longview Buddy Bass Tournament, winning $170.

Police Blotters for the week ending on 5/14/2010

Blotter for 5/14/2010

Blotter for 5/13/2010

Blotter for 5/12/2010

Blotter for 5/11/2010

Blotter for 5/10/2010

7-11 store robber arrested in Raytown

Quarteze A. Lewis, 33, of Kansas City robbed two Independence 7-11 store in a little more than an hours time. He was arrested at Raytown Road and Blue Ridge Cuttoff with his 1.5 year old son in pickup.

for more on this story goto http://www.kansascity.com/2010/05/04/1924957/man-arrested-after-chase-had-toddler.html

Raytown South has upset win over Raytown

The Raytown South girls soccer team defeated Raytown 1 to 0.  This is the first time in four years that the South girls soccer team has been able to defeat their town rivals.

For more on the game goto http://www.ihigh.com/raytownsouth/article_27442.html

Candidates removed for failure to file documents

Two candidates for State Representative whose districts include Raytown have been removed from the ballot for failure to file a Personal Financial Disclosure Statement.

Karis Harrington – Missouri House of Representatives Candidate for District 43
Patrick Riehle – Missouri House of Representatives Candidate for District 48

The full details are available online at the Missouri Ethics Commission website.

Police Blotter for 5/7/2010

Click on image to load Police Blotter

Police Blotter for 5/6/2010

Click on image to load Police Blotter

Senior Expo 2010 report

Ward 5 Alderman Mock reports on the Senior Expo event being held at city hall this week.

Public Comment on proposed safety law

M D Alam comments on a petition to enact a law requiring stores to take measures to insure the safety of their late night workers.

Public Comment at BOA meeting 5/4/2010

An unknow citizen comments on teenagers droopy drawers and public indecency laws.