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Clark’s Appliances donated to REAP

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Kendra donated to Shepherd’s Center

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Alyse Stoll and Annie

Alyse Stoll comments on the Senior Expo at City Hall and then introduces us to the Star of Annie

Swearing in of Police Officer Joshua Wildman

Raytown Finance Committee meeting July 20th

Raytown Finance Committee met on July 20th.  There was a analysis presented by Carl Brown Consulting, LLC  of  Jefferson City Missouri on Raytown’s sewer utility user charge.  The bottom line seems to be that to keep sewer system paying for itself and bringing in enough extra to pay for repairs and upgrades, sewer rates need to go up 20% this year and 6% a year after that. 

Not everyone’s rate may go up that much, the proposed rates on chart 13 of the analysis have the rate for low volume water users actually going down a little. 

 There was also a recommendation to install flow monitoring equipment where the system connects to Kansas City and Little Blue Sewer District.  At present the city is billed based on water meter readings.  Summer lawn and garden watering are not flowing into those systems and therefor should not result in costs.  There is a huge amount of detail in the Finance Committee web packet and hopefully there will be more when the actual minutes get posted.

The second item of interest is a proposal by  to redevelop the current Mitch Crawford Holiday Motors site at 350 Highway & Gregory Boulevard by DJ Christie, Inc..  They are asking the City providing a $850,000 cost  to be repaid through the use of a Community Improvement District (CID).  The proposed tenants are an Aldi’s  grocery store and an restaurant (it was to be an IHOP but that may have fallen through).  The City contracted with Springsted Inc. for a financial review of the proposal by DJ Christie, Inc. IHOP reportedly has found another site close to the location of this development in Raytown.  Hopefully pancakes will be on Raytown’s menu soon. All members of the Finance Committee voted to approve the concept.



The Finance Committee web packet can be found HERE.


You Drink and Drive. You Lose.



Law Enforcement Officers across Missouri will be cracking down on drunk and impaired driving with increased enforcement August 20th thru September 6th, 2010. The Raytown Police Department will be participating in this effort. This effort is being funded by a grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation’s Highway Safety Division.

Drivers are reminded they could lose their licenses, pay large fines, go to jail, or worst of all, cause a tragic loss of life.

If you cause a fatal crash while intoxicated, you could be charged with Involuntary Manslaughter, a felony resulting in up to seven years of jail time, a $5,000 dollar fine or both.

For more information on impaired driving, visit http://www.savemolives.com/

River Christian Fellowship Church in Raytown makes headlines helping the homeless

The River Christian Fellowship Church’s work with the homeless is featured in an extensive article on CBN (The Christian Broadcasting Network).  Pastor John Wiley is interviewed about his work with the hidden homeless.

Click HERE to read the article

Police Blotters for the week ending 7/30/2010

Blotter for 7/26/2010

Blotter for 7/27/2010

Blotter for 7/28/2010

Blotter for 7/29/2010

Blotter for 7/30/2010

The Sunday Funnies

Election Editorial

Park Sales Tax Renewal-August 3, 2010

The renewal of the parks sales tax is esential to protecting one of Raytown’s major assets, our public parks.  The Parks Department will still have to do significant belt tightening, due to falling sales tax revenues.  Failure to renew could lead to either a permanent loss of value or a much larger cost down the road to restore facilities that could not be properly maintained.

Michael N. Downing

Editor of Raytown Online

Raytown Parks info

Raytown Parks and Recreation Department Offers 3 Tips for a Worry-Free Summer

 1.      Spend time with family and friends enjoying your Raytown Parks-see a free movie, enjoy a new sport; tennis, basketball, biking, walking, fishing, or skateboarding or BMX for the more adventurous. Visit the new tree arboretum at Henry Kritser Park located at 75th and Woodson to learn more about native trees or to explore unusual species of trees.

2.      Want to cool off this summer? Super Splash USA water park remains one of the most economical recreation values in the metro. Super Splash continues to be one or Raytown’s best attractions after 20 years.

3.      Visit www.raytownparks.com  for park maps and locations or to learn more about upcoming programs and special events.

Park Sales Tax Renewal-August 3, 2010

      The benefits of parks and recreation services affect the individual, the community, the environment and the local economy. Parks increase property values, provide a sense of community, enhance social interaction and improve the health and well-being of residents. More importantly, parks promote the constructive use of leisure time for youth thereby helping to reduce criminal activity.

      On Tuesday, August 3, 2010, the voters of Raytown will decide on the renewal of an existing 1/8 cent park/storm water sales tax. If approved by voters, this sales tax will continue to dedicate 1/8 cent to local parks/storm water control and it will remain in effect for 10 years.

      The sales tax will maintain the current sales tax rate in Raytown-there will be no tax increase. The current 1/8 cent park/storm water sales tax is set to expire March 31, 2011. If approved by voters, this sales tax renewal will take effect April 1, 2011.

      Additionally, the park/storm water sales tax Citizen Oversight Committee appointed by the Board of Alderman will continue to monitor the expenditures of this sales tax and will provide public reports to the Board of Alderman every three months. Spending is also monitored by the Raytown Park Board.  

Please vote on August 3.

Former Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes celebrates 60 years as a priest

Father Richard T. Saale celebrated the 60th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood.  Father Saale served as pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes from 1988 to 1995.

For more on this read the Catholic Key article.

Health Dept. cites Raytown Restaurant

Los Compas, 9055 E. Missouri 350 was cited for critical violations on July 12th.

To learn more on this read the Kansas City Star article.

Two upset People make public comments

The Board of Aldermen had some lively input from the public this July 6th, unfortunately only about 10 to 20% of it was understandable to anyone watching on TV.   What I could understand before I got tired of trying was that the Lady’s name is Jay Cantrell (guess at spelling since she didn’t spell it out) and she is mad at the Raytown Police. She may have been robbed, and may have moved to Blue Springs. Bottom line is that if you stand 2 feet from the microphone and face away from it, no one watching will hear what you say.  The picture shows her during one of the few times she got close to the microphone.

The man’s name is Steve, he is also mad at the police and he is an Apache who may have been in the military.  He also went to the same school of microphone avoidance as the previous speaker.

The point of this slightly snarky post is that if you want to be understood by anyone watching the broadcast (and I imagine 1/2 the people in the room live), talk into the microphone.

Andy Whiteman ends his public comments with some unique ideas about controlling young people

Aldermen change curfew for those under 17

The Board of Aldermen made the curfew for those under 17 one hour earlier, added more teeth to it and penalties for the parents of youth that violate the curfew.

Fox4KC.com covered this.  They also have a link to the new ordinance, but it is a link to the entire aldermen packet for 7/20/2010.  Raytown Online will put a version up as a page on the navigation bar, so that you do not have to wade through about 70 pages to view the 3 that are important.   Please excuse the loss of  the original formatting.

It is unfortunate that all young people in Raytown have to suffer for the actions of a few that have been making the news recently.

Annie comes to Raytown

The Raytown Arts  Council is putting on the play “Annie” as in “Little Orphan Annie” at Raytown High School.  The next two performances are at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.  Tickets are $8 at Hi-Vee and $10 at the door.  You can also pick up a copy of the Raytown Times at Hy-Vee for a review of the play and some nice pictures.

Brywood Centre gets a face lift

For more on this check out the KC Free Press article


Congressman Cleaver attends RDA Picnic

The annual Raytown Democratic Association was held Saturday at Kenagy Park. Attendance was about 150 people, a 50 percent increase over last year probably due to this being an election year.

The candidates attending included:







The fair was hamburgers and hot-dogs, chips, and Judy Briggs’ famous coleslaw. The speeches were short and the weather was hot.

Police Blotters for the week ending 7/23/2010

Blotter for 7/19/2010

Blotter for 7/20/2010

Blotter for 7/21/2010

Blotter for 7/22/2010

Blotter for 7/23/2010

The Sunday Funnies

Dr. Marlon Steinert gone but not forgotten

Dr. Marlon Steinert passed away in the afternoon of July 14th. Visitation is Saturday, July 17th at Floral Hills Funeral Home, 7000 Blue Ridge Blvd, 6-8 pm. Funeral services will be held on Sunday at Blue Ridge Methodist Church’s sanctuary, 5055 Blue Ridge Blvd. Internment will follow at Floral Hills.

Memorial contributions may be made to the church or Village Hospice at John Knox Care Center.

Marlon was born on March 13, 1922 to David and Martha Steinert. He graduated from Lehigh High School in 1941 and attended Bethel and McPherson College until he joined the Army to serve his country in World War II. Marlon married Margaret L. Matz on May 10, 1944 and they were blessed with 66 anniversaries. After the war, Marlon and Margaret moved to Kansas City, MO., where he attended and graduated from UMKC School of Dentistry in 1951. He practiced dentistry for 19 years, when an injury caused him to become a Professor of Clinical Dentistry at UMKC in 1971. He taught and mentored young men and women in the profession he loved until his retirement in 1984.

He was proud to have raised his family in Raytown, MO., where he enjoyed being active in local politics, community activities, Blue Ridge United Methodist Church, and the Kansas City Metro Men’s Chorus, of which he was a co-founder.

Marlon was proud to be a loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. He is survived by his loving wife and best friend, Margaret; three children, Jon, Bob and Lisa; three-in-laws, Lesley, Teresa, and Kurt; six grandchildren, Jamie, Julie, Jonnie, Maggie, Annie and Conrad; one great grandson, Logan; sister, Darlene Balzer and special friends, David Brown and Debra Simmons. Awaiting him in heaven are his parents and his beloved nephew, Steve Balzer.

8 Raytown School District employees honored for 25 years of service

During recent a celebration, several Raytown Schools employees were honored for 25 years of service.  Superintendent Dr. Allan Markley presented pins to honorees.

Pictured are Terry Wainwright, Donna Siegrist, Sally Secchio, Rex Perry, Jackie Hammond, Jeanne Lee, Janet Creeden, and Liza Childs.

Board of Aldermen agenda for 7/20/2010

Click here for the agenda

Political letters to the editor policy

Raytown Online will accept letters to the editor that are of a political nature. There are additional restrictions on letters of a political nature.

1. The deadline for letters addressing ballot issues or in support or opposition to candidates must be submitted at least one week before election day.  This deadline may be waived to allow response to a previous letter, if that previous letter makes allegations and is submitted close to the deadline.

2. No personal attacks. A letter can take issue with positions and votes.

3. Keep it civil.

4.  All other policies on letter remain in effect and are listed below.

5. Keep it brief.

Raytown Online accepts letters to the editor.  You may submit them by email to editor@raytownonline.com.  To be considered for publication, all submissions must contain your name, address, and phone number to verify the submission. We do not accept anonymous submissions, personal attacks, and prefer the topic  concern Raytown.

Raytown High School student Kaytlynn Clemons to represent Missouri Girls Nation


Raytown High School student Kaytlynn Clemons participated in Girls State this summer and has been selected to represent the state of Missouri at the 64th annual Girls Nation in Washington D.C., July 17-24. 

Kaytlynn will get an all expense paid trip to participate in this event, at which high school girls get hands on training in Federal government. The goals of the program are to develop leadership and pride in American citizens, educate students about government, and to help participants gain a greater understanding of American traditions.

“We are extremely proud of Kaytlynn as she represents not only Raytown, but our whole state,” Raytown Superintendent of Schools Allan Markley said

Letter to the editor from Ward I Alderman Joe Creamer

A couple of years ago I began to see some need for regulation in the rental community, I began to push for an ordinance that would help us gain control of the situation. In the study of this I was able to see other needs and from this stemmed the Dangerous Building Ordinance that enabled us to deal with some buildings that were in severely deteriorated condition. Also, from the rental idead came the Vacant and Abandoned building Ordinance to deal with foreclosure problems in the community.

 The reason for the strong push in theses areas was the declining property values in our community, this is not just a Raytown problem, this is happening everywhere. I believe there are many factors that go into this problem and they need to be addressed one brick at a time. I think my favorite quote is “You cant change anything if You don’t change anything”. The City has come to a point where we need to recognize that the way things were done in the past are not always the solutions for today or for the future.

That is why I feel so passionate about preserving our community. The fact is, we need to take a common sense approach to how we address the situation. I believe that if we work as a team between the BOA, the Staff and the community we can come to a solution that will benefit Raytown. The thing I want to point out is this is not an attack on anyone, this is about neighborhood preservation. There are many communities around the country that have adopted Rental Regulation and have made it work. We as a community need to work something out that will benefit the home owners, the landlords as well as the tenants.

I grew up in this town and want the best for it but I believe there needs to be a balance in everything. I still say I want to be able to drive down any street and not be able to tell the difference between a owner occupied property, a rental property or a vacant property.                                                                                                          

  Alderman Joe Creamer