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Clark’s Appliances donated to REAP

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Kendra donated to Shepherd’s Center

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Metro Men’s Chorus

Oct. 31st at Blue Ridge Blvd. Methodist Church at 3pm, the Metro Men’s Chorus will do a benefit concert for Raytown’s Shepherd Center.

The Sunday Funnies

Reward increased to $3,000

Local grocers are adding $2,000 in reward money after robberies in Odessa, Raytown and Kansas City, which may be linked. 

Read more in Raytown Online by clicking HERE.

When you add this to the TIPS standard reward it makes a total of $3,000. 
The TIPS Hotline is 816-474-TIPS (474-8477).

Nathan Eaton Missouri State Representative 48th District Constitution Party Candidate

On February 23rd, Nathan Eaton officially filed for candidacy as Missouri State Representative for the 48th District in 2010. Frustrated with the current political climate that promotes parties over people, and in the spirit of true federalism, he is acting on his desire to make a difference.

Nathan lives in Lee’s Summit with his wife Amanda and their two children, Rowan and Riley.  They are expecting their third child in August. His decision to run for office is based on his desire to preserve the rights and liberties of his children and those of present and future generations of Missourians. He was drawn to study our nation’s history, constitution, and the writings of the founding fathers. This study enabled him to view current policies through the lens of the constitution and the framer’s thinking. Ultimately, his effort led him to the Constitution Party and its platform predicated on the principles of the Declaration and the Constitution. Both state and national government exist primarily to protect the unalienable rights of the people. 

History tells us that the states created and granted limited and specific powers to the national government. Nathan believes that freedom exists only when ultimate power rests in the hands of the people. These are difficult times. Jobs have been outsourced and many Missourians are out of work. This is not the time for citizens of our state to stand silent and subservient to increased taxes and an overbearing federal government which has created many of our problems.

Politicians tend to be shortsighted. They typically concentrate on short-term solutions, while they endeavor to secure their re-election. Nathan believes that the key to our state and nation’s success lies in seeking long term, constitutional solutions that benefit citizens, not special interests.

With an unbridled love for liberty, Nathan brings a staunch commitment to serve the people of his district and to protect their God-given rights. He is a proud free-market proponent, committed to stimulating entrepreneurship and employment by protecting businesses from costly government restrictions. The American spirit of ingenuity and compassion has made our country great. Those same principles can lead us to prosperity again. Nathan is dedicated to this cause, and with your help, and the help of the citizens in the 48th District, he will succeed.

Gavin Fletchall Missouri State Representative 48th District Democratic Party Candidate

Gary Cross Missouri State Representative 48th District Republican Party Candidate


Buckle Up to Avoid a Ticket and Arrive Alive

Raytown, MO- Nearly one in four Missouri motorists fail to regularly wear their seat belt in a motor vehicle. Only 76 percent of Missourians buckle up regularly, eight percent less than the national average of 84 percent.

Raytown Police announced today that they are joining with law enforcement November 18th, 2010 for an aggressive “Click It or Ticket” mobilization to crack down on Missouri’s safety belt law violators and to reduce highway fatalities.

Failure to wear a seat belt can be deadly. In 2008 there were 489 people killed in traffic crashes when not wearing a seat belt.  Seven out of ten Missourians killed in traffic crashes are unbuckled.

            Every day someone dies in a crash in Missouri because they weren’t buckled up according to the Highway Safety Division.  The Raytown Police will be out there to remind you seat belts can and do save lives every day.

For information on Missouri seatbelt usage, visit www. saveMOlives.com

Clark’s Appliances and Smith Bros. Hardware & Plumbing

Two Raytown businesses were featured in the Kansas City Star’s article “Small shops endure for decades amid battles with the giants” in the Tuesday business section.  The Star devoted about 1/2 the article to Raytown’s stores. 

On a personal note, I use to drive from the Plaza area to shop at Smith Brothers often 25 years ago, before I moved to Raytown.  I am not saying it is why I chose Raytown to buy my first home, but it helped.


Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2010/10/25/2352595/small-shops-endure-for-decades.html#ixzz13U2SfAQG

Proposition A

What is Prop A?

If Proposition A is passed…

1. No other cities besides the two that now have an earnings tax will be allowed to have earnings taxes.
2. The two (KC and St. Louis) will have to put their tax up to voter approval every 5 years.

Analysis and Opinion …

1. It will pass
2. The earnings tax will probably be renewed in Kansas City, but will face a much tougher fight in St. Louis. The main money source in the effort to pass Prop A comes from a St. Louis Billionaire and he will probably focus his efforts in the second election only on his own back yard.

A yes vote makes sense if you work in Kansas City and do not feel you are getting your moneys worth by using their services.

A no vote makes sense to not put at risk Raytown’s neighbor on 3 sides. The quality of Kansas City’s  streets and police directly effect out lives. Criminals do not seem to respect city limit signs

Police Blotter for the week ending 10/29/2010

Blotter for 10/25/2010

Blotter for 10/26/2010

Blotter for 10/27/2010

Blotter for 10/28/2010

Blotter for 10/29/2010

Board of Aldermen 10/19/2010 Public Comment 1


Businessman and motorcycle legend Don Plesser addresses the codes problems around his business at 250 Highway and Woodson.

Raytown Online visited the area and will have an update on this subject.

The hill (click on the picture for a very large view)

The weeds (click on the picture for a very large view)

The cars (click on the picture for a very large view)

A satellite view of the area

Don Plesser in an on-site video of some of the problems.

What should be done about Willow Ave



Willow was again the subject of a lot of public comment at the last Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting. This topic has been covered with hours of discussion. The poll on this subject is on the front page again. It was moved in response to the continuing interest in this problem.




Willow was on the minds of many residents who willingly gave a piece of their minds to the Raytown Board of Aldermen again this Tuesday. More on this when the video gets processed.

Sunday Funnies

Federal judge stays Roderick Nunley’s execution

U.S. District Judge Fernando Gaitan issued a stay order Monday morning.  The Missouri attorney general’s office has ask the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis to vacate the stay order.

For more on this click HERE for the KC Star article.

The  federal appeals court refused to lift the stay of execution for rapist and murderer Roderick Nunley.
For more on this click HERE for the KC Star article.

First-grader kicked out of Raytown school

Raytown School District kicked Scott Swenehart daughter  Vanessa out of school on October 12, claiming they don’t live in Raytown. Swenehart disputes that and has utility bills and property ownership to back his claim.

For more on this story click HERE to read FOX4KC coverage.

Car Wreck injures Girl in front of Raytown HS

A Raytown student’s vehicle  was struck when she pulled out of the parking lot at about 2:30 in the afternoon Monday.

For more on this story click HERE to read the KMBC coverage.

Raytown Man Replaces Student’s Stolen Tools

University of Missouri-Kansas City student  James Crump  had his tools stolen from his car after helping with the Christmas in October program.  Retired Raytown painter Joe Boiteaux  heard Crump’s story and decided to help by donating his tools to Crump.

For more on this story click HEREto goto the  KCTV5  coverage,

More intellectually disabled youths go to college

Raytown resident Joyce Downing was mentioned in a flurry of print and online news stories about THRIVE – a college program for disabled youths she help start at UCM in Warrensburg.  Click HERE  to read the Associated Press article that triggered the cascade of news stories.   To get an idea of how widely the story is being covered click HERE to do a Google search on the title.

Dr. Downing is the Associate Dean of the College of Education at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg and is married to the editor of Raytown Online.

Police Blotter for the week ending 10/22/2010

Blotter for 10/18/2010

Blotter for 10/19/2010

Blotter for 10/20/2010

Blotter for 10/21/2010

Blotter for 10/22/2010

Sunday Funnies

Raytown Community Spirit Weekend kicks off

Raytown Community Spirit Weekend kicks off with the official opening of the new 63rd St Bridge,

America Cash Advance robbed

Two armed men robbed the cash advance store while a driver waited in the get away car.  No one was injured.

For more on this story click HERE to see the KMBC coverage.

Raytown School District will install security cameras

A Federal grant will pay for Raytown School District installing 500 security cameras.

For more on the story, click HERE to goto a FOX 4 news report.

Board of Aldermen agenda for 10/19/2010

Click here for the agenda

Raytown Community Spirit Weekend

The 63rd Street Bridge gets its official opening at 5:30 PM on the 15th of October, followed by at chile dinner at 6:00 and the Raytown vs Raytown South football game at 7:00.

On the 16th the spirit begins with the The 5K Historic Trail Run for Excellence at 8:00 am and finishes with Rugrats Arena on the Greenspace  at 11:00 am to 3:00 pm