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Armed Robbery at Check Into Cash

Raytown Police Dept.



Subject:            Raytown Robbery

Date:                12/28/2010

On 12/28/2010 at 8:27 AM Raytown Officers were dispatched to an alarm at Check Into Cash in the 6100 block of Raytown Trafficway.  Upon their arrival it was learned that a robbery had occurred and the suspect, armed with a handgun, had fled on foot from the rear of the business.  The suspect was seen by a Raytown officer as the suspect walked from the rear of the business complex and into the parking lot.  The officer followed the suspect in his patrol car onto Arlington where the suspect began to run from the officer.  The suspect ran west across Arlington in the 6100 block in front of the officer.  As the suspect ran in front of the officer’s car, the suspect fired two shots at the

officer.  The officer, who was still in his patrol car, was not hit by the rounds.  The suspect fled north and west through the neighboring yards.  The suspect ran back south to the driveway of a residence in the 6100 block of Arlington where he attempted to hide in the bed of a pickup truck that was parked in the driveway.  Officers searching the area saw the suspect in the bed of the truck.  The suspect was confronted by the officers and ordered to show his hands.  The suspect refused to obey the officers’ commands and ducked back down in the bed of the truck. The officers then heard a single gunshot.  Upon approaching the truck it was discovered that the suspect suffered from a self inflicted gunshot wound.  Raytown Emergency Medical Services was called to the scene and the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.  No one else was injured.  The suspect was identified as Te’Ardan Keith Andrew Hill, a 22 year black male.

Raytown Board of Adermen 12/21/2010 Sav-A-Lot tax break discussion

The discussion of a Tax Break for a Sav-A-Lot store. The whole presentation lasted over 2 hours. This is the last 30 minutes and starts when the Mayor opens the floor to public discussion. Dr. Allan Markley, Raytown C-2 School District’s Superintendent of Schools starts off the public comments.

This deal may not happen due to the Sav-A-Lot not committing to enough new jobs and a long enough guaranteed time span to justify what they are asking for.

This video is the first created with Raytown Online’s upgraded YouTube account. At first five minutes was the account limitation, then fifteen minutes, now we are actually not sure what the limit is. This means subjects will be broken into parts based on content, and not time restrictions in the future.

Police Blotter for the week ending 12/31/2010

Blotter for 12/27/2010

Blotter for 12/28/2010

Blotter for 12/29/2010

Blotter for 12/30/2010

Details from cases on last weeks Police Blotter

12/20/10 at approximately 7:00 PM a 27 year old black male was walking in the 6100 block of Blue Ridge Boulevard. He was approached by several males in a green van.  A passenger in the van rolled down a window and asked the victim where he was from.  The suspect then displayed what the victim described as a shotgun with a pistol grip.  The suspect cocked the shotgun and the victim ran away.  There were no shots fired and no injuries.

12/20/10 at approximately 8:15 PM a 56 year old female was sitting in her car in the 5800 block of Hunter Court.  She was approached by two males, one of which was armed with a long gun.  The male with the gun ordered the victim out of her car.  He told her to leave her keys, purse and cell phone.  The victim exited her car and both suspects got into her car and drove away east on 59th Street.  No shots were fired and the victim was not injured.  On 12/21/10 at about 2:00 AM the stolen vehicle was stopped by Kansas City Police Officers and two suspects were arrested.  Jesus M. Porras, a 17 year old white male, and Ruben A. Vazquez, a 17 year old white male, were charged with 1st Degree Robbery and held without bond.

12/20/10 about 11:00 PM Raytown Officers responded to 74th Terrace and Ash on a report of a person struck by a vehicle.  A 21 year old black male was lying in the roadway.  He reportedly may have been struck by a vehicle driven by a 19 year old female.  The male was transported by ambulance to an area hospital with non-life threatening injury.  No arrests were made and no charges have been filed.  The incident is under investigation.

12/24/10 about 6:30 PM a black male, 5’-10” with a slender build wearing a large black coat entered the Radio Shack in the 9000 block of 350 Highway.  The suspect displayed a black handgun and demanded cash from the register.  There were two employees inside the store.  One employee handed the suspect an undisclosed amount of cash.  The suspect left on foot in an unknown direction.  There were no shots fired and no injuries.

12-26-10 just before midnight a 33 year old female and her 32 year old boyfriend were making a night deposit at the Blue Ridge Bank and Trust in the 6200 Block of Raytown Trafficway.  An unknown black male rushed the boyfriend and knocked him backwards and took the deposit.  The suspect ran north through the parking lot.  The suspect was described as 6’-1” with a muscular build wearing dark clothing.  Neither victim was injured.

Raytown’s Legislative Agenda for 2011

The most interesting piece is the tri-fold that the city staff has prepared that outlines the specifics of Raytown’s want list from State government. 

Click HERE to view page  1

Click HERE to view page  2

I find the remarks on the department of Motor Vehicles Franchise by Alderman  Aziere and Alderman Van Buskirk’s response very interesting. 


Request for Board Action

Date: December 15, 2010 Resolution No. R-2337-10

To: Mayor and Board of Aldermen

From: Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator

Department Head Approval:

Finance Director Approval:

City Administrator Approval:

Action Requested: Approve the Resolution adopting the 2011 Legislative Program for the City of Raytown, Missouri.

Recommendation: Adopt Resolution.

Analysis: The City needs to communicate to elected and appointed officials at all levels of government the position of the Board of Aldermen on the legislative priorities of the community. The Legislative Program represents a brief overview of those concerns. It is incumbent on all city officials to be able to articulate those needs with a unified and consistent message. This document serves as a template for that unified voice.

Alternatives: Modify, adopt or not adopt.

Sponsor(s): Legislative Committee.






WHEREAS, on January 5, 2011, the 2011 legislative session of the 96th Missouri General Assembly will convene; and

WHEREAS, during this session, the Missouri General Assembly will discuss and decide many significant issues that directly impact the citizens of the City of Raytown, their local government, and their quality of life; and

WHEREAS, the Legislative Committee of the Raytown Board of Aldermen developed and recommended to the Board of Aldermen the adoption of the 2011 State Legislative Program to provide guidance to the members, representatives, and advocates of our community in the legislative process.



THAT the attached 2011 State Legislative Program of the City of Raytown, as recommended by the Legislative Committee, is hereby approved and adopted.

FURTHER THAT the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen for the City of Raytown hereby direct Staff to distribute and communicate the approved 2011 State LegislativeProgram to the local representatives of the Missouri General Assembly.

PASSED AND ADOPTED by the Board of Aldermen and APPROVED by the Mayor of the City of Raytown, Missouri, the 21st day of December, 2010.


David W. Bower, Mayor



Teresa M. Henry, City Clerk

Approved as to Form:


George Kapke, City Attorney 


The Sunday Funnies

Apple Market robbers caught

Javon Turner, Jeremiah Kraushaar, and Finis Richardson are believed to have committed 6 grocery store robberies in part of the state since September. The police watched them case the Apple Market at Emanuel Cleaver Blvd. and Forest Avenue for two days.  True to their previous MO, the “alleged” robbers prepared to strike on early Sunday morning. Police stopped the suspects car, then chased them down in short time as the suspects tried to flee. Guns and zip ties (used to tie up their victims) were found at the scene and a map with area Apple Markets circled was found in one of the suspects hotel room.

For more on this click HERE to read the Pitch article, or click HEREto read KMBC’s story on this subject.

To read the previous Raytown Online article about the robbery of the Raytown Apple Market click HERE.

UPDATE Kansas City Infozine seems to have the most details on this story, so click HERE to read that version.

Teachers and Principal spend a cold night on the school roof

The teachers and principal of Spring Valley Elementary spent the night on the roof of the school.

They agreed to do this if students hit their goal collecting food for REAP (Raytown Emergency Assistance Program).

For more on this and video click HERE for Fox4KC coverage of this.

Congressman Cleaver announces $1.8 million to study regional commuter rail transit corridors

 The item of interest to Raytown is #2 –  a Rock Island alignment

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II is pleased to announce that the U.S. Department of Transportation has awarded the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) a $1.8 million grant to study options for a combined commuter transit network in Jackson County and urban streetcar in downtown Kansas City.

“It was my pleasure to help secure these funds to further commuter rail in Jackson County. These federal dollars will help refine and advance plans that will someday help our residents move across the region in a more efficient, equitable and environmentally friendly way. I believe this is an excellent indication that the U.S. Department of Transportation and my friend Secretary Ray LaHood are interested in investing in Kansas City’s commuter rail transportation proposal,” said Congressman Cleaver.

The study — called an “alternatives analysis” — will help local officials select preferred service options based on the benefits, costs and impacts of investments that could address transportation needs in the following corridors:

1)     an I-70 commuter alignment heading east from Union Station, running in a shared corridor, to approximately the I-70/I-435 interchange, where it then runs east along I-70 through the cities of Independence, Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Oak Grove and Odessa.

2)     a Rock Island alignment southeast of downtown, generally along Missouri Route 350, and specifically along the former Rock Island railroad right of way (not currently in service) through the communities of Raytown, Lee’s Summit, Greenwood and Pleasant Hill.

3)     a downtown Kansas City, Mo., circulator system connecting Crown Center and Union Station with the Crossroads District, downtown Kansas City, and the River Market area — representing the region’s most travelled and densely populated corridor.

Click HERE to read a Kansas City Star article on this topic.

Police Blotter for the week ending 12/24/2010

Blotter for 12/20/2010

Blotter for 12/21/2010

Blotter for 12/22/2010

Blotter for 12/23/2010

Board of Aldermen agenda for 12/21/2010

Click here for the agenda

Rice-Tremonti Victorian Fantasy Photos

You can click on an image to see a 1024 x 768 version. The originals are available in 4000 x 3000 resolution by request only.

The Sunday Funnies

Raytown woman gets probation

A Raytown woman was sentenced to 3 years probation for felony charges of non-support. For more on this story click HERE to read the News-PressNow.com story.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:
I live in Raytown but do a lot of business in Liberty. I’m a member of the Liberty Small Business Network and Liberty Sertoma Club. I recently heard Liberty’s mayor speak about the future of Liberty and visited Liberty’s community center. After hearing Mayor Greg Canuteson speak, he made me want to move to Liberty. I don’t understand how Liberty has managed to score major retail development and jobs when they have the same population base, same income base and demographic. The one difference I see with Mayor Canuteson is that he had a 3-year plan for bringing jobs to Liberty and executed that plan.

Contrast that with Raytown where I’ve never heard the Mayor’s vision or plan for bring development and jobs to Raytown. Does Raytown have a future? I would like to hear it before moving to Liberty. — Leilani Haywood

P.S. If I ever became an alderman in Raytown I would push for a community center.

Weather Alert

Freezing drizzle later today. No significant accumulation but be aware of potential for slick spots.

Filings for Raytown City Elections


April 5, 2011 Municipal Election

Mayor – 4 year term expiring April 2015

David Bower

Bill Van Buskirk

City Collector – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Kathie Schutte

Alderman Ward I – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Joe Creamer

Alderman Ward II – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Robbie Tubbs

John Jacob

Jim Aziere

Alderman Ward III – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Duane Basham

Alderman Ward IV – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Pat Ertz

 Alderman Ward V – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Michael Lightfoot

Letter to the Editor

Over the last 3 1/2 years I have had the opportunity to serve the citizens of Raytown. I often tell people that this has been the greatest civics lesson I could have ever had. during that time I have had the great opportunity to meet many people from many lifestyles. I have made new friends and had the opportunity to strengthen relationships with friends I already had.
I believe that during the time I have been on the board I have been able to work with citizens, fellow board members as well as staff. Through the hard efforts of many we are beginning to see the fruits of our labor as business begins to turn a new leaf in our community. Though these are tough times, I do not believe we should be satisfied with where we are at, we need to keep moving forward.
I thank you for the opportunity for the last few years to serve and look forward to the opportunity to continue serving the people of Raytown.
                                                                                 Alderman Joe Creamer

Volleyball at Raytown Parks

The Raytown Parks and Recreation Dept. (5912 Lane, 358-4100)  will be offering adult coed volleyball on Tuesday nights at Laurel Hills Elementary (55th & Lane).  The league will run for 10 weeks and will cost $180 per team.  Games will consist of 3 matches per night, there will be prizes for first and second place, as well as a single elimination tournament at the end of the season. 

The start of the winter volleyball season will be January 11, and teams must be registered by January 6th.  This is a great recreational level league for adults looking for a fun, but not too competitive, activity. 

For more information about the upcoming volleyball league, call the Raytown Park Office at 358-4100.

Police Blotter for the week ending 12/17/2010

Blotter for 12/13/2010

12/11/10 at about 6:30 PM a pizza delivery driver went to the 7800 block of 86th Street to deliver a pizza.  He was met at the front of the residence by a black male.  The driver asked if he had ordered a pizza.  The black male said that he needed to get his money and ran to the rear of the residence.  Another black male came from the side of the residence armed with a long gun.  He held the driver at gunpoint while another unknown suspect went through the driver’s pockets from the rear, taking cash and the pizza.  The suspect told the victim to leave and the victim drove away in his vehicle.  There were no injuries and no shots fired.  During the investigation the residence was found to be unoccupied.

Blotter for 12/14/2010

Blotter for 12/15/2010

Blotter for 12/16/2010

Blotter for 12/17/2010

Political Policies of Raytown Online

Raytown Online strives to be a non-partisan publication. Candidates pictures, bios, and positions will be published regardless of party. As editor I do reserve the right to clarify and or examine  any ‘facts’ cited in any press release or literature, as I just did with Robbie Tubbs’ press release.

The facts about the 2009 property tax rate change

The following is from the alderman information packet for the August special meeting described in candidate Robbie Tubb’s press release.

Click HERE to  see the full packet.

The bottom line is that when home values rise, the Hancock Amendment requires cities to lower the tax rate so that the tax amount remains the same. The Hancock Amendment also allows cities to increase the rate when home values fall, so that the tax amount remains the same.

We had an increase in the tax rate, but not an increase in actual taxes.


Date: August 05, 2009
To: Finance Committee
From: Jeremy Willmoth, Finance Director
Re: Projected Tax levy

In accordance with State Statute 67.110, the City must establish a property tax levy no later than September 1, 2009.

The way property taxes work, based on the Hancock Amendment is that no city can increase itsrevenue based upon increases in valuations above the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or 5% which ever is lower. Additionally, no city can loose revenue based upon drops in value up to its maximized authorized levy, which for the City of Raytown is $1.00. Because our levy has been rolled back as the property values have increased, then we are allowed to increase our levy as
the property values decrease so long as we do not increase the amount of revenue collected beyond the Hancock limitations.

Based upon the assessed valuation figures provided by Jackson County, the City of Raytown has lost 12.87% of its assessed value from 2008. This reduction is only based upon preliminary Assessed values. We will not know the true assessed value for the City until late September or early October. Based upon current State law, we must set our levy based upon the projected assessed value, keeping in mind the actual value may be less and will more than likely actually reduce the amount of revenue we can collect in 2009.

Given this reduction, the projected tax levy for the General Fund is $0.3668 and for the Park Fund is $0.1832 for a total of $0.5500. The 2008 levy rates were $0.3189 for the General Fund and $0.1593 for the Park Fund for a total of $0.4782. While this is an increase of $0.07180, please keep in mind that values have dropped.

For purposes of this analysis we are only focused on the City’s General Fund and not the Park Fund. Our 2008 calculation of the General Fund was as follows:
Our adjusted Assessed Valuation was $347,794,460 and our property tax revenue
allowed was $1,109,117 which made our levy $0.3189 for the General Fund.

Our 2009 projected calculation of the General Fund is as follows:

Our preliminary adjusted Assessed Valuation is $303,030,923 and our property tax
revenue allowed is $1,111,517 which made our levy $0.3668 for the General Fund.

The increase in revenue from 2008 to 2009 for the General Fund is $2,400 or 0.022%, which covers the inflationary factor of the CPI.

Here is an example to illustrate the impact of this change:

Assuming a home was valued at $120,000 in 2008, they would have paid $72.71 in General Fund City taxes. If that same home’s value had dropped 12.87% in 2009 it would pay $72.87 in General Fund City taxes. If that home’s value had stayed the same, the home owner would pay $83.63 in General Fund City taxes for 2009. This would be a $10.92 or 15.02% increase. The likelihood of a homeowner’s value not dropping based upon the information provided by the County is very small.

The City may elect to voluntarily roll its levy back but if the City does that, we would not be able to bring in the same amount of revenue as we did in 2008 and we could lose up to $142,751 based upon how severe we roll the levy back.

Please keep in mind that all of the figures presented are solely for the purposes of establishing a projected tax levy and all of them are subject to change once the actual certified assessed valuation is established by the Clerk of Jackson County sometime in late September or early October – but after the levy must be set which means we cannot wait.

Robbie Tubbs Files for Alderman in Ward 2

Robbie Tubbs announced her candidacy for the Ward 2 Alderman seat on the Raytown Board of Aldermen today.

Ms. Tubbs is a 12 year resident of Raytown. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and is the Office Manager of Mobile Hydraulic Equipment Company, located in North Kansas City, Missouri. Ms. Tubbs is a member of St. Bernadette’s Church.

“Our property taxes keep going up, and our property values keep going down,” said Ms. Tubbs. “When my opponent in this race voted to raise our property taxes after the County had devalued our property . . . well, let’s just say it was then that I began to seriously consider running for Alderman of Ward 2,” continued Tubbs.

On August 28th of 2009 at a Special Friday Night Session of the Raytown Board of Aldermen the City Council voted to increase property taxes by 13%. The new rate set an unprecedented high water mark for Raytown Property Taxes.

“I was disappointed that my Alderman did not stand up for the people of Raytown,” said Tubbs.

When I talk with residents in Ward 2, the issues of taxes, code enforcement, a rising crime rate and the lack of city services are a common theme.

An article in the Kansas City Star placed Raytown’s sales tax as the second highest in the metropolitan area. Tubbs sees the increases in the sales tax as tied directly to tax incentives the city has handed out to large corporate concerns in Raytown.

“If you check your sales receipt at Walmart you will find Raytown’s sales tax leading the KC area at 9.1%,” said Tubbs.

Ms. Tubbs says she is happy to see new businesses coming to Raytown. But she believes it is not the local homeowner’s job to underwrite these new businesses with increased taxes.

When asked to sum up her candidacy Ms. Tubbs said, “I just want the people of Ward 2 to know that if they elect me as Alderman, I will not forget that my first responsibility is to them, not an out-of-town commercial developer.”

Ms. Tubbs is a long time observer of the politics of Raytown City Hall. This is her first attempt to run for public office.

The Sunday Funnies

Block and the 350 Highway development round 2

Changes in response to Mayor Bower’s and Alderman Ertz’s concerns are evident one meeting later. No one goes to the woodshed this time.

part 1

part 2

part 3

Proposed changes in fees for the city

The staff and aldermen discuse the staff’s proposal to unify the ordinance where fees occur and update some of the. Update mean raise some of the since some have not changed since the 70s.