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Police Blotter for the week ending 2/4/2011

Blotter for 1/31/2011

Blotter for 2/1/2011

Blotter for 2/2/2011

Blotter for 2/3/2011

Blotter for 2/4/2011


Strong arm robbery that occurred in the parking lot of CVS Pharmacy in the 9000 block of 350 highway.

On 02/17/11 at about 8:10 A.M. a 55 year old female was approached by a male suspect and an unknown gender suspect, both dressed in dark clothing.  The suspects pushed the victim to the ground and took her purse. The suspects left the scene, possibly in a silver car. The victim was not injured.


On 01/27/11 at about 9:20 PM a male suspect entered the Blockbuster Store, located in the 9000 block of 350 Highway.

The suspect was dressed in dark clothing and wore a black ski mask covering his face. The suspect approached a male employee behind the counter with his hand down the front of his pants, as though he had a weapon in his waistband.

The suspect demanded the money from the register. The employee gave the suspect the money from the register and the suspect fled on foot through the emergency entrance on the south side of the business. A weapon was not displayed, there were no shots fired and there were no injuries.


01/29/11 around 8:00 PM officers were dispatched to Discount Smokes, in the 6200 block of Blue Ridge Blvd on a reported disturbance.

Upon arrival officers contacted a 34 year old male who said that a smaller male had approached him and began yelling at him. The smaller male tried to assault the victim, but the victim grabbed his arms. A second suspect tried to restrain the first suspect and then allegedly pulled a handgun and pointed it at the victim. Both suspects then drove away in a blue or green Ford or Mercury. There were no shots fired and no one was injured.

Burglary Suspects Caught

On 02/01/2011 at approximately 9:45 AM Raytown officers responded to a report of a burglary in progress in the 6500 block of Hardy. A neighbor had called the police and said that she saw a strange car in her neighbor’s driveway. The neighbor also saw several people walking out of her neighbor’s garage carrying what appeared to be guns. The people got into a dark grey or blue vehicle with no license plates and left south on Hardy. A Raytown officer in route to the call observed a blue Lexus with no license plates and containing several occupants. This information was relayed by radio to other Raytown officers who contacted the Lexus at 69th Street and Raytown Road. The officers conducted a car stop on the vehicle and contacted the occupants. As a result of that contact the driver and owner of the vehicle gave the officers consent to look in the car. The officers located several guns and some assorted jewelry in the trunk of the car. Other officers had arrived at the scene on Hardy and determined that a burglary had occurred. The owner of that residence was contacted and told the officers that several of his guns had been taken. The owner was brought to the scene of the car stop where he identified some of the guns as those taken from his residence. The occupants of the car, one female and five males, were arrested and brought to Raytown Police Headquarters where they are being held pending further investigation. These suspects may be involved in other burglaries under investigation. Names are not being released pending the filing of formal charges. A total of eleven firearms and assorted jewelry was recovered. The Raytown Police Department is grateful for the alertness and conscientiousness of the neighbor that called the police.

Pat Ertz press release

Pat Ertz recently announced his candidacy for reelection for City of Raytown Ward 4 Alderman. Ertz, a Raytown resident for the last 22 years, and homeowner for 16 years, seeks to continue the economic development that has already begun. Since elected to his first term in2007, Mr. Ertz’s qualifications include:

· Mayor Pro Tem 2009-2010

· Finance Committee Member

· Legislative Committee Member

· Board Liaison, Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Commission

· Board Liaison, Citizens Sales Tax Review Committee

· Board Liaison, Raytown Quality School District

· Recycling Committee Member

· Member of Summer Lunch Outreach Program (a Raytown Christian Church Project)

· Raytown Area Chamber of Commerce:

o Board Secretary 2009

o Treasurer 2010

o Chair Elect 2011

Mr. Ertz is currently employed by Jackson County Public Water Supply District #2, and for 33 years worked for Hy-Vee Food Stores, Inc.

Join Pat Ertz in working for a revitalized and progressive Raytown.

The following is Mr. Ertz response to a question from the Raytown Times.

The three things I would like to accomplished? To limit it to three is hard, so I will say..

1. Continued economic development, the more sales tax revenue the city can receive because our citizens are shopping here in town the better off the city will be. I have heard repeatedly that people will shop here if we can give them the types of stores they want.

2. Safe streets neighborhoods, more work still needs to be done, and we will need everyone’s help to do this.

3. Increase property values by keeping up with infrastructure improvements and code enforcement.

I can elaborate more if you like, let me know. I also like that we have been able to keep the budget balanced in these tough times and will continue to do so.

Thanks Pat Ertz

Weather Alerts

Winter weather will arrive Monday and last through Wednesday. Be prepared for cold temps, heavy snow and gusty winds.

Letter to the Editor

This past Monday, January 24th, I attended the Raytown School Board meeting and publicly thanked the School Board members who spoke up against the Center 63 Project. I asked that this not be a one time event and to also start speaking up against tax give aways in Kansas City , MO that impact the district. My message was well accepted by those in attendance, who as school teachers are directly impacted by these tax give aways. As I have had time to reflect upon those brief comments I realize so much more should have been said like:

I want to thank those School Board members who attended the Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting on January 4 for stepping up and speaking out against the ongoing and ever increasing tax give aways the Board of Aldermen have been dishing out. Call these tax breaks whatever you want, but when they take money from our schools, parks and other entities that rely on tax dollars they hurt our community and destroy the faith in our elected officials to put the community as a whole first.

I hope this was not a one time attempt to wake up the Raytown Board of Aldermen, but this board’s announcement that enough is enough and the line has been drawn in the sand that regardless if it is Raytown or Kansas City this School Board will no longer sit quietly and allow tax dollars to be diverted from our schools.

As I have said, I want to thank this School Board for stepping up, but I must question the timing and why this same board did not speak up against the Brywood Shopping Center Project in Kansas City that diverted more taxes from the Raytown School District than the Center 63 Project in Raytown . Further, it is important for us, the members of the general public, to have a clear understanding of exactly how the nearly 26 million dollars given to the Raytown School District by the City of Raytown as part of the Wal-Mart Project has been spent by this School Board.

Yes it is important the budgeting process of this School District or any taxing entity is not negatively impacted by other taxing entities like the City of Raytown. However, each of these other entities including this School Board must maintain due diligence in their effort to spend their funding in a reasonable and responsible manner. It is clear there are many within the community that still question the spending on the artificial turf for the football fields. I find it hard to believe that I am alone in wanting this School Board to focus on the basics that will drive test scores and create a future work force for our state that others will strive to compete with, instead of sports trophies to collect dust in display cabinets.

Therefore it is clear that while this School Board needs to continue to take an active roll in addressing tax breaks it must be done with every entity that impacts this district, including Kansas City. This School Board must also prove their action on January 4 was not a one time objection, and by cleaning up their own over-spending habits and by driving up test scores that will impact every student and not those few that benefit from use of our over expensive football fields.

I thank you for your time and hope that I have touched your hearts to focus on not only speaking up, but setting the example others should live by.

Richard Tush

Beau Groceman passes away (letter to the editor)


It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Beau Groceman, former Public Works Director of the City of Raytown. Beau had been battling cancer for the last year and passed early in the morning on January 30, 2011. The City owes Beau a huge debt of gratitude for bringing our Public Works department light years ahead in his tenure here. From mapping our sewer system, solving equipment failures to setting the stage for solving back-ups, the list goes on and on and his work gained awards for the City.

Aside from his professional accomplishments he was truly a fine man who was loved and respected by all that were blessed to know him. He leaves his beloved wife of 20 years Katy and daughter Phoebe (12) of the home.

Condolences can be sent to:
1816 N E Burgandy Circle
Lees Summit, MO 64086

Sue Frank, former mayor


The Sunday Funnies

Raytown State Rep. Hughes sued by the State

The State of Missouri has decided to sue the 42nd District Legislature, Leonard “Jonas”  Hughes for the $19,090 he owes in Missouri Ethics Commission fines.  Raytown Online previously reported that Hughes was not allowed to take his seat in the Legislature, due to those unpaid fines (see link at the bottom of this article for that story).

Hughes district takes in the upper Northwest corner of Raytown,  approximately 1/12th of the city.  The area is bound by Blue Ridge Blvd. on the West, Raytown Road on the East, the city limits on the North and 59th St. on the South. The political boundaries of Raytown’s portion in the 42nd Legislative District are precincts 12 and 13.

Click HEREfor the previous Raytown Online article on Hughes.

Click HERE for a Kansas City Star article on Hughes.

Droplets from Jackson County Public Water Board #2

By Richard Tush

The Water Board had their first meeting of the year January 12th.  Although most of the meeting was spent on normal house keeping activities, manager, Pat Ertz, brought to the board’s attention that the district had many overlaying service areas with Raytown Water.  This has led to confusion over the years for new residence and others as to which provider services any specific home or business.  It also means both utilities have pipes on the same streets to service their customers, which at the end of the day is an added expense for everyone.   With the approval of the board Mr. Ertz is looking into cost saving opportunities with Raytown Water that would allow the two utilities to at least review options that could eliminate some of the duplicate service areas.

Pipe replacement on 79th St between Arlington and Elm is just about complete.  This section had several pipe failures and the replacement will provide improved service to the area. 

The water district is still in negotiations with the City of Independence, who provides 60% of the water to the district, that will bring both districts to an agreement for a reasonable rate increase for the water purchased from them.  Hopefully within the next few months this issue can finally be put to rest.  In either case, the board along with Mr. Ertz needs to be thanked for not just accepting the requested increase from Independence, but working through the process to save the rate payers additional cost.

 The water board meets at 5:00 PM on the second Wednesday of the month unless otherwise advised.  The next meet is scheduled for February 9th.  Meetings are held at the water district office 6945 Blue Ridge Blvd.

Walters Files for Ward 1 Alderman

Greg Walters has filed for Alderman of Ward 1 in the City of Raytown’s upcoming election scheduled for April 5, 2010.

Walters told the local news media that actions by the Raytown City Council in the last couple of years have raised cause for alarm.

 Mr. Walters stated he is especially concerned with the proliferation of “tax incentives” for corporate businesses. “The unfettered use of so-called “tax incentives” for developers is hurting our community,” said Walters.

 “The collateral damage to our economic infrastructure is witnessed in the failure of small businesses that cannot compete with the large stores that are given an unfair advantage in the marketplace,” he continued.

 “The cost of those unpaid taxes has been shifted to the homeowners. You see this in increased property taxes, you see it when you pay an extra “sales tax” when you shop at a store that has been granted a “tax break”.”

 “I hope to bring a new direction and better cooperation on the Board of Aldermen in providing for the needs of the people of Raytown,” said Walters.

 Mr. Walters closed by saying that he will put the needs of the local homeowner ahead of all others in Raytown. He called on the other candidates running for the Board to make the same pledge.

 Walters is Vice President of Service Printing and Graphics, Inc. He is a lifelong resident of Raytown. He and his wife, Marelise, have raised two children. They are members of Our Lady of Lourdes Church and have been married 33 years.

William E. “Bill” Van Buskirk withdraws from Mayor’s race

William E. “Bill” Van Buskirk has withdrawn from the race for Mayor of Raytown.  The reason given was health issues, but he will serve out his term as Alderman for Ward 4.

Alderman Van Buskirk and his wife Mary at a recent Raytown Democratic Association meeting.

Police Blotter for the week ending 1/28/2011

Blotter for 1/24/2011

Blotter for 1/25/2011

Blotter for 1/26/2011

Blotter for 1/27/2011

Blotter for 1/28/2011

Lowe’s gives Little Blue Elementary $5,000

Lowe’s  Charitable and Educational Foundationawarded Raytown’s Little Blue Elementary School a $5,000 Toolbox for Education grant to build an outdoor classroom.

For more on this story click HERE to read the Examiner.Net story

The Sunday Funnies

Martin Luther King Celebration Service

Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church was the site for Raytown’s celebration of Martin Luther King Day. The theme of the celebration was “Unity with Love — Pass it On!” The celebration was held at 3:00 PM January 16th, one day early.

Mayor David Bower reads a Raytown Proclamation on Martin Luther King Day.

Dr. Janie Pyle introduces the Choir and Jennifer Patterson Directs the Spring Valley Elementary Choir.

Click on any photo to view a larger version (1024 x 768).  Even higher resolution versions are available on request.

The Program Book

(click to open a magnified view)

Board of Aldermen 1/18/2011 Meeting

The Board meeting up to and including item 3 on the agenda

Board of Alderment meeting covering item 4 on the agenda, the conditional use permit for the Residential Care facility at 6112 Manning

Board of Aldermen meeting from item 5 on the agenda till the meeting ended.

Letter to the Editor from Alderman Ertz

I rode in a snow plow with Tony Mesa of Raytown’s public works department. Tony and his crew are doing a great job of keeping our streets clean and safe. I know that all streets cannot be the first to be plowed. His crew takes great pride in what they do and I am thankful for them as I drive to work at 7 am on freshly plowed streets.

A new feature the city now has is a GPS tracking system on the plow vehicles. Tony can now track which streets need to be plowed and which ones are done. The GPS colors a city map of what streets are done at what time and by whom.

I have enclosed some pictures. The 1st is in the plow, the second is Tony driving, the 3rd is the GPS map.

Pat Ertz Ward 4

*editors note: I cropped and magnified picture 3 to make picture 4. Click on any picture to see a larger version.




Raytown Schools closed for snow Thursday

Raytown students will get a snow day for Thursday Jan. 20th.  Raytown is expected to get 4 to 8 inches of snow from Wednesday till Thursday morning.

Missouri PSC Approves Raytown Water Company Rate Increase

Missouri PSC approved a Raytown Water Company rate increase. The Raytown water Company ask for about $470,000 and the PSC approved an increase of about $340,000.  This will mean a household using 6,000 will pay about $4.50 more a month or $54.00 more a year.

Here comes the snow !!

This alert was tweeted on the Raytown Weather Alert around noon yesterday.  So make sure you get what you need for a couple days if you don’t like getting out in the snow.

Flurries today that increase tomorrow afternoon. Snow will continue through Thursday morning. 4 – 6 inches are expected.

No elections for Water and Fire Districts

Raytown Fire District and the Public Water Supply District No. 2 had exactly enough candidates filing to fill the positions open. There will be no election and no cost to these two entities for an election.

Fire Distirct candidate and sure winner is incumbent Robert Palmer.

Water District #2 candidates are incumbent George Yocum and newcomer Richard Tush.

Raytown School Board candidates

The candidates for Raytown School Board are:

Terry Landers
Lee Martin
Jerome Barnes
Eric Teeman
Rick Moore

There was a flurry of last day filings, with Rick Moore missing the title of last minute candidate by 60 seconds. Mr. Moore filed at 4:48 PM on the last day of filing. These candidates will be competing for 3 positions on the Raytown School Board in the April 5 election.

Police Blotter for the week ending 1/21/2011

Blotter for 1/18/2011

Quick Trip was robbed again Sunday morning at about 4:00 AM.

Blotter for 1/19/2011

Blotter for 1/20/2011

Blotter for 1/21/2011

April Election Candidates



April 5, 2011 Municipal Election

Mayor – 4 year term expiring April 2015

David Bower -11701 E. 87th Street, Raytown, MO 64138

Bill Van Buskirk – 7812 Woodson Road, Raytown, MO 64138

Anwar Khan – 5516 Hunter Terrace, Raytown, MO 64133

City Collector – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Kathie Schutte – 11622 E. 85th Street, Raytown, MO 64138

Alderman Ward I – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Joe Creamer – 8808 E. 66th Street, Raytown, MO 64133

Greg Walters – 8958 E. 60th Street, Raytown, MO 64133

Alderman Ward II – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Robbie L. Tubbs – 7405 Willow Avenue, Raytown, MO 64133

John Jacob – 10201 E. 64th Street, Raytown, MO 64133

Jim Aziere – 6521 Englewood, Raytown, MO 64133

Alderman Ward III – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Duane Basham – 6105 Woodson, Raytown, MO 64133

Charlotte Melson – 11413 E. 57th Terrace, Raytown, MO 64133

Alderman Ward IV – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Pat Ertz – 9802 E. 79th Terrace, Raytown, MO 64138

Michelle Williams – 9905 East 82nd Terrace, Raytown, MO 64138

Alderman Ward V – 4 year term expiring April 2015

Michael Lightfoot – 8306 Stark Avenue, Raytown, MO 64138

Major car accident at 63rd and I-435

Two people were injured and one person died in a major car accident at 63rd Street and I-435 a little after noon Sunday.

For more on this story click

HERE for KMBC (best video)

HERE for the Kansas City Star (best details)



The motorist who died in the wreck on 63rd Street has been identified as Tony Long, 45, of Blue Springs. 


For more details click HERE to read a Kansas City Star update.