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Raytown quadruple murderer found guilty

After six days of trial, the jury took only 90 minutes to find Gevante Anderson guilty of murder in the 1st degree.

More on this at Kansas City Star, FOX4, and KMBC

Police Blotter for the week ending 4/1/2011

Blotter for 3/28/2011

Blotter for 3/29/2011

Blotter for 3/30/2011

Blotter for 3/31/2011

Blotter for 4/1/2011

Alderman Creamer’s Property Tax Records

Alderman Joe Creamer has ask that his last 4 years of property tax records be made public to counter alegations that the Raytown Board of Aldermen have raised the amount of property residents of Raytown have to pay.

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Clicking again on the larger image will enlarge it even more.

Letter to the Editor

Fellow Citizens,

I want to pass on some information that members of the Wildwood Lakes Homeowners Association learned at a meeting held on March 11. Candidates for the upcoming Raytown election for mayor and Ward 2 alderman accepted invitations to come to the meeting to tell us why they are qualified to be elected at the polls on April 5.

Following the presentation of each candidate, the audience asked questions of current mayor, David Bower,and his opponent, Anwar Khan. We learned from Mayor Bower that the several new businesses moving to Raytown will not cause a negative impact to Raytown’s tax dollars. In fact, these new businesses will be enhancing sales tax dollars for Raytown. In addition, due to the present administration’s efforts, more than several millions of dollars have been given to the city from federal and state grants for projects such as the Center Gateway at Raytown Road and Gregory, the Woodson street overlay, storm and sanitary sewer projects, etc.

Candidate Anwar Khan came across as a nice, pleasant-natured gentleman, but one who seemed to be misinformed about what is going on in Raytown. He made unsupported negative statements and offered nothing at all about how he was going to make Raytown continue to grow. I understand that public records reflect that Mr. Khan has no record for having voted in Raytown elections, despite the fact that he has lived here for more than 30 years. Mr. Khan is supported by two major organizations wanting to see him in the driver’s seat as our city’s mayor. I invite you to conduct an Internet web search of www.ak4raytown.com and see for yourself.

Following the candidates departure from the meeting, members in attendance were100% in favor of David Bower being returned to office and were amazed that Mr. Khan wishes to become our next mayor with so little to offer. In fact the members found it difficult to understand what Mr. Khan was trying to say due to his heavy accent and were puzzled with the statements he made that, when asked, he could not verify.

I truly feel that most Raytown Citizens think David Bower is a shoo-in to be re-elected to another term as mayor and don’t think it is necessary to go to the polls to vote on April 5. This election in not expected to draw more than 18 to 20% to the polls due to voter apathy. BIG PROBLEM!!!!! If you do not go to the polls and vote Bower back into office, we could face a devastating upset because Mr. Khan will have his supporters out in force.This is my town and I want to see Raytown continue to move forward, not backward. PLEASE GO TO THE POLLS ON APRIL 5.

Wittv Wittman

Public Notice-Minor-Smith Park Closed for Construction

Public Notice
Minor-Smith Park, located at 81st Street and Ash Street in Raytown, Missouri will be closed to the public April 4-June 30 for bridge construction.

The 35 year old wooden bridge at Minor-Smith Park is being replaced with a precast concrete bridge. The project is partially funded with proceeds from the 1/8 cent park sales tax renewed by voters in August, 2010. We apologize for any inconvenience the park closing may cause.

If you have a comment, concern or question, please call the Raytown Parks and Recreation Department at 816-358-4100.

Raytown High teaches life skills for students with disabilities

Channel 41 did a very nice story on Raytown High School’s program to teach life skills to students with learning disabilities.  Click HERE for that story.

Letter to the Editor by Kendra Albert

Ward 1 residents,


I am writing this letter regarding the importance of the election on April 5. Our Ward has a lot of new residents since our last election and many of these people have pets. For those of you who are new to Raytown please let me fill you in on the history of Greg Walters who is running against our current Alderman Joe Creamer. Mr Walters proposed a breed specific ban a few years back. His proposal was to ban 9 different breeds of dogs including Rottweillers, German Sheperds and Pitbulls just to name a few. Raytown residents united in support of our dogs and the right to own any breed we choose. After several months the board decided to go with a Dangerous Dog Ordinance which has been proven to be very effective. Mr Walters still denies he was the ring leader of this proposed ban even though many, many people can confirm it and have handouts from the City Council meetings to back it up.


Recently Mr Walters was confronted after advertising a local animal Outreach group on his site. When confronted he adamantly denied he proposed BSL and claimed he had been advertising this group on his site for 2 years. We responded to him that we had the paperwork to back up everything he had proposed and we were also at every single city council meeting and saw him in action. We also informed him he couldn’t possibly have been advertising this group for 2 years as the group was formed 1 year ago. We insisted our name be removed from his site immediately because we help ALL dogs in need regardless of breed and would never endorse a candidate who supported breed specific legislation. At that point we never heard from Mr. Walters again.


I want to make sure every single voter in Ward 1 knows Mr. Walters history and casts their vote knowing they have made an educated decision as to who will be our Alderman. As a dog lover it is extremely important to me that I vote for pet friendly candidates who will keep Raytown a city where any dog is welcome regardless of it’s breed.


I have debated on whether or not to sign my name to this letter but quite honestly I fear Mr. Walters would stop at nothing to try and retaliate for my informing the voters of his history. I find it very sad that residents have to anonymously speak for fear Mr.Walters will do something out of nothing more than spite and revenge. I intend to vote for Mr. Creamer who is extremely animal friendly but also works tirelessly to better this city that I grew up in and love. Please consider the progress we have seen in Raytown since Mr Creamer took office and let’s keep Raytown moving in the right direction.


Kendra Albert
Ward 1 resident
*Note one sentence from this letter was deleted with the author’s permission. It was a comment on Mr. Walters character that did not directly address a political topic.

Mayor David Bower’s dissertation to the Raytown Chamber

The Raytown Chamber ask both candidates to submit a 1,000 word dissertation to the business community on the reasons they felt they were the best candidate to be the Mayor of Raytown for the next four years.

Ms. Vicki Turnbow


Raytown Area Chamber of Commerce

I am very proud of the progress we have made this past four years and I thank you for the opportunity to elaborate upon what I believe are my qualifications to be re-elected as Mayor of the City of Raytown.

Today this City is represented regionally in a manner never before experienced. We are active participants on the various regional committees and boards and I am proud to represent our city on the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) Board, Regional Transit Committee, the Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC) Board, and the Missouri Municipal League (MML) Economic Development Committee. And the possibility to expand our presence, even further, is being realized.

In 2010, this city benefited from the offered Federal stimulus programs and other state and regional awards that, due to the diligence of our administrative team, brought us over $1.267 million dollars in grant money for projects such as: the Center Gateway (at Raytown Road & Gregory), the Woodson Overlay Project, and the addition of sidewalks along Blue Ridge Cutoff

In addition, there were over $4.5 million dollars of roadway and street maintenance projects, storm and sanitary sewer projects. All totaled, our city benefited from over $5.8 million additional dollars of infrastructure projects in just one year. And, already forecasted for the next two years is another $1.355 million in grant money for infrastructure projects.

Each of these projects helped us to build on our community’s reputation for being environmentally sustainable and a healthy place to live, which is very important in attracting new families and businesses to Raytown.

The city is fiscally responsible and through the efforts of many we have made difficult decisions and managed the city’s budget in response to the forecasted declining revenues. The past two years we have responded to the economic downtown by reducing our budget by almost 8% without dramatically affecting the programs available to our citizens. And, we still take pride in providing the basic services Raytown has grown accustomed to receive while we have stayed ‘lean and mean’.

As your Mayor this past four years, I am proud to bring the experienced leadership, and demonstrated professionalism, which will be required as soon the governing body and administrative staff will begin working on the 2012 budget. I know this will be another difficult discussion as we continue to address growing demands for services with reduced revenues but I am confident in the abilities of this Administration and the governing body, to do what is best for the community and continue to provide the best value possible. This is not a time to change the direction of this City.

Regarding our economic development recovery, the retention of businesses, and the attraction of new entities to improve our tax base, we have been focused on several different fronts, the 350-highway corridor and the downtown area. In addition to the evidence of the return to economic vitality visible throughout Raytown we have been able to bring this vitality without negatively impacting the citizen’s tax dollars while we enhance our sales tax revenue instantly and enable our commerce to grow. We are, and will continue to, encourage further development along the 350 corridor and seek out more opportunities, through creative thinking and vision, for shopping and dining throughout Raytown as the economy begins to rebound.

We are, and will continue to, encourage and participate in assisting the redevelopment within our Central Business District by utilizing and administering Chapter 353 Tax Abatement Programs and other opportunities available to us. In 2010 this 353 Program, which again places no burden in this economy upon the taxpayers, has already been utilized for five (5) businesses and is proving to be a benefit to our downtown.

I am honored to participate as the Missouri Co-Chair on the Transit Committee, and an active participant on the Total Transportation Planning Committee, for MARC. These committees determine the priority for the expenditures of tax dollars and grants across the region and Raytown has certainly benefited. We remain vigilant of our partnership with Jackson County and the city of Lee’s Summit, making up the Rock Island Corridor Coalition, for the development of a possible commuter rail system that could eventually link the heart of our downtown to the entire southeast metropolitan area.

We have re-structured our Administration to better respond to the needs of this community. Through our Community Development Department, and in conjunction with our highly respected and toprated Police Department, we have in-place the mechanisms and programs; including Crime Watch, First Tier Suburbs Low-interest loan programs, and community clean-up days. The city in 2011 is prepared to focus our efforts, even more so, upon creating a good environment and helping to stabilize and enhance our neighborhoods, thus instilling a pride that is simply immeasurable and will result in battling the increased crime rate seen throughout the region. Because, you see, when we start to see neighbors helping neighbors and working together to raise the generation charged with the future of this city we all benefit.

The foundation of this city and community was built upon the labor and dedication of countless business owners, like yourselves, over the years. It remains vital for the city and Chamber to be active partners as we together move this City forward. We are charged with not just keeping the city in order, but enhancing it and protecting our forefather’s legacy, and now our own investment, and to prepare it for the generations to follow. I have enjoyed the relationship I have with the members of the Chamber and I am eager to participate together in the coming years.

I have said this many times in the past four years, and I still mean it from the bottom of my heart, I am proud to be your Mayor and to represent you locally, across the metropolitan area, across the State, and even across the United States. And, I ask for your support in this crucial election before us on April 5th.

David W. Bower

Anwar Khan’s dissertation to the Raytown Chamber

The Raytown Chamber ask both candidates to submit a 1,000 word dissertation to the business community on the reasons they felt they were the best candidate to be the Mayor of Raytown for the next four years.

To Ms. Vickie Turnbow,

It is a pleasure to submit my plans as a mayoral candidate for Raytown, MO. Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream. Like him, I also have my own dream. I strive to become the Mayor of Raytown. I want to serve this community in the most effective manner, with high morals and ethical standards.

I am Anwar Khan. I have been a devoted citizen of Raytown for almost 30 years. I’ve been married for 32 years, with two children–both of whom went to school and graduated here in Raytown.

I myself graduated from Lincoln University with an MBA (Masters in Business Administration). I have served as chief accountant with Black & Veacth, International. I worked as the Director of Research at Lincoln University. I served as Assistant Director of Finance for the Housing Authority in Kansas City, MO. I also held the position of Director of Financial Aid and Veteran’s Affairs at Penn Valley Community College. For the past 30 years, I have been the owner of a small business, Fragrance World, LLC., and currently serve on the Board of Directors for the Villa La Paz Homeowners Association. I am also a national organizer of the Democratic Party, Asian American Caucus. I am acting as Executive Secretary of Jackson Couty, Missouri Democratic Party.

Through the political process, voters choose the best candidate. In turn, this elected leader brings hope, opportunity, and progress to the community.

As a concerned citizen, I have closely followed city council meetings. Many times, Raytown’s residents are concerned with the issue of community safety and security–i.e., crime. Also, the problem of property maintenance. The fact is, that Raytown has too high a crime rate. As well as an overall negligence maintaining property. This makes our city look bad and diminishes our quality of life here. Consequently, Raytown’s real estate value has declined. Also, business and economic growth is lacking. The city’s revenue and budget is shrinking. It is clear Raytown’s administration is not functioning at their full potential. We are suffering. I have many ideas to reform Raytown. I want to bring a fresh approach to the city’s administration. I love Raytown; this is my home. As mayor, I will stimulate economic growth and improve our city with the following platform: creating a safer and more secure community by the reduction of crime; strict code enforcement to maintain property; improving infrastructure; job and business development; and smart money management, including budgeting and drawing funds from outside sources. My plan to reduce crime has several approaches. We need to educate and train convicted felons to find jobs after prison, cutting down on repeat offenses and the recidivism rate. We need to utilize the latest technology and forensic science in solving crimes. I want to incorporate the D.A.R.E. and Scared Straight programs into Raytown’s schools, educating our youth about the consequences of criminal activity. We need to use undercover strategies and police officers working in Raytown’s Police Department. I want to enforce a strict curfew at night for adolescents and teenagers. We need to establish Neighborhood Watch Programs throughout the community. I will encourage open communication between the city’s administration, department heads, aldermen, police and emergency services, chamber of commerce, business leaders, and residents of Raytown by holding town hall meetings for open discussion about concerns and issues as they arise. Improving property maintenance will help to reduce crime because dark and abandoned buildings can be a safe haven for criminals. To evaluate a city’s performance, several factors are taken into consideration, such as but not limited to, the crime rate, real estate values, the city’s revenue and budget, property maintenance, the unemployment rate, new business development, the school system, and overall, the city’s administration. My opponent says it is time to celebrate, despite obvious defiencies in most of these variables as they relate to Raytown. I say it is time for hard work, determination, and muchneeded change.

As a city leader, I wanht to acknowledge and rcognize all the previous mayors and the founding fathers of Raytown for all thier contributions, including our current mayor. I want to follow in thier footsteps and continue to improve the city.

God bless Raytown.
Anwar Khan
Mayoral Candidate

2nd Annual Rock for Refuge

The 2nd Annual Rock for Refuge at the River of Refuge, 5151 Raytown Road KCMO, May 7th from Noon to 6 p.m will feature live music from local artists, ranging from Christian to rock/metal to contemporary. Join us for food, raffles, and lots of fun family-friendly activities. Suggested donation is $10 for adults, $5 for children. All proceeds go directly to the River of Refuge and its transitional housing program. For more information about Rock for Refuge or the River of Refuge, you can visit www.riverofrefuge.com.

The Sunday Funnies

Cousin claims Gevante Anderson Confessed to him

Anderson is on trial for the murder of  four people in a Raytown apartment on March 16, 2009.

The murder victims were:
Precious Triplett, 21 (Anderson’s former girlfriend)
Andre Jones Sr., 33  (Triplett’s boyfriend)
Amir Clemons, 10 (Triplett’s nephew)
Gerard Clemons Jr., 7. (Triplett’s nephew)

Rocky Bradley (Anderson’s cousin) stated in court that “He told me he killed those people.”

For more on this story click HERE to read the Kansas City Star article.

Raytown Police respond

Eye witnesses stated that an argument between two female juveniles became loud and then violent. The Raytown Police and an ambulance arrived in force in 2 or 3 minutes.  One of the officers indicated that no one was seriously injured. Another witness indicated that one female fled North, cutting across yards before the police arrived. The incident took place in the parking lot of St. Mathews Episcopal Church on 65th Street East of Elm.  

RDA Political Forum

Candidates for offices in Raytown city government and the Raytown School Board responded to questions from the public. The event was held the evening of March 22nd at the REAP facilities. This video does not contain the Raytown School Board portion of the forum.

Raytown PTA School Board Forum

This is a video of the Candidates Forum held by the Raytown PTA at Blue Ridge Elementary School.  Candidate answered screened questions from the audience. Three of the candidates (Landers, Barnes and Teeman) were also at the NAACP forum two days prior to the PTA forum and all candidates showed up for a shorter forum held by the Raytown Democratic Associates the day after this forum.


Police Blotter for the week ending 3/25/2011

Blotter for 3/21/2011

Blotter for 3/22/2011

Blotter for 3/23/2011

Blotter for 3/24/2011

Vacant house damaged by fire

Fire and Police investigators are working on the scene of a house fire in the 6200 block of Hadley today. Emergency crews were called to the scene just after midnight this morning (03/23/2011) when a person walking home noticed the flames. The house was reported to have been engulfed in flame as the fire crews arrived. It was determined that the house was unoccupied and the power and gas service had been discontinued. The cause of the blaze is under investigation, but police report that there was reason to suspect that the fire might have been deliberately set. Investigators were still working on the scene early this afternoon.

The Sunday Funnies

Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting on 3/15/2011

Raytown Board of Aldermen on 3/15/2011 part one. This part included public comments (about silt in Wildwood Lake) and Chief Lynch’s report on the Raytown Police Dept.


This part includes information about the new Southerlands coming to Raytown

The last part of the 3/15/2011 Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting.

Election Days !!! March 22nd & April 5th

Raytown Online covers the entire Raytown School District area. That area is having two elections.

The Kansas City portion is electing a Mayor and Council on March 22nd and then voting on Raytown School Board candidates on April 5th.

The Raytown portion of the school district will vote on April 5th for Raytown Mayor, Aldermen, and for Raytown School Board.

Here is a video I took of the NAACP forum for Kansas City Mayor.

Have a great Saint Patrick’s Day

chuck-hee awr law

New Construction Expected to Cause Delays at 350 and Gregory

 Beginning Thursday March 17th, 2011, and lasting approximately 2 weeks, construction crews will be working on the southwest corner of Missouri 350 Hwy and Gregory Blvd.  There are cones, signage and at times, flagmen, in the area.  The right lanes for both eastbound Gregory and eastbound Missouri 350 will be closed frequently during the next couple of weeks, reducing the available traffic lanes for both roadways to one eastbound lane.  It has been observed by police traffic crews that this has caused some backups at times.  Please be aware of the expected delays and consider using an alternate route during the construction period.  These problems could be most pronounced during the evening rush hour.

Basketball game, Police vs. Faculty

March 23, 2011 RHS Gymnasium Police VS, Faculty 7:00pm $5 All proceeds go towards Project Grad

Raytown man surrenders to police

A 64 year old Raytown man has surrendered to the Raytown Police for a hit and run accident in Kansas City. The hit and run was at 43rd & Pitman Road and it cost 3 year old Landon Michael Carlson his life.

Click HERE for more on this story from FOX4KC

Click HERE for more recent coverage by KMBC

Mayor’s Coffee





9715 E. 63RD ST. 

RAYTOWN, MO. 64133 





7:30 a.m. TO 8:30 a.m.

Man Charged in Raytown Homicide

Raytown, Missouri – Raytown Police report that Dusty Peoples, an 18 year old Kansas City man, has been charged in the death of 19 year old Michael D. Givens of Kansas City. Givens was stabbed in the parking lot of a McDonalds restaurant on November 18th, 2010 and later died in a local hospital.

On March 14th, 2011 Jackson County Prosecutors charged Mr. Peoples with Murder in the Second Degree, Armed Criminal Action, and the Attempted Sale of a Controlled Substance. Dusty Peoples is currently being held on a $100,000.00 bond.

Eye witness accounts varied on many details, but seemed consistent that Peoples was meeting Givens younger brother to sell him an ounce of marijuana. An argument started between Michael Givens and Peoples, Peoples swung at the victim and after the fight was not going well for him (Peoples), he pulled a knife and cut Givens. The cut punctured Givens left lung and the right ventricle of his heart.

Click HERE and HERE to read previous Raytown Online articles on this incedent.