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Clark’s Appliances donated to REAP

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Kendra donated to Shepherd’s Center

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67th Street Bridge over 350 Highway to open Friday

The structure is done and all that is left is a couple days of clean up on the 67th Street bridge. It should be open for traffic on Friday.  Here are some photos of the bridge taken today.

Aldi store to open Sept. 1st

The Aldi store will open tomorrow morning. Here is a few sneak preview pictures of what it looks like inside.

Part of 66th Street closed today again

Part of 66th Street closed today

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Water District #2 will have part of 66th St. closed today. The area effected is from Willow to Hardy and should be open again by 4:00pm.

Shepherd’s Center of Raytown Garden Tour house #5

Janeil and Gary Egger’s garden is the last in the series, but certainly not the least.  All of the gardens in the series have outstanding features, but in terms of scale and landscaping, the Egger’s is outstanding.  None of these pictures needed cropping, and a 30 minute video might have been a better choice to capture the feel of this garden.  It is a garden made to be walked through and relaxed in.  The term Park seems more appropriate, than garden.


Police Blotter for the week ending 9/2/2011

Blotter for 8/29/2011

Blotter for 8/30/2011

Blotter for 8/31/2011

Blotter for 9/1/2011

Blotter for 9/2/2011

Public Notice: Meeting of Raytown Police Pension Board of Trustees

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Raytown Police Pension Board of Trustees will conduct an open meeting at 8:00 a.m., on Wednesday, September 7, 2011, in the Raytown Police Department Conference Room, located at 10000 East 59thStreet

The Sunday Funnies

City Administrator’s Report for 8/26/2011

City Administrator’s Report
FROM: Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator

Community Development

The Grant Administrator (MARC) for the NSP3 Grant is in the process of finalizing the environmental analysis for the applicable target area within each city. The environmental analysis will then be submitted to the State of Missouri for their review and approval. It is anticipated that review and approval by the State of Missouri will take 30 to 45 days, which is anticipated to be the end of October. Upon approval from the State the Housing Specialist (Builders Development Corporation) will be able to begin acquiring houses for rehabilitation or demolition and new construction.

Bids were opened on Friday, August 26th for the Community Development Departments Veterinary Services contract. One bid was received from Raytown Animal Hospital and staff will be reviewing the submitted bid and will begin negotiating a contract with the bidder. The proposal should then be presented to the Board of Aldermen for consideration in October.

Economic Development

Aldi’s Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening are set for Thursday, September 1st, beginning at 8:45am. Tours will be provided by the Aldi Leadership Team for those interested.

Human Resources

Welcome to Karissa Gaskill, Finance Accounts Payable Clerk, and Timothy Amos and Lisa Anderson, Public Works Maintenance Workers, who are starting on Tuesday, September 6th.

Information Security

Security software upgrades were implemented on network workstations and servers to guard against the latest malware threats from the Internet. There has been a significant increase in the amount of Internet borne viruses and malware attempting to infiltrate network and computer protective measures. Computer users (home/business) are cautioned to use diligence when browsing the Internet and receiving emails.

Public Works

Building renovations are 99% complete and final walkthrough will be next week. The final items to complete the project are the installation of telecommunications and data infrastructure at the building. Occupation of the renovated building and office space should be the middle of September.

Notification has been sent to the current concrete contractor that the city intends to significantly reduce the quantities of the contract due to the slow progress. Staff has confirmed with the next low bidder that they are capable of starting in a short time frame and honor their bid prices. Staff is preparing a contract for the next low bidder and will start the contract as soon as a contract is established. The award of the contract will come before the Board of Aldermen on September 6th.

Received the bid for the street striping this past Tuesday, August 23rd, and will bring the contract before the full Board for consideration at the September 6th meeting. The contract will update the faded paint markings in various areas of the city.

Bid opening for the Light Weight Aggregate Seal project is scheduled for next Tuesday, August 30th, at 2:00pm; staff anticipates presentation to the full Board for consideration at the September 6th meeting.

The 350 Highway Bicycle and Pedestrian trail design project was kicked off today with a meeting and a field walk through with Public Works, Community Development and the design consultant. The location of the trail and trail crossings were discussed and a preliminary alignment for the trail was set.

Board, Committee and Commission Meetings, and Events

August 30 – Police Pension Sub-Committee Meeting; Council Chambers, 6:00pm

Former Raytown City Clerk passes away

Debbie Grant passed away Thursday night at Menorah Medical Center.  Three words describe Debbie best, happy, friendly, and helpful. She will be missed.

Click HERE to read more from the Democrat Misssourian

Raytown High School vs. Truman Softball

Raytown High School plays Truman in Softball Monday Aug 29th at 4pm at the the Graceway Church (formerly Baptist Temple) on 55th and Blue Ridge.

Part of 66th Street closed today

Water District #2 will have part of 66th St. closed today. The area effected is from Willow to Hardy and should be open again by 4:00pm.

Two Raytown Youth Face Armed Robbery Charges

Raytown Police report that Matthew A. Garcia, an 18 year old Raytown man, and Joshua Brown, a 17 year old Raytown man have both been charged in relation to an armed Robbery that happened early yesterday morning in the 9000 Block of 85th Terr. On August 24th, 2011 Jackson County Prosecutors charged Mr. Garcia and Mr. Brown both with Robbery in the First Degree and Armed Criminal Action. Both men are currently being held in Jackson County Jail in lieu of $200,000.00 bond.

A search of court records revealed the following information on a Matthew A. Garcia with the same birth year as the Matthew A. Garcia in this case.

Description: Burglary – 2nd Degree { Felony C RSMo: 569.170 }
Date: 02/18/2011 Code: 1402000
OCN: 77070570 Arresting Agency: RAYTOWN PD
Next Charge/Judgment
Description: Theft/Stealing (Value Of Property Or Services Is Less Than $500) { Misdemeanor A RSMo: 570.030 }
Date: 02/18/2011 Code: 1500000
OCN: 77070570 Arresting Agency: RAYTOWN PD


Matthew A. Garcia


Joshua Brown


Stranded Motorist Robbed on Raytown Street

Early this morning (08/24/2011), around 12:20a.m., a 26 year-old Kansas City man was sitting in his truck that had broken down in the 9100 block of E. 85th Street. He was attempting to call for help on his cell phone when he looked up and noticed two men pointing guns at him. The victim surrendered his keys, cell phone and wallet to them. The two ran off, leaving the man unhurt. An Officer in the area was told by an uninvolved person that two suspicious men were seen running from the area of 85th and Arlington. Raytown Police captured the suspects in the nearby neighborhoods. Later in the morning, Raytown Officers were searching the area of 85th Street and Lane for a gun used in the robbery. A neighbor found a gun in the backyard of a house in the 9900 block of E. 85th Terrace. Raytown Police believe this gun may have been used in the robbery. The gun was collected and charges are pending.

Charity Golf Tournament for Blair’s Foster Socks

Click HERE  for the complete flier in PDF format

Crazy Blog Talk (editorial)

How do conspiracy theories get started? Well we had an example in the Raytown blog “news” scene recently.

It started with the blog’s new political reporter (who uses a pen name) reporting that Alderman VanBuskirk said there were four vacancies on the Park Board.

The owner/editor of the blog takes that as reality, adds the fact that the Mayor makes appointments to the park board, tosses in some statements about redistricting, drops an ominous “something is afoot”, adds a statement that  Mayor Bower wants to reduce the size of the Board of Aldermen and concludes with a cryptic “Now, do the vacancies on the Raytown Park Board begin to make sense“?

This whole ball of yarn unravels when you notice that the four vacancies are all STAFF positions, not Park Board positions. The Mayor has nothing to do with whether staff positions are filled in Raytown  Parks and Recreation.

RaytownOnline waited a couple of weeks to see if this strange conspiracy editorial would get corrected. Ok time is up. Here is a one minute video of what was actually said by Alderman VanBuskirk.

Past Board of Aldermen meetings 7/19/2011 and 8/2/2011 posted

You will have to go to the archives to view them, just look for the archives of City Government. 7/19/2011 is live now and 8/2/2011 will be live soon. 1.6G download takes while.

Special School Board meeting 8/22/2011 @ 6:15pm

Call to Order
1.1 Call to Order Info
Approval of Agenda
2.1 Approval of August 22, 2011 Agenda Action
Public Comment Period on Agenda Items
3.1 Public Comment Period on Agenda Items Info
Discussion Items
4.1 AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress), MSIP 5 (Missouri School Improvement), NCLB (No Child Left Behind) Waivers
4.2 2011-2012 Board Goals
5.1 Approval of Purchase of Lenovo Laptop Computers
6.1 Adjournment Action

Kansas City Baptist Temple is now Graceway (press release)

KANSAS CITY, MO, August 15, 2011—After 68 years and three locations, one of the largest churches in metro Kansas City has a new name.  Kansas City Baptist Temple is now Graceway.

“Throughout our entire history our church has always been willing to embrace change when changes were necessary to be more effective in accomplishing our mission,” said Jeff Adams, Senior Pastor.  “While our name has changed, some things have not:  specifically, who we are and what we believe.”

During the past few weeks Adams focused his sermon series on the history of the Baptist faith.  He explained to the church body that historically being a “Baptist” was more of a label about what a church believed than a formal denominational name.  The church will remain “Baptist” in doctrine.

“It became increasingly difficult for me to explain the name of the church of which I have served as senior pastor for over 27 years,” said Adams.  “Instead of explaining what we are, I constantly found myself explaining what we are not.  Several months ago our leadership team decided it was time for us to change our name, in part, because we were hearing similar stories from a large number of church members.”

The new name was unveiled yesterday as part of a special vision-casting service that required an overflow room for 600 people who could not be accommodated in the Auditorium.  Members rose to a standing ovation when the name was revealed.   “Waiting to hear our new name just kept me sitting on pins & needles because I knew it was going to be wonderful, “said Dolores Foutts, long-time member.  “Graceway is the neatest name.  When the name came upon the screen, with the shouting and clapping, I just wanted to jump up and down.”

Kansas City Baptist Temple was founded in 1943.  Jeff Adams returned to KCBT in 1984 as senior pastor and has been instrumental in developing a local church with a true international flare.   The church is known as a model for multi-cultural ministry ranking in the top two percent of multi-cultural churches nationally.  Graceway is located at 5460 Blue Ridge Cut-off in Raytown.  www.visitgraceway.org.

Charges files in the death of 3 year old Landon Michael Carlson

William Wayne Neighbors, 64, of Raytown Mo., has been charged with a felony, Leaving the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident.

According to court documents filed today, Neighbors’s vehicle, towed from his residence after Carlson was struck, carried fibers on the front right bumper that matched the victim’s sweatshirt. Tire marks at the scene indicated hard braking and indicated the driver attempted an avoidance maneuver.


From the Probable Cause Statement

On 03/16/2011, as a result of numerous tips the listed defendant, William W. Neighbors, W/M, 10/03/1946, was identified as a possible suspect in the hit and run vehicular that occurred on 03/15/2011, at 43rd Street and Pittman Rd. While en route to investigate the tips, Detectives from the Traffic Investigation Section were notified that the defendant had responded to the Raytown Police Department where he identified himself as the driver of the vehicle that had struck the child at 43rd Street and Pittman Rd. A Detective from the Kansas City, Missouri Police Departmeut’s Traffic Investigation Section responded to the Raytown Police Department and took custody of the defendant, placing him under arrest The defendant was transported to Kansas City, Missouri Police Headquarters. On 03/16111, at 1723 hours the defendant was escorted to an interrogation room where he was read the Miranda Waiver Form. The defendant hesitated, stated “I didn’t see no kid.” “I feel sad and sorry for this boy, I panicked.” then refused to sign the waiver and requested an attorney. The interview was terminated and the defendant was returned to detention.

The suspect vehicle was located at the defendant’s residence and towed to the Kansas City, Missouri, City Tow Lot for processing. The vehicle was observed to have damage to the right front headlight housing and black scuff marks on the right front bumper. Fibers impressed onto one side of a clear plastic surface from the front right chrome trim on the bumper were found to be indistinguishable from red polyester fibers in the victim’s sweatshirt.

A line-of-sight measurement was conducted from north of the crash site and determined drivers southbound on Pittman Rd. from just south of the overpass of I-70 would have been provided an unobstructed view for a distance of 732 feet which included the area where the witnesses and the victim were standing prior to the collision. A single tire mark was found starting in the southbound lane of Pittman Rd., approximately 6″ from the west fog line. The mark appeared straight and continued for 25.77 feet and angled slightly toward the west edge of pavement The mark ended on the west fog line, near the area of impact where the victim was struck.  The location and characteristics of the mark indicate that it was the result of a hard braking application and appears to be indicative of an avoidance maneuver.

Reprint of the previous RaytownOnline article

Raytown man surrenders to police

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A 64 year old Raytown man has surrendered to the Raytown Police for a hit and run accident in Kansas City. The hit and run was at 43rd & Pitman Road and it cost 3 year old Landon Michael Carlson his life.

Click HERE for more on this story from FOX4KC

Click HERE for more recent coverage by KMBC

Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting on 8/16/2011

Police Blotter for the week ending 8/26/2011

Blotter for 8/22/2011

Blotter for 8/23/2011

Blotter for 8/24/2011

Blotter for 8/25/2011

Blotter for 8/26/2011

The Sunday Funnies

City Administrator’s Report for 8/19/2011

City Administrator’s Report
FROM: Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator

Rough Week

Sorry RaytownOnline has been a little scant in content this week. A party to help organize, a car to get fixed, a retraction to research, an election to get ready for, emails to recover, and free website work for other organizations ate my homework(time).

Dr. Joyce Downing elected Democratic Committeewoman for Raytown

During their August 17th quarterly meeting, he Jackson County Democratic Committee elected Joyce Anderson Downing, Ph.D. to the position of Brookings Township (Raytown) Democratic Committeewoman. Downing will complete the term of committeewoman Judy Briggs. Judy and her husband Jerry (a former committeeman) have recently moved to Lee’s Summit. Given the Brigg’s long history of hard work for the Democratic Party and the local Raytown Democratic Association, many have urged them to stay active as they move into what some might view as more hostile territory.

Downing joins her husband Michael, Richard Tush, and Sandy Hartwell to complete Raytown’s allotted 4 committee positions. All four will be up for re-election in the August primary of 2012. That election will be decided by the voters of Raytown.