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UFO reported in Raytown

A Raytown resident reported seeing a UFO at 4:25 am on Friday the 30th of November 2012. For more on this story click HERE to read the article in the Examiner.com.

City Administrator’s Report for 11/30/2012

City Administrator’s Report
FROM: Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator


 We now have a Facebook page.

The address is: http://www.facebook.com/pages/City-of-Raytown/468073553245131

 Public Works

Public Works completed 20 miles of street sweeping this week and removed 5 large dump truck loads of leaves and other organic waste from the streets that would have otherwise eventually ended up in the storm drainage system

Repair was made to signal pole at 55th  and Blue Ridge Cutoff after it was knocked down by a vehicle. The signal pole has been hit many times due to the pole’s close proximity to the intersection; a long-term solution for relocation is in the planning process.

Public Works will be replacing all of the walkway boards on the wooden bridge in the near future. The replacement is necessary due to extreme warping and cupping of the existing boards that are on the verge of being a walking hazard. The new boards will be installed with screws instead of nails to help mitigate lifting and warping.

 The public improvements at the intersection of 350 Highway and Maple Avenue that were necessitated by the construction of the Hy-Vee Convenience Store are complete. The timing of the traffic signal was recently changed to provide “split phase timing”. The change to the timing provides a separate time for southbound Maple Avenue traffic to negotiate the intersection and a separate time for northbound Maple Avenue traffic to negotiate the intersection. The change will prevent two left turning vehicles from blocking the intersection and provide a more efficient intersection.

 Public Works will assist the Police Department with traffic control next Friday in conjunction with the Holiday Lighting ceremony.

 Information Technology

Request for service included; 44 computers, 2 telephones, 3 government channel, 1 door lock, and 1 website update. The network, server, telephone, government channel, electronic security doors and website are at optimum functionality. The data network infrastructure has also been upgraded.

Board, Committee and Commission Meetings and Events

December 3- Municipal Court 6:00 p.m.
December 4- Board of Aldermen 7:00 p.m.
December 5- Raytown Police Pension Board of Trustees 8:00 a.m.
December 5- Municipal Court 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
December 6- Planning & Zoning Commission 7:00 p.m.
December 7- Holiday Lighting Ceremony 6:00 p.m.

Battle of the Bands Tonight

Raytown Schools Update: Objections to Winchester TIF

Sixth Amendment to Winchester TIF Plan

Proposes to Use Taxes Paid by Raytown School District Residents to Finance Sporting KC Soccer Park

 (Raytown, Missouri) At a November 14, 2012 meeting, the TIF Commission considered whether to recommend that the City Council of Kansas City approve a proposed Sixth Amendment to the Winchester TIF Plan.  The TIF Commission did not reach a decision at the meeting and decided to continue the hearing to January 9, 2013.  The proposed Amendment will have a significant financial impact on the Raytown School District, in that the Amendment will divert taxes paid by Raytown School District residents to a Sporting KC athletic facility and soccer park located outside of the District in Swope Park.  In addition to diverting funds from the District, the Amendment also violates several provisions of Missouri law. 

The Winchester TIF Plan was originally adopted in 1991.  The Plan approved several redevelopment projects located within the Raytown School District.  Since the inception of the Plan, funds generated from increased property taxes (PILOTS) and increased sales taxes (EATS) imposed on Raytown School District residents have been deposited into a Special Allocation Fund.  Under the Winchester TIF Plan, and the first five Amendments to the Plan, any surplus remaining in the Special Allocation Fund at the conclusion of the redevelopment projects was to be distributed to the School District (and to the Mid-Continent Library District).

The Winchester TIF Plan and its amendments anticipated that a significant amount of money would remain in the Special Allocation Fund as surplus.  Information provided by the TIF Commission indicates that approximately $11 million is currently being held in the Special Allocation Fund as surplus.    Rather than distributing that money to the District, as represented in the original Winchester TIF Plan, the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City (EDC) has developed a plan to use those funds to build the Sporting KC soccer park.  Additionally, the Sporting KC soccer park would also be financed by the continued collection of PILOTS and EATS from property located within the Raytown School District.

The proposed Sixth Amendment violates several provisions of the Missouri Real Property Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act.  The Act contains a clear prohibition against the approval of redevelopment projects more than 10 years from the approval of the TIF plan under which the project is authorized.  Because the Winchester TIF Plan was approved more than two decades ago, the addition of the Sporting KC redevelopment project at this juncture would violate the 10-year time limit. 

The Act also requires any surplus held in a TIF plan’s special allocation fund to be distributed to affected taxing districts immediately after all reimbursable redevelopment costs have been paid to the developer.  The developer for the original Winchester redevelopment projects has informed the District that each of the projects is complete and that no further reimbursable costs will be incurred.  Although each of the original projects is now complete, under the proposed Sixth Amendment, the surplus funds would be used to finance the Sporting KC soccer park rather than being distributed to the School District as required by law.  Finally, the Act requires that any surplus funds be distributed to affected taxing districts on a proportional basis.  This requirement would be violated by the Sixth Amendment because the District would not receive its proportional share of PILOTS and EATS generated from District residents over the past twenty years.

Through the proposed Sixth Amendment to the Winchester TIF Plan, the City is seeking to finance the Sporting KC soccer park at the expense of the Raytown School District and its taxpayers and to improperly dip into the surplus amounts held in the Winchester Special Allocation Fund. 


For more on this click HERE to read the Kansas City Star article.



RaytownOnline.com Supports the Raytown School Districts position in opposition to the extension of the Winchester TIF.

1. This TIF has lasted far after the original purpose.

2. Our schools (both Raytown and Kansas City) need the fund far more than we need a soccer park.

3. If Sporting KC wants a soccer facility , let them pay for it.

4. Raytown already has facilities for soccer that are underutilized.

5. The is a basic philosophical problem with empowering one taxing authority (in this case Kansas City Missouri)  to give away another taxing authority’s revenues (in this case the Raytown School District, the Kansas City School District, and the Metropolitan Library system).   

Basically there is a pool of money that has accumulated from taxes that were suppose to go to the School Districts before the Winchester TIF. The government of Kansas City sees this pool and the continued income from the tax base as theirs do do as they please. The Winchester TIF needs to end, and with its’ end, the temptation for Kansas City Mo. to squander much needed Raytown School District funds.

Michael N. Downing (owner & editor of RaytownOnline.com)

Raytown Soccer Club is having sign ups for the Spring 2013 season

For Recreational and Competitive level players 

Ages: Boys 3 to 19          Girls 3 to 15

Sign up times:

Wednesday, January 2nd from 6-8PM (returning players receive 10% discount-this sign up only)
Saturday, January 5th from 10:00AM-12:00 PM
Wednesday, January 9th from 6:00-8:00PM
Saturday, January 12th from 12:00 PM-3:00 PM

 Tuesday, January 15th from 6:00 PM-8:00 PM

You may also sign up during office hours:  Monday –Friday 9:30am till 2:30pm

**New players need to provide a copy of their state issued birth certificate.

**Mandatory Fundraiser or Buy out option is $40.00.  This has to be done at time of registration
Prices are as follows:

U7 TO U10               $55.00
U11 TO U13             $60.00
U14 TO U15             $65.00


Raytown Communications Director Receives National Certification

James Brafford, Director of Communications with the Raytown Police Department, recently received certification as an Emergency Number Professional (ENP) by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA).

In order to be certified, applicants must first meet eligibility requirements that include a combination of experience, education and professional development in the 9-1-1 field. Candidates then must pass a rigorous examination that demonstrates a mastery of the comprehensive knowledge base required of emergency number program management.

Raytown Police Chief Jim Lynch was quoted as saying, “By achieving this certification, Mr. Brafford has distinguished himself as a leader within the 9-1-1 field and has demonstrated his commitment to the Raytown Police Department and his chosen profession.” Mr. Brafford began his career with the Raytown Police Department in 2003. Prior to that, he worked for the Monett Police Department in south Missouri as Communications Supervisor.

The ENP program was established by NENA in 1994 as a way to establish a benchmark of performance of professionals in the 9-1-1 field. There are currently over 1,000 ENPs in the United States and Canada.

The Bordner Holiday Shopping Spree

The Bordner Holiday Shopping Spree
Saturday, December 1st
10AM – 4 PM

 The Holiday Shopping Spree will feature many different vendors from independent sales consultants to Christmas crafters. Bring your friends and make it a fun day of shopping!

Located at the NEW
Bordner Event Center
11950 E 350 Hwy in Raytown
(The intersection of 350 and Westridge)

Police Blotter for the week ending 11/30/2012

Blotter for 11/26/2012

Blotter for 11/27/2012

Blotter for 11/28/2012

Blotter for 11/29/2012

Blotter for 11/30/2012

The Sunday Funnies (reruns)

Man Transported to Hospital after Being Stabbed By Friend

Raytown Police were called to the 10500 block of 71st Terrace last night (11-22-12) at around 10:30 p.m., on a report of a disturbance. When police arrived they found that a man had been stabbed and found another man hiding in the bushes. The victim reported that he and a friend had been fighting and that he was stabbed by his friend. The friend was apprehended at the scene and the victim was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The victim later informed detectives that he did not want to prosecute his friend and the man was released from custody.

Be both thankful and kind this week

Jonesi Named Raytown’s Interim Emergency Management Services Director

Raytown City Administrator, Mahesh Sharma announces the appointment of Doug Jonesi as the Interim Emergency Management Services (EMS) Director, effective November 17, 2012.

“I am pleased to announce Doug Jonesi to the position of Interim EMS Director. Doug brings a wealth of emergency services experience to this position.” said Sharma. “He also brings excellent technical skills and dedication. I know that he will have the strong support of Raytown’s EMS team in carrying out his new duties.”

Mr. Jonesi has been with the city for the last 28 years. He is a veteran of the United States Army. He received his paramedic training in Stanislaus County, California. He is a member of Mensa, a high IQ society. To be a member of Mensa, you must attain a score within the upper two percent of the general population on an approved intelligence test,

“We have a very diverse and talented staff here at Raytown EMS, and I count myself blessed to be given this opportunity to lead and mentor their award-winning service.” said Mr. Jonesi. I began my career in Emergency Medical Services in 1979 in Patterson, California, and have never considered any different line of work. One of the reasons I love EMS work so well is that it’s always different. Every patient, every call is unique, with its own particular challenges and problems to be solved. When everything comes together and we get a good outcome from a difficult situation, there’s no feeling like it in the world! “

Emergency Medical Services is outside of the hospital, but it is an extension of the overall medical field. As such, tools and techniques are constantly evolving as a result of the research that takes place constantly, all around the world. The department consists of a physician medical director, paramedics and EMTs who also provide in-house continuing education, making sure that all staff is always on top of the latest and best methods.

 Doug has been married to Susan for 23 years. They have one son, who is studying computer science at the University of Missouri before joining the United States Air Force. Outside of work Doug enjoys music and joining in at some of the blues jams that take place all over the metro.

Police Blotter for the week ending 11/23/2012

Blotter for 11/19/2012

Blotter for 11/20/2012

The Sunday Funnies

Raytown School District Holiday Recycling Drive

The District is partnering with Southeast Enterprises for a Holiday Light Recycling Drive called “Thinkin’Green.”  Additional partners are Fox 4, Walmart, Great Western Bank, Arvest Bank, Raytown Rotary Club, Truman Heartland Foundation, and a host of others. 
The initiative seeks to collect non-working, old, or broken Christmas light strands for recycling.  Receptacles are being placed in elementary schools for student and staff donations, and Southeast Enterprises is managing delivery and pick up of receptacles.

Receptacles will be in buildings until January 13, 2013.

KC Man Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison For Armed of Raytown grocery store and other stores

David M. Ketchmark, Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced that a Kansas City, Mo., man was sentenced in federal court today for his role in a string of armed grocery store robberies.

Javon Turner, 36, of Kansas City was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gary A. Fenner to 25 years in federal prison without parole. The court also ordered Turner to pay $111,188 in restitution.

On Feb. 14, 2012 Turner pleaded guilty to using a firearm during a crime of violence. Turner brandished a .410 shotgun while helping co-defendant Jeremiah Kraushaar, 33, of Bethany, rob the Cosentino’s Apple Market, 7506 Raytown Rd., Raytown, on Oct. 3, 2010. Turner and Kraushaar were both armed when they entered the Cosentino’s Apple Market and forced a store employee to open the store’s safe. Kraushaar took the store’s money from the safe while Turner, armed with a .410 shotgun, stood guard over the employee.

Kraushaar was sentenced on April 16, 2012, to 16 years in federal prison without parole after pleading guilty to his role in a string of grocery store robberies. Kraushaar admitted that he and Turner robbed five grocery stores. Those stores, in addition to the Cosentino’s Apple Market, included Thriftway Store, 1616 E. 63rd St., Kansas City, Mo., on Sept. 13, 2010; Hy-Vee Store, 1104 S. 25th St., Bethany, Mo., on Oct. 14, 2010; Patricia’s Food Store, 1212 W. 40 Hwy., Odessa, Mo., on Oct. 22, 2010; and Apple Market Grocery Store, 1215 E. Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd., Kansas City, Mo., on Nov. 2, 2010.

During each robbery, grocery store employees were held at gunpoint and their hands were bound with plastic zip-tie restraints. Kraushaar also pleaded guilty to two counts of brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence during the Cosentino’s Apple Market and Apple Market Grocery Store robberies.

Co-defendant Finis Richardson, 37, of Kansas City, Mo., pleaded guilty and was sentenced on Sept. 7, 2011, to five years and three months in federal prison without parole.

According to court documents, multiple law enforcement agencies were investigating a series of grocery store robberies across northwest Missouri. Certain common characteristics of the robberies were captured by the stores’ surveillance cameras, including the robbers entering the stores in the early morning when employees were opening the business, forcibly restraining employees with zip-ties, and using walkie-talkies and cellular phones during the robberies. After law enforcement released footage from the surveillance video of the Oct. 3, 2010, robbery of the Apple Market in Raytown, an anonymous tip was made to the 474-TIPS hot line. The defendants were arrested following a high-speed pursuit on Dec. 19, 2010.

This case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney D. Michael Green. It was investigated by the FBI, the Kansas City, Mo., Police Department; the Independence, Mo., Police Department; the Wichita, Kan., Police Department; the Odessa, Mo., Police Department; and the Raytown, Mo., Police Department.

Raytown High School Debate and Forensics results

The Raytown High School Debate and Forensics team participated in the Lee’s Summit North and Lee’s Summit West Invitationals on November 2 and 3.

Varsity top finishers were Derek Baska and Deja Bolton with a 3-1 record in Policy Debate; Blake Shepheard, Super Session of Student Congress; Deja Bolton, 6th place in Radio Speaking; and Emma Givens, 4th place in Radio Speaking.

Novice top finishers were: Deshawn Washington and Clint Wallace with a 3-1 record in Policy Debate; Samantha Sprouse with a 3-1 in Lincoln-Douglas Debate; and Maggie Dorsey, Semifinals of Humorous Interpretation. The Talking Bluejays are coached by Mark Harris.

Emma Givens

Maggie Dorsey

Missouri Student Essay Contest

The Missouri NEA (National Education Association), the Missouri Bar and the Missouri Press Association challenge students in grades four through 12 to put their writing and thinking to the test in the annual Law Day Essay Contest.

This year’s essay prompt is: “Realizing the Dream: Equality for All. Explore the movement of civil and human rights in America, how it has influenced the ideal of equality under the law, and what you think needs to be done to rectify injustice and eliminate all forms of discrimination.”

The first-place winner in each category receives $300, second-place winners receive $200, and third-place winners receive $150. Statewide awards will be presented May 11 at a banquet in Jefferson City.

All entries should be sent to the judging coordinator listed in the contest flier, which is available along with the rest of the entry materials at http://www.mnea.org/Missouri/Contests.aspx.

Essays must be postmarked by Feb. 8, 2013. Essays must be postmarked by Feb. 8, 2013.

Students will compete in three categories, grades 4-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Entries should be no longer than 700 words and will be judged on general appearance, structure, content, creativity and originality.

The 35,000-member MNEA represents teachers, education support professionals, college faculty, retired teachers and students studying to be teachers in school districts and on college campuses throughout the state. It is the Missouri affiliate of the 3.2 million-member NEA.

Little Women, the musical at Raytown High School


Little Women, The Musical is a new musical based on the classic coming of age novel by Louisa May Alcott. It will be on stage at Raytown High on November 15, 16, 17 and 18.  According to Director Cara Hampton, “Little Women is heart-warming and delightful, a great holiday show for the whole family.”

The production features Audrey Drace, Briar Packard, Noel Miller, Hannah Treat, Brooke Griggs, Paige Keeton, Joe McCutcheon, Brandon Baker, and Nico Pinzino.

The Choir Department is doing a dinner theatre fundraiser on Thursday the 15th before the show, called “Dinner and a Song.” Funds raised will toward the choir’s December trip to New York. The meal begins at 5:30 and will feature performances by students and faculty. The dinner menu will be barbecued beef and pork, cheesy potatoes, rolls and a vegetable. Tickets for this event are separately priced at $10 in advance and $12 at the door, which covers the meal and the show.

Performance times are 7:00 p.m. the 15-17th, and November 18 at 2:30 p.m.  Adult tickets are $7 in advance and $8 at the door.  Student tickets are $5 in advance and $6 at the door with student I.D.  Tickets can be purchased in advance at Bennetti’s Coffee Experience, two doors South of RHS.

Raytown students in All-District Band & Orchestra competition

From the Raytown High School orchestra Senior Larry Hernandez was selected as 3rd chair cello, Junior Hannah Scheerer was selected 5th chair violin, and Freshman Skylar Thompson was selected 6th chair violin to the KC Metro District Orchestra. All three will audition for the All-State Orchestra in Columbia on December 1st. Raytown High School’s orchestra director is Amy Sadler.

From the Raytown High School band, Logan Anderson was selected as 2nd chair trumpet, Crista Pinkston was selected as 2nd chair tenor saxophone, and Crosbie Jarrett as 2nd alternate trumpe for the All-District Concert Band. All three will perform with the group in December and are eligible to audition for the All-State Band. Raytown High School’s band director is Joe Hill.

Additionally, Iwalani Rafaele was selected 5th chair horn and Jordan Jamerson was selected 4th chair tuba for the All-District Honorable Mention Band and will perform with the group in December.

Logan Anderson was also selected as 4th chair trumpet in the All- District Jazz Band and will perform in December. He is eligible to audition for the All-State Jazz Band.

From the Raytown South High School band, Alyssa Orchard was as a member of the Kansas City Metro All District Jazz Band. Orchard will be playing split lead trumpet in the jazz band. Orchard will participate in an all-day clinic and concert on December 8 at Park Hill South High School at 7:00pm.

From the Raytown South High School orchestra, Jacinda Godfirnon, on violin; Atlanta Hubbard on viola, and Emily McIntyre as 2nd alternate viola were selected to the All-District Full Orchestra.

Additionally, Emily McIntyre on viola, Lizz Bishop on viola, Emma Franklin on viola as 2nd Alternate, Amanda Lampley as 1st Alternate-cello, and Ellis Moore as 2nd Alternate-Bass were selected to the All- District String Orchestra. Raytown South’s orchestra director is Suzannah Smith.

Raytown South Middle School 8th graders auditioned to be a part of the District 3 Kansas City All Metro Middle School Band. The following were selected: Jaime Tonasket, flute; TaMiya Strickland, clarinet; Christopher Gilbert, trombone; and Devon Ricketts, tuba. These students will participate in an all-day clinic and concert on December 8 at Park Hill South High School. Raytown South Middle’s band director is Brenda Kueck.

Police Blotter for the week ending 11/16/2012

Blotter for 11/12/2012

Blotter for 11/13/2012

Blotter for 11/14/2012

Blotter for 11/15/2012

Blotter for 11/16/2012

The Night Before Christmas Carol

The Sunday Funnies (rerun)

Raytown School District raised $23,878.82 for United Way

 The Raytown School District raised $23,878.82 for its annual United Way campaign. The total donation is up 4% from last year’s donation of $22,982.

 United Way is a not-for-profit organization that funds programs designed to improve lives by promoting human potential. Over the past 4 years, Raytown Schools has donated a total of $81,989.82 to support programs and organizations that embody the United Way mission.

 “It has been great to see the district come together to support United Way,” Cathy Allie, Director of Communications and Community Relations said. “This year, our students and their families donated $12,578.30; this money will go to sponsored programs that promote education, financial stability, and healthy lives in our community.”

 Each school or work site ran its own campaign from October 1 to 17. Popular events were wacky dress and pajama days, coin wars, and doughnuts sales. Incentives such as eating lunch with a teacher or the principal were other profitable items. Robinson Elementary was recognized for having the highest per-pupil contribution of $4.72. Little Blue Elementary had the highest total donation with over $4,000 donated.

Spring Valley Principal Greg Owen gets a pie in the face from a student during the school’s closing United Way celebration.

City Administrator’s Report for 11/9/2012

City Administrator’s Report
FROM: Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator


Public Works

Public Works and Community Development completed two Transportation Alternatives grant applications to MARC this week. The applications included the second phase of the 350 Highway Bike/Ped Trail and the second phase of the Downtown Streetscape project. MARC received 43 applications. Of the 43 projects submitted: 36 were trail projects, 5 were aesthetic and scenic projects, one was for historic preservation and one was for safety and education. Staff believes the Downtown Streetscape will have the best chance of receiving grant funding due to the 4 other projects competing against the streetscape project. Total funding available for Missouri entities is $5.3 million and there were over $16 million in requests for grant funding submitted.

Changes to the Finance area continued this week. The carpet installation was completed and the revised counter was installed. There is still significant detail work to complete before the counter area will be completed.

On Thursday, November 15 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Public Works will host a public meeting and a public hearing regarding the proposed White Oak West Line A Sanitary Sewer Construction Project. This project received environmental clearance for construction as part of the original Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study, but the clearance was only valid for 5 years. The meetings are the last step necessary to extend the environmental clearance for an additional 5 years. The meetings will discuss why the project is needed and what the impacts of construction will be.

Information Technology

Request for service included; 48 computers, 12 telephones, 2 government channel, 1 door lock, and 1 website update. The network, server, telephone, government channel, electronic security doors and website are at optimum functionality. The data network infrastructure will be upgraded this weekend.

Board, Committee and Commission Meetings, and Events

November 12- Municipal Court 6:00 p.m.
November 13- Board of Aldermen 7:00 p.m.
November 14- Municipal Court 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
November 15- Council on Aging 4:15 p.m.
November 15- Public Hearing-White Oak West A Sanitary Sewer Project 5:00 p.m.
November 15- Human Relations Commission 6:00 p.m.