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Clark’s Appliances donated to REAP

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Kendra donated to Shepherd’s Center

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Egg-Extravganza Photos

Here are some of the first photos from the 4th annual Egg-Extravaganza. More photos and video to come. 







Raytown Community-Wide Scholarship Day

scholarship day 2013 1


Kansas City Star Editorial “YMCA stumbled while deciding to close its facilities”

A recent Kansas City Star editorial points out some of the mistakes made by the YMCA in both their decision and manner of deciding to close Raytown’s YMCA.  Click HERE to read the editorial. 


Man Found in Raytown Creek Bed Identified

Police were called this afternoon (03/29/13) to investigate a man found deceased in a creek in the 8800 of E 54th Street. He has been identified as Ronny Trent, 39, from Kansas City, Missouri where he was reported missing from earlier this month. The cause of death is still unknown and the investigation is ongoing

Man Found Deceased in a Raytown Creek

Police were called this afternoon (03/29/13) to investigate a man found deceased in a creek in the 8800 of E 54th Street. He is described as a unknown male in his 30’s to 40’s. Officers are continuing to investigate, while the cause of death is still unknown.

Letter to the Editor by Elisa Breitenbach

The (TIF) project for Blue Ridge Crossing East is a bad plan for the Raytown School District & the City of Independence. City Manager Robert Heacock & Councilman Eileen Weir are mistaken in supporting this plan.

    Dr. Allan Markley did the correct thing in voting against this plan. Raytown has 8,500 students, 63% of those students receive free lunch. Raytown cannot afford to publicly subsidize commercial enterprises. Let the free market determine business success or failure.

    Blue Ridge Crossings development south of 40 Highway owes the Raytown C-2 school district money via Kansas City government.

    Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a development tool whose time has come and gone and is an economic detriment to public schools, libraries, community colleges, mental health, disabled persons, the blind and others.

   Please Vote NO to this form of Socialism & Communism.  TIF should not be tolerated any longer.

 City council of Independence will be voting on this Monday April 1, 2013 at 6:00 pm.

Letter to the Editor by Elisa Breitenbach

League of Women Voters Raytown Candidate event video

Ward I Alderman – Richard Tush, Josh Greene


Ward II  Alderman – Jim Hamliton


Ward III  Alderman – Janet Emerson, Chris Merrill, Mark Moore, Christine White


Ward IV  Alderman – Rita Bennet, Bill Van Buskirk


Ward V  Alderman – Steve Mock


Raytown School Board – Rick Thode, Bobbie Saulsberry, Ken Grist


Raytown Marshal – Jim Lynch


Raytown Municipal Judge – Traci Fann


Candidates that did not show up are not listed in the headings, but are shown as absent in each introduction screen

All of this group of videos may be viewed in HD resolution and full screen mode

Daisy Anderson tricks

Pubic Comments on the YMCA closing at the Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting

The Aldermen Chambers were packed with people wanting to comment on the upcoming closing of the local YMCA and none of them were happy about it. The following people ask to speak to the Raytown Board of Aldermen.  Gary Grocning,  Cory Prochastea, Timothy Curry, Bill Haman, Anita Nebel, Larry Shiner, Henry Jass, Lee Moreland, Tony Taylor, Pam Clark, Linda Myers, Betty Loveland, Jerry Loveland, Phyllis Miller, Tom Day, Kathy Leclere, Witty Wittman, Steve Cushing, and Melanie Mullally.  

sCOMM donates communication device to Raytown Police Dept.

Jason Curry the man behind Raytown’s tech company sCOMM donated a device that assists in communicating with the hearing impaired to the Raytown Police Dept.  A device Jason Curry invented and manufactures, called the UbiDuo.

Raytown South Speech and Debate teams results


The Raytown and Raytown South Speech and Debate teams competed in the Missouri State Activities Association District Tournament held at William Chrisman High School on March 14 and 15.


The tournament, which does not divide the competition by size classifications, was one of the largest in the state, allowing the top four in each event to advance to the state tournament to be held at the University of Missouri in April.


Advancing to the State Tournament for Raytown High School are Paige Keeton in United States Extemporaneous Speaking, and Paige Keeton and Claire Robinson in Public Forum Debate.  Keeton and Robinson were the undefeated first place winners.  The Bluejays are coached by Mark Harris.


Advancing to the State Tournament for Raytown South are David Easley and Michael Keightley who took first place in Policy Debate, and Alyssa Orchard and Jared Novack, who placed third in Policy Debate. The Cardinals are coached by Maureen Wood and Kristy Hensley.


Debaters will have an additional chance to qualify for Nationals in Student Congress on April 5 and 6.


Youth Tennis Tourney in Raytown


raytown parks logo

Raytown Parks and Recreation, and Hilltop Racquet club will be hosting a youth tennis tourney April 5-7th at Kenagy Park (7608 E 79th St, Raytown MO 64138).  The tourney is for boys and girls 10-18 year old.  Registration for the event is $25 per participant.  Contact the Raytown Parks Department 358-4100 for any questions about the tourney, or to sign up for the event.

Community Arts Festival, April 7th


Richard Tush seeks election as Ward I Alderman



I am Richard Tush, and I am running for Alderman Ward 1.  I have lived in community for 20 years.  My wife, Theresa, and I have been active in the community with my service to include the following organizations: 

  • Public Water Supply District #2 – Secretary
  • Raytown Citizens Crime Watch – Secretary
  • Raytown Chamber of Commerce – Member
  • Former Youth Friends Volunteer
  • Former Junior Achievement Volunteer 

I have 25 years in the financial industry where I have served in the following areas and where the skills will benefit 

  • Compliance manager
  • Currency Controller
  • Purchasing Director
  • Process Improvement Process Manager 

You have my commitment to you that as Alderman I will: 

  • Fight for property values and public safety by proactive code enforcement, attracting unique business and retaining those that are already here.
  • Be accountable, fiscally responsible, and accessible as Alderman.
  • Continue to give back through active community service.

Thank you for your time and your vote April 2nd,

 Richard Tush
(816) 353-4353

Police Blotter for the week ending 3/29/2013

Blotter for 3/25/2013

Blotter for 3/26/2013

Blotter for 3/27/2013

Blotter for 3/28/2013

Blotter for 3/29/2013

City Administrator’s Report for 3/22/2012

City Administrator’s Report FROM: Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator

Information Technology

Information Technologies Services has just upgraded new Windows Server Upgrade Services (WSUS). WSUS saves bandwidth where there are many computers and only a single Internet connection. WSUS will download the updates only once to a single server and then use the LAN to download the updates to the rest of the computers and servers in the network. It also allows network administrators to decide which updates should be released and when (as in what time) they are sent out to be used. WSUS controls when the service packs, updates and several other packages are released and (using Group Policy Objects) installed.

As a side benefit network administrators can also see computers that are not updated as well. One that isn’t updated with security patches can potentially be a serious problem.

All network systems are operating at 100%.

Community Development

The Board of Zoning Adjustment met on Thursday, March 21st. At the conclusion of a public hearing they approved an application requesting a variance to the 60 foot front yard setback requirement for the property located at 8820 Highway 350. The variance was being requested as a Dunkin Donuts is proposed to be constructed on the property.

The Planning & Zoning Commission met on Thursday, March 21st to consider two conditional use permit applications – one for a tattoo business at 9909 E. 63rd Street and the other for a pawn shop business at 8834 Highway 350. At the conclusion of the public hearings for each application the Planning & Zoning Commission recommended approval of each application subject to numerous conditions. Each of these applications comes before the Board of Aldermen for public hearings on April 9th and 16th.

On Friday, March 22nd the City hosted MARC’s quarterly First Suburbs Coalition meeting, which was attended by mayors, council / board members, and staff from cities in the Kansas City metropolitan area as well as MARC Staff members. Items discussed at the meeting included: a report on the work underway on the joint KC4Aging initiative, which focuses on multigenerational issues in communities and which Raytown hosted a focus group a couple of months ago; a report on the Smart Lights for Smart Cities, which the City is participating in; a report on a Sustainable Code Framework, which the City is participating in; an update on the Creating Sustainable Places work that is underway in various communities across the metropolitan area.

Public Works

Public Works is prepared for the expected snow fall Saturday and Sunday. The crews will be working 24 hours a day during the snow event until the end of snow operations that is anticipated during the day on Sunday.

Public Works has two projects that are currently out for bid, they are:

o 350 Highway Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail, bid date March 26th, 2013

o 2013 Concrete Repair Project, bid date April 3rd, 2013

Interested parties can view the construction documents at the Drexel Technologies website at www.drexeltech.com under the eDistribution Plan Room area.

The Missouri Department of Transportation has initiated the “On the Move” community engagement effort to gather direction and insight from Missourians on major priorities across the state. The initiative is in response to the proposal for a 1% statewide sales tax to fund transportation-related issues.

The Missouri Department of Transportation will present information regarding the preliminary 350 Highway Design and economic analysis to the Raytown Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, March 27th. The discussion will cover how the improvements were conceived during the 350 Highway Corridor Study and how this next piece is another step to realizing the finished improvements.

Board, Committee and Commission Meetings, and Events

March 26 – Fire Board Meeting @ 9:00 a.m. Station #1
March 26 – Candidate Meet and Greet @ 6:00 p.m. Council Chambers
March 27 – MoDOT Presentation on 350 Highway @ 11:30 a.m. Chamber of Commerce
March 28 – Council on Aging @ 4:00 p.m. Council Conference Room

The Sunday Funnies


4th Annual Egg-Extravaganza

4th annual

Annie’s Scout

While out investigating the incident at DOllar General, I ran across a photogenic lad. Here is Annie’s friend Scout.



Important Facebook Group to Save the YMCA just click on the link

 Save Richard C. Green Sr. Family Center YMCA!


Markley wins Missouri Administrator of the Year award

Raytown School District’s Superintendent Dr. Markley has just been named Administrator of the Year at the Missouri Association of School Administrators Annual Conference! Dr. Markley was noted for his open communication and community outreach, and for a positive representation of Raytown.
 markley award

Joint Statement from Raytown City & Schools on YMCA closing

Joint Statement from the City of Raytown and the Raytown Quality Schools
In Re: Closure of the Raytown YMCA
March 20, 2013

Raytown, MO?Mayor David Bower and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Allan Markley, along with other city and school district officials met with YMCA Chair CEO David Byrd and other Y officials yesterday, to ask for a six-month extension of the closing of the Richard C. Green YMCA and to examine options for keeping our local Y open and operational. Sadly, no resolution was reached.

 In yesterday’s meeting, the YMCA declared the value of the Richard C. Green YMCA at $3 million based on comparable Y’s. The Y is firm on this selling price. In addition, the Y is indicating $2.1 million dollars in deferred maintenance which the building will need. This large asking price and large maintenance totals are not inclusive of the annual $1.2 million needed to operate the facility.

Previously, the Y indicated that monthly operating costs would be approximately $18,000 to extend the closing date. Yesterday, that number rose to near $40,000, and if the Y lost any more money, interested parties would have to agree to cover those costs as well. The city and school district agree there is no way citizens can be asked to provide a blank check to cover the potential expenses.

 It is our belief that the YMCA’s decision is strictly based on monetary reasons and does not match the Y’s stated mission of enriching the quality of family, spiritual, social, mental and physical well-being. We feel our outreach attempts were met with disinterest on the part of the Y and with a clear purpose to stick with the original intent to close the Raytown facility.

Both the city and the school district are disappointed in the short notice given to local citizens about the impending Y closure. Both groups had private meetings with Mark Hulet, Chief Strategic Alliance and Assets Officer, only days before the public announcement of the closure, limiting any actions the city or school district could have taken. However, yesterday’s inquiry regarding an extension was met with firm resolve on the part of the Y to stick to the original closing date.

 We regretfully inform our public about the lack of a positive joint resolution between the Y and the community, and we remain deeply discouraged and disappointed about the loss of the Raytown YMCA. Again, we were willing to work to come to a reasonable resolution, the YMCA was not. Our doors remain open.

Rick Thode seeks re-election to the Raytown School Board

rick thode1024

I am Rick Thode, and I am running for reelection to the Consolidated C-2 Board of Education. I was elected in 2009 to serve a one year term and reelected in 2010 to serve a three year term. My wife, Sandy, and I have lived in the school district for 25 years, and our three sons (and Sandy) attended Raytown schools. I am a graduate of Wichita State University, obtained an MBA from Northwestern University and served as a CPA for 33 years before retiring in 2009. I serve as Treasurer on the Park University Board of Trustees and am past President of the Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired.

I am standing for reelection for three reasons. First, our schools significantly improved their test scores last year through standardization of curriculum, enhanced teacher training and strong leadership and commitment from the Administration and Board of Education. I want to continue our upward path and believe that attention to rigor in the classroom will further boost our success and enable our kids to graduate and attend college.

Secondly, it is essential that the district win its appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court of a recent lower court decision which would require our schools to accept student transfers from the non-accredited Kansas City school district. In my view, the decision was wrong and the transfer law is unconstitutional. If the decision is upheld, our district will become overcrowded with student transfers, and Raytown taxpayers could be required to pay the bills.  I will fight to make sure that every legal and political argument is made to the Supreme Court to win the appeal and protect our district from this illegal encroachment on our schools and taxpayers.

Finally, I will fight TIFs which allow cities to wrongfully take taxes of school districts and other jurisdictions and reallocate such monies for projects which have nothing to do with education. I participated in the successful negotiation of the Winchester TIF which would have cost Raytown schools over $14 million in district money. TIFs are designed to line the pockets of developers and lawyers and take money from our teachers, schools and children. I will fight to protect our schools from the egregious misuse of public funds and will demand that TIFs be structured with claw backs and terms that require authorities to use money for valid growth opportunities.

I seek your vote on April 2nd.

Rick Thode 

Bill Van Buskirk seeks re-election to the Raytown Board of Aldermen for Ward 4

K.C. Star 2013

I have worked hard over the past four years for the people of Ward IV and for all of the people of Raytown. To do the job of alderman right it has to be an ‘every-day’ job, not just a ‘now-and-then’ job. For me it has been and will continue to be an ‘every-day’ job. I work to improve our codes department and its enforcement, have promoted economic development, strive to maintain and improve our infrastructure, as well as working on a multitude of other important issues. The safety and security of our city has and will continue to be a priority for me. We have been diligent in our efforts to acquire grants that have saved our citizens millions of dollars on a large number of projects.

I have always made myself available to constituents; listening to concerns, problems, opinions, and ideas. I will do everything I can to resolve each situation within the limits of my power and make a fair judgment based on the evidence at hand. There have been hundreds of resolutions, ordinances, and issues that I have had to make decisions about over the last four years, some decisions are easy to make, and others are very difficult. I will do what I believe is in the best interest of those who have chosen me to represent them, weighing all of the information available before making a decision.

My wife Mary Jane and I have been married for over 48 years. We have been homeowners in Raytown for over 40 years. We raised our four sons here, they all went through the Raytown school system. We are members of a local church in Raytown. We have six grandchildren. I retired from Hallmark Cards in the graphic arts field in 2004 and was employed there for over 40 years. I also proudly served as a reserve police officer for the city of Raytown for many years. I now work part time for Enterprise-Rent-a-Car in Raytown. I currently serve as president of the board of directors of the Salt Springs Cemetery Association. I am a member of the Raytown area Chamber of Commerce. My wife and I have been involved in many activities and organizations in our community over the years. I have served on both the Municipal and Legislative Committees, and currently serve on the Police Pension Review Committee. My wife serves on the Council for the Aging. 

Anyone can reach me at: (816) 737-2799, or you can e-mail me at: re-electBillVanBuskirk@comcast.net. My campaign facebook page is: Vote Van Buskirk

My motivation to run has not changed from four years ago, it is to serve the people of this community and strive to make it a better place. I am thankful to have had the honor to serve the people of our city, I will always serve to the best of my ability; it is my hope that you will allow me the opportunity to continue to do so.

Bill Van Buskirk

Bobbie Saulsberry seeks re-election to the Raytown School Board


I am Bobbie Saulsberry, elected to the School Board in 2007; re-elected in 2010.  I’ve served as Board President, Policy Committee Chair, served as a member on the Finance and Technology Committees.  My family and I have lived in the District for 35 years.  I am the mother of 3 children, all graduates of the District, I have 3 grandchildren currently attending school.  I am married and work for Missouri Gas Energy.

I received an Associate of Arts Degree from Penn Valley Community College, Kansas City, Missouri.

I am running for the school board to continue to serve my community as well as the staff of Raytown C2 School District by contributing my time, talents and passion to help our students achieve educational excellence and to grow into adults who are well-prepared to be good citizens

 I am a supporter of public education and I believe that my knowledge and experience will help me to continue to provide leadership and expand the District’s vision for each student’ success.

As a Board member my efforts are center on serving all of the children in our District; no child should be left out of receiving an education. As a Board member I partner with the Superintendent and his administrative team and teachers in supporting them to serve all of the children.

In addition to ensuring that we have provided for the educational needs of all children, I want to continue to help build a District where students, parents, teachers, and staff feel they are welcome and that they belong.

It is my desire to continue my service as a school board member by adding to the collective wisdom of the school board body to impact student learning for a global market.