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Clark’s Appliances donated to REAP

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Kendra donated to Shepherd’s Center

Ads for Charity

Raytown South Soccer annual alumni soccer challenge

Raytown South Soccer programs will be hosting the 4th annual alumni soccer challenge as a fundraiser for both the boys and girls soccer teams. 

 –           June 8th   from 3:30 until about 8:00

–          For all former RSHS soccer players

–          Contact us for more information or if interested in playing

–          Shirts, awards, concessions, and a silent auction are all a part of the event.

–          Spectators are welcome and encouraged to come check out auction items

–          For questions, contact dan.porter@raytownschools.org or ryan.murdock@raytownschools.org



Herndon Career Center teacher arrested by the FBI

Former KCK police officer John Hudson was indicted by a federal grand jury for making threats on the lives of KCK Chief Rick Armstrong, Capt. Greg Lawson other law enforcement officers.  Hudson left the KCK police department two years ago and recently has been working as a Law Enforcement/Police Science teacher at Raytown’s Herndon Career Center. 

RaytownOnline.com thanks KCTV5 for providing the code to embed their report on this.

City Administrator’s Report for 5/24/2012

City Administrator’s Report FROM: Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator

Development & Public Affairs
There will be a Planning & Zoning Commission meeting on May 28, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. The agenda consists of a Conditional Use Permit application to operate an auto sales business with car display located at 8910 E 350 Hwy and a Conditional Use Permit application to install an off premises sign to be located at 6632 Raytown Road to advertise for the business located at 9901 E 66th Terr.

There will be a Board of Zoning Adjustment meeting on May 28, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. The agenda consists of a variance application for the requirements of a chicken coop for the address located at 8806 E 57th St and a variance application for the requirements of temporary signage for the business located at 10215 E 350 Hwy.
Public Works
Concrete contractor began work on May 13, 2013. They have completed the concrete work in 5 of the 9 areas.
Google Fiber submitted for a right-of-way permit application to run their lines through Raytown. This permit application was for their line to enter the City limits at 55th Street, then south on Blue Ridge Cutoff, east on 63rd Street, south on Raytown Trafficway, south on Raytown Road, east on 67th Street, then exiting the City limits at 67th Street & Woodson.
Raytown Water Company water main replacement in the Downtown area has been completed this week.
Public Works street crew continues to patch streets ahead of the annual overlay and light weight aggregate seal projects.
Board, Committee and Commission Meetings, and Events
May 27 – Memorial Day Holiday City Hall closed
May 28 – Fire Board Meeting Station #1 9:00 a.m.
May 28 – Board of Zoning Adjustment 6:00 p.m.
May 28 – Board of Zoning & Commission 7:00 p.m.
May 29 – Rock Island Corridor Meeting 10:00 a.m.
June 01 – Super Splash officially opens

Memorial Day celebration at Coleman Park

Alderman Jason Greene forwarded these photos of the Memorial Day celebration at Coleman Park taken by Mrs. Jackie Clevenger.

memorial_day_2013_pic_2memorial day 2013 pic 1memorial_day_2013_pic_3

Police Blotter for the week ending 5/31/2013

Blotter for 5/28/2013

Blotter for 5/29/2013

Blotter for 5/30/2013

Blotter for 5/31/2013

Tornado Watch

The National Weather service has issued a tornado watch for Jackson County until 10pm tonight.


The Sunday Funnies (reruns)


Board of Aldermen meeting on 5/21/2013

This is the first part of the May 21st Board of Aldermen meeting. It covers from the beginning up until the rezoning of the Green Space is addressed.  From 20 into the video to about 35 minutes into the video are remarks by  the public that are about Wal-Mart. The official part addressing the zoning issue covers almost 7 more hours. Future parts will be posted in 1 hour blocks. 




This segment is the start of the Wal-Mart rezoning portion of the meeting. All of this segment is Wal-Mart, Board of Aldermen, and Raytown City employees talking. 



These segments are part of the public comment on the proposed zoning changes.





This segment contains comments from Wal-Mart’s attorney and Board of Aldermen discussion. 



This is the final segment and contains more comments and the final vote on the zoning changes. 



It has taken a week to put together all the parts of this meeting. Usually only the highlights get posted, as that is all that actually will get watched, but there were multiple requests for the entire meeting to be posted.  Unfortunately  the whole meeting could not be recorded on video. The meeting was recorded until the 32G SD card was full. The actual vote was recorded on a cell phone.  Audio was recorded for the entire meeting and sections where there is no video recorded are presented in audio only.  The last two segments have had the audio cleaned of noise and to make the comments understandable. This is a time consuming process, but the last two hours tended to have audio that speakers forgot to either speak into their microphones, or even forgot to turn the mic on. If there is any segment that cannot be heard clearly and is important to a reader. Email the clip number and the starting and ending time of the segment and it may be possible to further enhance that audio segment.  This project has taken at least 8+hours to record, 30+ hours to piece together, 20 hours to render and another 40+ hours to upload. 

A 64G SD card has been ordered and should increase to the length of video recording possible to 10 to 12 hours. I sincerely hope I never have to record a meeting that is longer than that.

BRUMC Hosts Retirement Reception for Linda Mann and Debbie Keeton

Linda On Sunday June 2, Blue Ridge Boulevard United Methodist Church (BRUMC) will celebrate the retirement of the leaders of the church music program, Linda Mann and Debbie Keeton.

Linda began playing the organ at Blue Ridge in 1976 and also became the Director of Music in 1987.  Under her direction, BRUMC has hosted many special music events each year including Easter and Christmas Cantatas, children and youth musicals, and performances by well known musicians and composers.  Linda also plays keyboards and leads the Cornerstone Praise Band, and directs the Bell Choir.  On September 28, 2003, Linda received an Award of Distinction in the Ministry of Music Awards program conducted by the National Religious Music Week Alliance.  The award honors the music minister for developing and maintaining one of our nation’s finest worship music programs.   Linda was the only person in the Kansas City area to receive this award.  In 2008, the Blue Ridge choir commissioned composer Joseph Martin to write Psalm of Exaltation honoring Linda.  Mr. Martin directed the choir in performing the composition. 

Also retiring will be Debbie Keeton, Music Assistant and Director of the Chancel Choir.  Debbie grew up in the church where her mother played the organ from 1949 to 1972.  Debbie has given her many talents to the music ministry of the BRUMC her entire life. In addition to directing the Chancel Choir, Debbie is well known for singing solos, playing guitar in the Praise Group and for musicals, substituting at the organ, filling in on handbells, and serving as Linda’s assistant since 1987.   

 The BRUMC Chancel Choir will sing Joseph Martin’s Psalm of Exaltation on June 2nd at both the 9:00 and 10:30 worship services under Debbie’s  direction and with Linda accompanying. A reception honoring Linda and Debbie will be held at the Blue Ridge Boulevard United Methodist Church from 2 to 4 pm that afternoon in the Fellowship Hall. We hope their many friends will join the congregation to celebrate the well-deserved retirement of these two remarkable women from their music ministry.


The Board of Aldermen vote on Wal-Mart

At almost 3 am, after 8 hours, a vote was held and the Wal-Mart zoning changes were approved. The Greene brothers, Emerson and Aziere voted against approval. The allowed hours of operation were shortened from midnight to 10 pm. 

Wal-Mart will be building a grocery store on the area known as the Green Space, unless other factors interfere. At present there are a couple items that may derail the process. 

1. The last minute change from the agreed upon 6 am to midnight operational hours being changed to 6 am to 10 pm by the Board of Aldermen may be a deal breaker for Wal_Mart. 

2. There may be a challenge to the vote requirements. Alderman Jason Greene contended that it takes a 2/3 majority to override the BZA vote. The city’s attorney read the law as requiring only a simple majority.  There are no attorneys on the staff of RaytownOnline.com so we are not going to speculate on who is correct in this matter or how it could be appealed. 

This video was taken with a smart phone.  In the course of 8 hours 2 camcorder batteries ran out, and 32G of memory was used. The smart phone had to be taken to the van to be recharged twice.  about 5 hours of high quality video was captured, along with about an hour of smart phone video.  All of the meeting was captured (up until the Wal-Mart issue was resolved) on a backup audio recorder.  Putting all the parts together, cleaning them up, rendering and then uploading them to the video server involves days of work for something this big. It would take weeks if the video and audio were to be cleaned up to the normal degree RaytownOnline.com usually does. Be advised there may be pops, clicks, hiss, rumble and shakes that are not up to the normal standards. 

Globetrotter visited Raytown Middle School

globetrotterHarlem Globetrotter Woody, nicknamed “Mr. Carter”, visited Raytown Middle School on May 14 to address students about what it takes to be successful in life as part of the 21st century workplace.

His message was clear, “Take the words ‘I can’t’ out of your vocabulary and use it as a challenge to succeed. Tell yourself—YES I CAN—and I am going to prove it.”

Mr. Carter explained how he was injured during a varsity football game his junior year of high school. He was told that he may never play sports again. He was told, “You can’t.”

During the assembly, Woody demonstrated some traditional Globetrotter moves, including the famous spinning basketball and invited student and faculty volunteers to participate in the assembly. He placed emphasis on reminding students to ask for help when needed and always working hard—”You can play ball, but the books come first.”

Woody Carter grew up in Topeka, Kansas. He graduated from TopekaHigh School in 1998 and went on to play basketball on a scholarship to BenedictineCollege. He has been a Harlem Globetrotter for 10 years and wants to inspire people of all ages. 

Police Blotters for the week ending 5/24/2013

Blotter for 5/20/2013

Blotter for 5/21/2013

Blotter for 5/22/2013

Blotter for 5/23/2013

Board of Aldermen agenda for 5/21/2013

The 2nd meeting of the Raytown Board of Aldermen has a long agenda. Part of the reason is that the public comment at the last meeting (available  on RaytownOnlinie.com) ran for almost 2 hours. The result of this was that the meeting lasted till almost 1 am and a lot of agenda items were not taken care of. 

The upcoming meeting will have the second reading of the Google agreement, the second reading of the proposed zoning changes to allow Wal-Mart to put a store in the Green Space in the manner the want, first readings of changes to licensing of businesses and craftsmen in Raytown (with a staff recommendation that the rules be suspended, which probably means the want voted on at this meeting), the second reading of two conditional use permit, and a discussion on the location of Pawnshops, Short-Term Loan Stores and Tattoo Parlors.

The public is expected to turn out in force on the question of altering the zoning regulations to suit Wal-Marts needs/requests.

 Click on the link below to read the latest version of the agenda. 



Gas Leak Closes Roads along Blue Ridge at Gregory Heights

Raytown Police closed the streets around 71st Terrace and Blue Ridge Blvd. in the Gregory Heights neighborhood while Raytown Firefighters began door-to-door evacuations in response to broken gas main. The call to the 911 Center came in at about 1:44 p.m. reporting that someone in the neighborhood had broken through a gas main while trying to work on a sewer pipe. The sound and smell of escaping natural gas filled the air as the first officers arrived at the scene. Workers from the gas company have already arrived to begin work on the leak, while the Fire and Police Departments divert traffic from the area. The cause of the accident has not been determined and the caller’s report to the 911 Center has not yet been confirmed. The roads, including Blue Ridge Blvd., remain closed as of 2:15 p.m.

gas leak 1gas_leak_2

Raytown Central Middle School 7th graders qualify for Duke TIp Program

Raytown Central Middle School 7th graders Dylan Finch, Elizabeth Kujath, and Sam Miles qualified for State Recognition in the Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP).

Elizabeth Kujath met the requirements to receive Grand Recognition at the annual ceremony at Duke University in North Carolina. To qualify for Grand Recognition, students must receive a composite score of 27 or higher on the ACT or 1850 on the SAT.

Duke TIP is a nonprofit organization that provides rigorous and advance resources to academically gifted students.  Students as young as 4th grade can apply to participate in the program.

Each year, a number of Raytown students are selected to participate in the Duke Tip, and this year nine 7th graders at Raytown Central Middle were selected to participate in the 7th-8th Grade Talent Search.


Elizabeth Kujath

City Administrator’s Report for 5/17/2012

City Administrator’s Report FROM: Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator

Public Works

The first cleanup coupon was issued Wednesday. The coupons are available for the public to obtain at the Public Works window at City Hall. A resident wishing to obtain a coupon no longer must provide a recent utility bill as the information can be verified at the Public Works window. A picture ID is still required. The coupons will cost $5 and will provide $25 of value at two vendors. One vendor is Material Recovery & Transfer located at 4020 Winchester Avenue which is just west of 435 on Raytown Road. The vendor is a drop-off site only and information about fees and location can be found on the website at www.materialrecoveryandtransferkc.com; the information will also be provided to the resident when obtaining the coupon. The second vendor is Flynn’s Raytown Disposal and is primarily a pick-up service. The resident will have to contact Flynn’s at 816-358-1211 to coordinate services and determine a fee. The fees will vary depending upon the size and weight of the material to be disposed.
The annual concrete repair program has started and the contractor has made great progress. The contractor will be removing and replacing sidewalk, handicap ramps and curbing. The contractor is A&A Concrete Company and the work is expected to be completed in July.
Raytown Water Company has finished 99% of the roadway and sidewalk restoration work in the downtown area as part of the water line replacement project. There are a few sidewalks and curbs that still need repair.
Public Works crews completed two sanitary sewer line point repairs this week. The point repairs were located at 5918 Raytown Road and 6513 Blue Ridge Boulevard; pipe offsets that could cause sewer backups were repaired at both locations.

Board, Committee and Commission Meetings, and Events
May 20 – Parks Board Meeting 7:00 p.m.
May 21 – Drive Up/ Drive Thru Car Seat Event – EMS 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
May 21 – Board of Aldermen Meeting 7:00 p.m.
May 22 – Community Blood Drive – EMS 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
May 24 – Raytown Night at the Royals 7:00 p.m.
May 26 – Super Splash Opens for the Memorial Weekend only (May 25-27)

Raytown Blood Drive

Community Blood Center blood drive to be held at Raytown EMS in the training room, 10020 E. 66th Terr., on Wednesday, May 22nd from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. To make an appointment online go to www.savealifenow.org and use Sponsor Code raytownems. You may also contact Kim at (816) 737-6030 with questions or to schedule an appointment. Buy-one-get-one free Schlitterbahn vouchers will be offered to anyone coming in to donate blood. Take the opportunity to help save lives in your community! 


Suspects attempt to strike an Officer with their vehicle leaving the scene

Suspects attempt to strike an Officer with their vehicle leaving the scene

Officers were called to a larceny in progress in the 5400 block of Blue Ridge Cutoff around 11:00p.m., on Monday, May 13th, 2013. When the first officer arrived and approached the suspect vehicle, the vehicle attempted to strike the Officer as it was fleeing the scene. Shots were fired and the suspect vehicle fled crashing into another vehicle in the area of Sni-a-bar and Blue Ridge Cutoff. At this time police do not believe anyone was struck in the shooting. The suspects are believed to be two black males, and were able to get away on foot. It’s unknown if there were any injuries from the crash at this time. This incident is still under investigation

Raytown High School Debate and Forensics Squad awards

The Raytown High School Debate and Forensics Squad honored student achievement at their annual awards banquet. 

Freshman Yermeya Bagunu was awarded Best Newcomer to the squad.  Best Novice Debater went to Freshman Katelyn McAlister, and Junior Magdalan Dorsey won Best Novice Forensic Student.  Junior Deja Bolton took home both the Most Improved Debater and Most Improved Forensic Student. 

The highest awards were presented to Junior Paige Keeton for Debater of the Year, Junior Emma Givens for Outstanding Forensic Student, and Senior Antonio Albor was awarded Top Trooper for his overall team contributions. 

“All of the winners, along with the entire debate and forensics squad, represented Raytown High with pride,” Raytown High Debate Teacher Mark Harris said

Paige_KeetonPaige Keeton: Debater of the Year

Police Blotter for the week ending 5/17/2013

Blotter for 5/13/2013

Blotter for 5/14/2013

Blotter for 5/15/2013

Blotter for 5/16/2013

Blotter for 5/17/2013

Child Safety Seat free inspection

In celebration of EMS Week, Raytown EMS employees will be holding several community service and education events. On May 21st from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m, at the Raytown EMS building, located at 10020 E. 66th Terr., Raytown EMS staff will be hosting a drive-up/drive-thru car seat event. Nationally certified Child Passenger Seat Technicians will be conducting inspections and installations of child safety seats. No appointment is necessary during this event, but it is recommended that caregivers know the weight and height of the children if they are not present. It is also recommended to bring the vehicle manual and child safety seat manual. Questions can also be answered regarding the proper seat for a child’s size and when they are able to use a booster seat or seatbelt only. Please join us to keep our children and community safe!


Real Estate / Estate Auction (Dave Webb made a huge donation to the Rice-Tremonti House)

Real Estate / Estate



Patrick & Mary Brown Estate

Thursday May 23, 2013 

7:00 p.m.

8507 E. 87th Street

Raytown, Missouri

Spacious Ranch House on nice corner lot, with furniture.

Real Estate sells at 7:00 p.m. day of auction

Real Estate: Spacious ranch house with 2,000 plus square feet of living space on a large 20,000 plus square foot corner lot. The house was constructed in the mid 1950’s and has updated vinyl lap siding with brick veneer and new windows. The house contains living room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen, family room with built in bookcases, three bedrooms and two baths.

 Additionally there is a large deck, fenced yard with a storage shed, and a two-car garage. There is a full basement with a bedroom & bath, woodshop, lots of storage with an outside entrance.

 The house has a combination of hardwood, carpet and vinyl flooring with the original hardwoods covered by carpet. The 2012 property taxes were $ 2,177.92. The house will include kitchen appliances plus washer & dryer downstairs and stackable washer & dryer upstairs, bedroom set, desk, nightstands, dresser & vanity, dining table & chairs, nightstands, and a pool table.

 Property open house and inspection Sunday May 19th / 1:00 to 3:00 p.m..

 Real Estate Terms: 10% down day of auction balance due upon closing, not to exceed 30 days. Continental Title Company to handle closing. Title insurance cost split 50%/ 50% buyer–seller.  Property sells subject to easements, restrictions, and covenants if any of record.  Auction is subject to estate confirmation. Auctioneer Webb and Associates are agents of seller only. Property sells as is where is without warranty expressed or implied. Possession is at closing. All information is from sources deemed reliable, however accuracy is not guaranteed.   Each bidder is responsible for conducting their own independent due diligence concerning the property.

 Auctioneers Note: This is a property on a corner lot with great landscaping. This spacious ranch house is furnished and ready for your ownership.  Come to the auction and plan to purchase this house.

Auction Arranged and Conducted by 



 Webb & Associates

Dave Webb

Stilwell, Kansas









The Sunday Funnies (reruns)


Public comment at the 1st reading on zoning changes for Wal-Mart

The Board of Aldermen heard the 1st reading of requested zoning changes requested by Wal-Mart. These changes are for a Wal-Mart grocery store to be located North of downtown 63rd Street in an area commonly known are the Green Space. This zoning change comes out of the Planning and Zoning Commission with a 5 to 4 vote recommending to deny the requested changes.  Video of the public comments on the request are below. Due to the extensive amount of comments, the video portion is cut short due to exhausted batteries. Photos of the last few members of the public are show with the audio from a separate source overlaid.

City Administrator’s Report for 5/10/2012

City Administrator’s Report FROM: Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator

Public Works

The cleanup coupons have arrived. The coupons will be available for the public to purchase on Wednesday May 15th at the Public Works window at City Hall. Residents wishing to obtain a coupon must prove residency by providing a utility bill that is no more than two months old and must provide a picture ID that matches the name on the account. The coupons will cost $5 and will provide $25 of value at two vendors. One vendor is Material Recovery & Transfer located at 4020 Winchester Avenue which is just West of I-435 on Raytown Road. The vendor is a drop-off site only and information about fees and location can be found on the website at www.materialrecoveryandtransferkc.com; this information will also be provided to residents when obtaining their coupon. The second vendor is Flynn’s Raytown Disposal and is primarily a pick-up service. The resident will have to contact Flynn’s at 816-358-1211 to coordinate services and determine a fee. The fees will vary depending upon the size and weight of the material to be disposed.

The annual concrete repair program will start with construction next week. The construction will start in the project Area A that is in the Northwest part of the city. The contractor will be removing and replacing sidewalks, handicap ramps and curbing. The contractor is A&A Concrete Company and the work is expected to be completed in July.

Public Works storm crew regarded approximately 200 feet of ditch line at Gregory Boulevard and Evanston Avenue. The crew also installed an erosion control mat to prevent erosion and allow the grass a chance to grow.

Development & Public Affairs

The Development & Public Affairs Department is pleased to announce that June Van Loo joined the department as a Permit Technician. June previously worked for Jackson County Public Works Department dealing with county permitting and environmental health regulations. If you are in City Hall, please stop by to welcome June to the City.

Board, Committee and Commission Meetings, and Events

May 13 – Municipal Court 6:00 p.m.
May 13 – Park Board Meeting 7:00 p.m.
May 14 – Fire Board Meeting Station #1 9:00 a.m.
May 15 – Municipal Court 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
May 16 – Council on Aging 4:00 p.m.
May 16 – Human Relations Commission 6:00 p.m.
May 16 – Board of Zoning and Adjustment 6:00 p.m.