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Missouri State Highway Patrol Recruitment

The Missouri State Highway Patrol will soon be hiring candidates for the Patrol’s 101st Recruit Class. The 101st Recruit Class of the Missouri State Highway Patrol is set to begin training on July 1, 2015. The minimum requirements for eligibility are: possess 30 college credit hours, or two years federal (Title 10) active duty military service with an honorable discharge, or two years of POST certified full-time law enforcement service at the time training begins.

The starting salary for trooper is $3,137 per month. Interested persons should apply before the application deadline, October 6, 2014, by visiting www.motrooper.com.

If you have questions regarding the recruitment process, or if you need additional information about a career as a trooper, please feel free to contact Lieutenant Roger D. Whittler in the Human Resources Division, at (573) 751-9901.

Police Blotter for the week ending 10/3/2014

Blotter for 9/29/2014

Blotter for 9/30/2014

Blotter for 10/1/2014

Blotter for 10/2/2014

Blotter for 10/3/2014

School Superintendent’s Report

Dr. Allan Markley was the featured speaker at this months Raytown Chamber of Commerce luncheon.  RaytownOnline.com was there and recorded his presentation.  The presentation focused on the recent Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s (DESE) report on Raytown’s and every other accredited school in Missouri’s scores on the latest version of testing usually refered to as MSIP5. Dr. Markley also addressed recently proposed State laws that may have dramatic effects on education.

One proposed law could result in school districts being required to fire teachers whose students do not test at grade level. An obvious flaw is the failure to take into account how many students were close to grade level when they entered a teachers classroom for the first time.

Click HERE to download the slides that were part of the presentation.

Click HERE to download the full presentation to the Raytown School Board

The Sunday Funnies

This is hard.

City Administrator’s Report for 2/26/2014

City Administrator’s Report
FROM: Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator

 Development & Public Affairs

All Fall/Winter Newsletters have been delivered. If you have not received a newsletter please email Brenda Gustafson at brendag@raytown.mo.us or you can see a version on our Website at www.raytown.mo.us.

Arts and Music Festival will be this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The headlining band is Brewer and Shipley (4:30 p.m.) but music will run all day. A varied array of artists, food trucks and children’s activities will be available. More information for the Annual Arts and Music Festival is available on our Website.

The Charter Commission was not taped on September 23 so it will not appear on our YouTube Account.

Brenda Gustafson has won a Prism Award from the Public Relations Society of America for her pro-bono marketing and communications plan on behalf of the Raytown Three Trails Kiwanis Club’s Pumpkins on Parade.

The City of Raytown has recently approved a Findings of Fact and Order of Demolition for the property located at 8605 Elm Avenue, which has been deemed by the Building Commissioner to be a Dangerous Building under the Raytown Municipal Code. Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator, serves as the City of Raytown’s Building Commissioner. Under the testimony provided by Raytown Building Official Andy Boyd, Mr. Sharma oversaw a hearing conducted by City Attorney Joe Wilerth, which provided all of the evidence necessary to declare the house at 8605 Elm to be a Dangerous Building, and thus ordered it to be demolished. Reasons for the house being declared a Dangerous Building included:

1. A collapsed roof connected to the external car port
2. Rotting interior floors and walls
3. Copious amounts of trash and debris
4. Wires and plumbing have been stripped throughout the house by trespassers
5. Rusted and ruined water heater and furnace
6. The house has been vacant for several years, with no attempt by any party to fix any of the above issues with the building.

Furthermore, a house in such a state drives down property values in the area, serves as a harbor for trespassing and other criminal activity, as well as encourages the habitation of rodents and other wildlife. Thorough attempts were made to contact the current owner of the house, listed as Michelle Hudson-Briggs, as well as five (5) other parties listed as trustees to the property, none of which appeared before the Building Commissioner, or made any contact with the City to claim interest in the property or its demolition. Mr. Sharma approved the Order of Demolition on September 24, 2014, and by law the City of Raytown must wait thirty (30) days to begin the process of demolishing the house, the first step being a Request for Proposals (RFP) being posted for licensed contractors who will perform the demolition. The current target date for said RFP will be October 27, 2014.

The Development and Public Affairs Department has been working on several prospective development projects over the past few weeks. This work has included:

Meeting with engineers regarding a possible new store in the Center 63 Shopping Center. The name and type of store was not disclosed or a potential time frame for the development.

o  The owner of Rick’s Auto applying for a conditional use permit to allow vehicle sales at 8216 Westridge Road. The conditional use permit application is anticipated to come before the Planning & Zoning Commission on November 6th and to the Board of Aldermen on November 18th and December 2nd.

o  Reviewing plans for redevelopment of property at 8910 Highway 350 for a retail tire and wheel store as well as wheel and tire installation and repair.

Board, Committee and Commission Meetings, and Events

October 02 – Planning & Zoning – 7:00 p.m.

Teen Charged in Shooting his Mother

David Flores, a 19 year old Raytown man, was charged with shooting his mother after a disturbance in the home, in the 8600 block on Stark, on the evening of Sunday, 09-07-2014. Flores fled the scene and the woman suffered a non-life threatening gunshot wound to her hip.

Flores was charged with 1st Degree Assault, Armed Criminal Action and Tampering 1st Degree/Stolen Auto, on 09-08-2014. Flores was taken into custody by the Raytown Police Department on 09-20-2014.


Police Blotter for the week ending 9/26/2014

Blotter for 9/22/2014

Blotter for 9/23/2014

Blotter for 9/24/2014

Blotter for 9/25/2014

Blotter for 9/26/2014

Brewer & Shipley Live in Raytown This Sat.

Brewer & Shipley use to call Raytown home and now they are coming back to perform This Sat. at 4;30 PM in Kenagy Park. No other Raytown musician has had one, let alone multiple top of the chart hits. Come early and bring a lawn chair.

I had the luck to attend a benefit concert they headlined at this year.  It was excellent, they still give a great show.  Here is a very short clip from that concert. Sorry it has to be short to fall within copyright fair usage.

043 046


Raytown Police Taking Back Unwanted Prescription Drugs


On Saturday, September 27th, 2014, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Raytown Police Department will give the public an opportunity to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs. The public may bring medications for disposal to the parking lots of Raytown City Hall, 10000 E. 59th Street, or Apple Market, E. 350 Highway and Raytown Road. The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked.

During this event, officers will be accepting unwanted prescription medications, but will not be accepting aerosols, inhalers, hypodermic syringes or other sharps.

The Raytown Police also have a receptacle for citizens to deposit their unwanted prescription drugs at any time. The mailbox-shaped, steel box is located in the lobby of Police Headquarters. The public may drop off unwanted prescription and over the counter drugs, excluding sharps/syringes, and pressurized aerosols/inhalers, at any time, anonymously. The box was donated by the Public Water Supply District #2 as a means to protect the public and our water supply.

Man Charged in Connection with Raytown Fires


Joe Shockey, Jr., a 46 year old Raytown man, was charged in relation to two fires near the Woodson Village shopping center, 63rd Street and Woodson, Raytown, on Thursday morning, 07-03-2014. One fire was a dumpster fire and the second, about two hours later, was a vehicle fire.

Shockey was charged with two counts of Knowingly Burning or Exploding, Felony, on 09-08-2014. Shockey was arrested by the Raytown Police Department on 09-19-2014





Raytown Park Board Special Meeting

The Raytown Park Board met Tuesday, Sept. 23rd and the main agenda item was the budget.  The main topic for the night’s discussion was the closing of Super Splash.  A previous article on the closing of Super Splash garnered record interest from the public, but the only audience for this meeting was the media, Mayor Bower and Ward 4 Alderman Pat Ertz.

The discussion was extremely informative, but the condensed version is…

Parks Board: We can’t afford Super Splash, it needs too much repair and is not making enough money to justify the expenses.

Mayor and Alderman Ertz:  Super Splash is an important amenity for the Raytown Community.

Parks Board: We can’t afford it.

Mayor Bower: We may be able to help (come up with some money)

Parks Board: We might reconsider.

The main spokesperson for the Parks Board was former Judge Mike Hannah.  There were a lot of details on what needed to be fixed and how there was not a lot of time to start the long sequence of events needed to allow Super Splash to reopen in 2015.

RaytownOnline.com recorded the entire meeting.  The audio is clearly understandable, but at about half way through the meeting, the building heating and cooling unit kicked in with a mighty roar, next to the camera.  This was partially abated by moving the camera away from the vent.


Police release suspect photo in the Jennings murder case

Raytown Police released the booking photo of accused murderer Jayron Wright today.  Wright is accused of murdering Patterson Jennings  at 69th and Hunter on August 26th of this year.14-2507-rls-homicide-arrest-jayron-wright2

Raytown Arts & Music Festival (it is a big thing)


Raytown Youth Basketball


More details in the Jennings Murder Investigation

Local police obtained a subpoena for location information for the victim’s cell phone. Using information from the result of that subpoena, they were able to locate the victims cell phone on the East side of I-435, just north of 63rd St.  Information from that cell phone indicated the last call was to a Jayron J. Wright.

A court order was allowed the police to get the phone records for the suspects phone, and those records revealed that The Victim and Wright talked 6 times between 11:19 pm on Aug. 25 and 1:02 am on Aug. 26th. It also revealed that the suspect was in the vicinity of the crime.

On 9/16/2014 local police were informed by the Kansas City Kansas Police that Jayron Wright was in custody in Wyandotte County, KS for a burglary stop order, traffic, and drug charges that occurred on 9-16-14.  Local police interviewed Mr. Wright in Kansas after he waved his Miranda Rights.

Subsequent to that interview and interviews with other acquaintances of Mr. Wright, he has been charged with murder in the 2nd degree and armed criminal action.

Special Parks Board Meeting

The Raytown Parks and Recreation Board will have a special meeting Tuesday, Sept. 23rd at 6:00 pm.  If you have an opinion about Super Splash, this might be a good time to express it to the Park Board.

The address for Parks and Rec. is 5912 Lane, Raytown, MO, 64133


Raytown School District ratings report by individual school

This is an abbreviated version of the chart that is available on the State of Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  You can access the site by clicking HERE.

The cut down version was taken from a chart of all schools in the state and you can click HERE to get the full chart with more columns, more detailed headings, and other schools in the state.

School Name ELA Pts Math Pts Sci Pts SS Pts Attendance Total Pts Pts Possible % of Possible Pts
BLUE RIDGE ELEM. 15 15 9 0 10 56 70 80
EASTWOOD HILLS ELEM. 12 16 12 0 7.5 57.5 70 82.1
FLEETRIDGE ELEM. 16 16 12 0 10 64 70 91.4
LAUREL HILLS ELEM. 15 16 9 0 10 58 70 82.9
LITTLE BLUE ELEMENTARY 15 16 9 0 10 58 70 82.9
NORFLEET ELEM. 16 16 16 0 10 70 70 100
RAYTOWN CENTRAL MIDDLE 9 15 9 0 9.5 51.5 70 73.6
RAYTOWN MIDDLE 9 9 9 0 7.5 36.5 70 52.1
RAYTOWN SOUTH SR. HIGH 9 9 16 3 6 94 140 67.1
RAYTOWN SR. HIGH 9 9 16 5 6 104 140 74.3
ROBINSON ELEM. 12 12 16 0 10 59 70 84.3
SOUTH MIDDLE 9 9 9 0 7.5 38.5 70 55
SOUTHWOOD ELEM. 15 16 9 0 10 61 70 87.1
SPRING VALLEY ELEM. 15 16 0 0 7.5 42.5 70 60.7
WESTRIDGE ELEM. 6 15 6 0 7.5 44.5 70 63.6

Suspect Arrested in the Murder of Patterson Jennings (PJ)

Jayron Wright a 18-year-old Kansas City Mo. Black male has been arrested for the murder of Patterson Jennings.  Mr.  Jennings was found deceased from a gunshot to the head at 69th St. and Hunter on Aug. 26th of this year.

More details on this will follow.


Raytown School District’s Ratings Drop

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)  has released the annual report on Missouri Schools. This report is based on student test scores, attendance records, graduation rates and other data.  It is refered to as MSIP 5 which is short for the 5th version of the Missouri School Improvement Program.   School accreditation is dependent of the MSIP 5 score.

The Raytown School District has dropped from a 85.0% score in 2013 to 71.8% in 2014.  Posted below are the scores for Raytown, Independence, Kansas City, and Lee’s Summit.  Future articles on this subject will include a breakdown of scores by individual schools and a look at changes in the allocation of resources in the district over the past 8 years.

raytown score

independence score


lee summit score

Police Blotter for the week ending 9/19/2014

Blotter for 9/15/2014

Blotter for 9/16/2014

Blotter for 9/17/2014

Blotter for 9/18/2014

Blotter for 9/19/2014

At the Library – Original KC Honky-Tonk

Mid-continent public library logo

September 24, 2014, Wednesday at 7:00 PM
Original KC Honky-Tonk
Bloodshot Records recording artist Rex Hobart plays an acoustic selection of original honky-tonk tunes steeped in heartache with an occasional shot of humor, in the tradition of George Jones and Merle Haggard. With reverence for classic country music, Hobart plays straight up honky-tonk like most folks haven’t heard in decades.(For adults) Registration is required.



Bark in the Park 2014 Photos

Not everyone was into the Barking in the park.

cat1 2014

Here are the dogs and some people.
dog1 2014

dog2 2014

dog3 2014

dog4 2014

dog5 2014

dog6 2014

dog7 2014

dog8 2014

At the Library – Facebook

Mid-continent public library logoSeptember 23, 2014, Tuesday at 7:00 PM

More information to come. For those hesitant about joining Facebook, this program will walk you through the basics of having a Facebook account, covering topics such as Friending, Events, Messaging, Photos Albums, and Feeds, with a brief look at privacy and security settings.
(For adults) Registration is required. 

Raytown Park Board Votes to Close SuperSplash

Raytown Park Board Votes to Close SuperSplash

Board Wants A Comprehensive Study

On September 15, the Raytown Park Board voted to close SuperSplash Water Park for one year while a plan could be studied for the future of the entire park system. “Generally, it was about the numbers,” said George Mitchell, Board Chair. “For several years the city has subsidized Super Splash as the park aged and operations costs increased. It was a difficult decision; it’s really all about the numbers. We had to be realistic about the future of the park and sustaining the park fund for the long term.”

There was discussion about keeping the park open as a smaller community pool vs. a full service water park. However,  the logistics of making that happen would be onerous with minimal savings. Although Super Splash had a better  year in 2014, with slight increases in attendance and revenue, it was not enough to sway the Board on their decision.

The substantial expenses that accompany a public swimming pool, including lifeguards, utilities, training and insurance can be the focus of budget fixes. Likewise, since public pools are usually used only during the summer months maintenance costs increase.

“The bottom line is public pools are only open three months a year. For the last 10 years, Super Splash has been operational due to the dedication of our Parks staff that was able to fix nearly anything,”said Kevin Boji, Parks Director. “The pool is 50 years old and showing its age; we face an extensive list of repairs, including leaks under the pool deck, that will be very costly.”

This year, the pool was challenged with broken water lines and closing 20 year old water slides due to structural concerns and the list goes on. Super Splash was one of the first waterparks of its kind in the Kansas City metro. Now, at 51 years old, it is estimated it will take nearly $450,000 of repairs to include pool painting, filter replacement, pool pumps, motors and general maintenance.


The Parks Board also voted to request the Board of Aldermen to work with them on hiring a consultant to prepare a Parks Comprehensive Plan for the entire park system that could be used to develop a strategic plan.  “We want our residents to have a place that they can take their families. We want to be able to have a park system that future generations will be able to enjoy.” said George Mitchell.


Supersplash, USA originally opened in 1963 as a private swimming facility, Raytown Municipal Pool. The City of Raytown purchased the property in 1988, changed the name to Super Splash and began a 15 year development plan, operating the park as an enterprise fund to expand the park to a modern waterpark. Super Splash is a 10-acre park that includes three swimming pools, slides and a children’s area. It is located in the heart of Raytown at 53rd Place and Raytown Road.

Raytown Charter Commission meeting #10

The Raytown Charter Commission met on Monday, Sept. 9th.  The most significant portion was changes to the position of Police Chief.  That portion is in part two of the video, which starts right after a short break in the meeting.

Part 1

Part 2

The following is from the minutes of the meeting. Minutes that will not be reviewed and approved until next meeting. This text pertains to the requirements in the charter for the office of Chief of Police.


Ted Bowman reads 6.1a.  Janet Emerson motions to approve.  Michael McDonough
seconds.  The motion passes 9?3.  Those in favor are Ted Bowman, Susan Dolan, Janet
Emerson, Lisa Emerson, Jason Greene, Steve Guenther, Sandra Hartwell, Michael
McDonough, and Mark Moore; those against are Jim Aziere, Charlotte Melson, and
Mary Jane Van Buskirk.
6.1 Eligibility, Election and Term
a) Eligibility for Office.
i. Candidates for Chief of Police shall have established
primary residency in the City for at least two (2) years immediately preceding the election. The Chief of Police shall be
a qualified voter of the City and shall remain a primary resident
and qualified voter of the City during the entirety of their
ii. No person shall be elected or appointed to the office of
Chief of Police who is not a citizen of the United States or who
is in arrears for any unpaid taxes or who is guilty of forfeiture
or defalcation during the entirety of their term.
iii. No person shall be elected Chief of Police who has been
convicted of any felony in any State, convicted of any crime of
moral turpitude in any court within the United States, or who has
been denied a license as a police officer by any State’s board or
commission of police officer standards or training.
iv. No person shall be elected Chief of Police who is unable to
meet the licensing requirements for a peace officer of a county
of the first classification as set forth in Missouri Revised
v. Candidates for the Chief of Police shall possess a bachelors,
or higher, degree from an accredited college or university in a
field reasonably related to public administration or criminal
justice; or demonstrate an equivalent combination of training and
experience which provides comparable knowledge, abilities, and
vi. Candidates for the Chief of Police shall also possess:
1. Considerable knowledge of the principles of modern police
administration and police methods;
2. Considerable knowledge of the principles and accepted good
practices and procedures as applied to patrol, traffic control,
criminal investigation, and crime prevention;
3. Knowledge of the standards by which the quality of police
service is evaluated and the use of police records and their
application to police administration;
4. Knowledge of the types and uses of the weapons, automotive
equipment, and the equipment used for communications, personal
safety, and digital information management in modern police work;
5. Knowledge of the functions of federal, state, and local
jurisdictions and authorities as they relate to police work; and
6. An ability to establish and maintain effective working
relationships with other city officials, state, county, and
federal authorities, civic leaders, and the general public.
vii. The Chief of Police shall maintain these conditions of
eligibility throughout their term of office or shall forfeit that
• Ted Bowman reads 6.1b and c.  Janet Emerson motions to approve.  Jim Aziere seconds.
The motion passes 11?1.  Those in favor are Jim Aziere, Ted Bowman, Susan Dolan, Janet
Emerson, Lisa Emerson, Jason Greene, Steve Guenther, Sandra Hartwell, Michael
McDonough, Charlotte Melson, and Mark Moore; against is Mary Jane Van Buskirk.
b) Training Requirements i. Any person who is elected to their first term as Chief of
Police shall, within six months of such election cause to be
filed with the City Clerk proof that they have successfully
completed the certification requirements pursuant to Missouri
Revised Statutes. If the newly elected Chief of Police is unable
to complete the appropriate training program as required by
Missouri Revised Statutes within six months due to such course of
training not being available, an extension may be granted until
such a course becomes available.
ii. The Chief of Police will maintain a current peace officer
license as is required of any Missouri peace officer of a county
of the first classification including all of the required
continuing education.
c) Election and Term. At a regular municipal election, two
(2) years following the election of the Mayor, the Chief of
Police shall be elected by the qualified voters of the City at
large to serve a four (4) year term (as provided in Article …