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City Administrator’s Report for 6/15/2012

City Administrator’s Report FROM: Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator

Community Development

Staff, along with Alderman Creamer, Chief Lynch, and the Police Department met with residents of the Gregory Heights Home Owners’ Association on Monday evening, June 11th. Information was provided on the city’s property maintenance codes, animal control regulations, enforcement processes. The Police Departments Neighborhood Watch Program and crime statistics were also discussed. Along with the Police Department, we are working together to provide information at other neighborhood meetings in Raytown. If interested in either hosting or attending a future meeting, please contact either John Benson

(737-6075) in Community Development or Marilyn Fleming (737-6018) in the Police Department.

Over the past two weeks Andy Boyd, Building Official, has attended seminars on the 2012 International Electrical Code and on significant changes between the current International Building Code (IBC) adopted by the city and the 2012 IBC. In addition to providing Mr. Boyd with professional training, these seminars are a part of the process that Community Development is undertaking, leading up to the proposed adoption of new construction codes for the City of Raytown. Mr. Boyd’s certifications and maintaining current construction codes have an impact on residential and commercial property insurance rates in Raytown. Therefore updating the city’s construction codes may, in part, help prevent insurance rate increases for residents and businesses in Raytown.

Public Works

The minor office renovation to reconfigure Public Works offices and provide Court with more records storage area has begun. The bulk of the construction work is completed, with painting and carpet to be completed within the next couple of weeks.

Staff has delivered front end contract documents to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) for review of the Downtown Streetscape grant project.

Staff is working with the new company, Players Paradise, at the old Laurel Lanes bowling alley, to find a solution to a storm water concern; this is a coordinated effort between both public and private parties.

Crews cleaned 14,500 feet of sanitary sewer line; repaired 7 storm water structures and cleaned storm drains near 350 Highway and Arlington; did tree trimming for signs and line of sight issues; placed 18 tons of asphalt patch (16.5 tons on streets to be resurfaced this fall and 1.5 tons on potholes); performed routine bulb and sign replacement; and replaced monument light bulbs at Center Gateway and on the railroad bridge; and the Mechanics Shop completed the preventive maintenance schedule, identified and completed some minor vehicle repairs.

Board, Committee and Commission Meetings, and Events

June 18 – Park Board Meeting; Park Office, 7:00pm

June 19 – Board of Aldermen Closed Session; Council Chambers, 6:15pm

June 19 – Board of Aldermen Regular Meeting; Council Chambers, 7:00pm

June 21 – Council on Aging Meeting; Council Conference Room, 4:15pm

June 21 – Human Relations Commission Meeting; Council Chambers, 7:00pm

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