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Crime hits RaytownOnline

P1050143The RaytownOnline.com van lost its’ catalytic converter while sitting in the driveway, sometime between 3 pm Monday and 11 am on Tuesday.   Apparently it only takes a minute or two with a power tool to cut the converter off. Thieves sell them to metal salvage companies for $30 to $50 each.  This is going on all over Raytown,  and is not limited to just the shopping center parking lots.  One online suggestion was to engrave your license plate number on the catalytic converter, another was to park in well lighted areas.  I am not sure how well either suggestion would work,  if they can cut it off in 1 or 2 minutes, they surely can grind off any engraving and even if it is under a flood light, who is going to notice a theft that takes a couple of minutes in the middle of the night.  Sounds like it is time to clean out the garage, so there is space to park the car again.

Editorial content 

What is needed is legislation making it almost impossible to sell or deal in catalytic converters without documentation of who is buying and selling this item and where it came from. 

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